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Welcome to JMS!. Goals for tonight’s meeting: ★ …ease your minds about your child transitioning to Jones Middle School ★....explain teams at the middle.

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1 Welcome to JMS!

2 Goals for tonight’s meeting: ★ …ease your minds about your child transitioning to Jones Middle School ★....explain teams at the middle school ★ …outline a 6th grade school day ★...explain the scheduling process for 6th grade ★ …answer questions about the transition to middle school

3 Successful Middle Schools ★ Educators committed to young adolescents ★ A positive school climate ★ An adult advocate for every student ★ Family and community partnerships ★ High expectations for all ★ Realize the power of positive relationships


5 Counseling Department o Loops with children all three years o In the cafeteria frequently learning about kids o Academic counseling o Social and emotional support o Conflict resolution and mediation o Team approach to academic services

6 Supporting the Transition ★ Counselor visits 5th grade classrooms (winter and spring) ★ Counselor has transition meetings with every 5th grade teacher ★ Learn about your child through responses on scheduling form ★ Thursday, August 6: Schedule Pickup/Supply Sale at JMS from 9am-1pm ★ Wednesday, August 12: 6th Grade Orientation Day!! ➢ 9:00 am - 2:00 pm at JMS ➢ 6th graders work with their mentors & JMS staff to learn about the 3 L’s: Lunch, Lockers, and how not to get Lost!! ➢ Parent coffee from 9-10 am in the cafeteria that morning. ➢ Information will be sent to you in May: Please register your child for Orientation Day!

7 What Are Teaching Teams? ★ Team teachers share the same students. ★ Teachers have daily team time to discuss students, to plan instruction, and to meet with parents. ★ Counselor meets with teaching teams and loops with students. ★ Teams can quickly identify student strengths and concerns and intervene accordingly.

8 Yearlong Schedule

9 Weekly Schedule

10 Music Offerings at Jones ★ Regular Options ▪Band, Choir, General Music, Orchestra ▪Back to back against PE ★ Additional Options ▪Orchestra during Flex 3 days a week (for students who want to take a music class in addition to Orchestra)

11 Global Language Survey/Reading 6th Graders take one semester of Reading and one semester of Global Language Survey. Global language survey is a sampling of the three languages offered in the middle school and gives students a foundation for choosing a language to begin studying in 7th grade if they begin studying a language at Jones. EXAMPLE: Semester 1Reading - 18 weeks Semester 2Spanish - 6 weeks French - 6 weeks German - 6 weeks

12 Exploratory Arts Rotation Four 9-week courses: ★ Art ★ Health ★ Life Skills ★ Technology

13 Math Options at JMS

14 Intervention Services ★ Academic Services ★ Psychological Services ★ Speech and Language Therapy ★ Physical and Occupational Therapy ★ Adaptive Physical Education

15 Gifted Services at Jones o Gifted Services at JMS are provided as a replacement class for Language Arts. o If your child is already receiving gifted services, or if he/she is identified as gifted through district testing (Terra Nova), he/she will be placed in Concilium.

16 How Do I Schedule My Child for 6th Grade? Complete the online Google Form by visiting this link: ★ Remember, music is the only choice to make. ★ Please be sure to answer all questions on the form to introduce us to your child!

17 Middle School Resources Powerschool is the grade management system. Schoology is the learning management system teachers use to share class information and assignments. Digits is a math resource we use at the middle level The language arts, science and social studies textbooks are also online. We have a BYOT policy at MS.

18 Co-Curricular Activities o Geography Bee o Gaming Club o Global Language Clubs o Sign Language Clubs o Spelling Bee o Fall Production o Ski Club ($) o 6 th Grade Camp ($) o Talent Show o Service Learning o Math Counts

19 Parent Volunteer Opportunities Jones Middle School welcomes parent participation. Go to for more information! ★ J-Mart ★ School Supply Sale ★ Front Desk Volunteers ★ Class Parties Julie Horn – Current PTO President Aimee White – PTO President Elect

20 Contacts Jason Fine, Principal ( Tammy Yockey, Asst. Principal ( Nancy Rapport, Counselor ( Jodi Mague, Building Secretary ( Margaret Wells, Records Secretary ( Joan Keith, Nurse ( Mike Abbott - Dir. of Transportation ( Kevin Gorman - Special Ed/Gifted (

21 Frequently Asked Questions Q: How do I register for Orientation Day? A: You will receive information in the mail in May with details about Orientation Day and a registration form. Q: Why do I have to register my child for the Orientation Day in August? A: We collect $10 for a t-shirt kids leave with at the end of the orientation day. Registration allows us to collect the fee and get your child’s t-shirt size. We order shirts in the beginning of July, so please register by June 30!! Q: We will be out of town on August 6 & 7 for schedule pick-up. What do we do? A: If all of your registration forms are submitted online, you are welcome to have a family member or friend pick up your child’s schedule.

22 Frequently Asked Questions Cont’d Q: I’ve heard about something called Math Plus. What is it? A: Math Plus is additional math instruction every other day (instead of phys ed or music). Placement in Math Plus is data-driven, and families will be notified prior to placement. Q: My child receives intervention services and/or classroom accommodations. How will teachers know? A: In addition to transition meetings held in the elementary schools, middle school case managers will distribute and review individual plans with teachers prior to students’ first day of school.

23 Further Questions? THANK YOU FOR COMING! We look forward to working with you and your children!

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