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2 nd General Body Meeting October 13, 2010 Thank you to… University of Michigan for sponsoring tonight’s refreshments Johnson & Johnson for tonight’s giveaways.

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1 2 nd General Body Meeting October 13, 2010 Thank you to… University of Michigan for sponsoring tonight’s refreshments Johnson & Johnson for tonight’s giveaways

2 What’s happening tonight: Raffling giveaways from Johnson & Johnson Freshmen Representatives Announced SWE Knowledge Membership Info SWE gear Upcoming events Guests Tara Clancy, University of Michigan Kandice King, Rochester Institute of Technology External announcements

3 Welcome New E-Board Members 2010-2011 Freshmen Representatives Lauren Tierno Ashley Vassell

4 SWE Knowledge - Objectives Inform young women, their parents, counselors, and the general public of the qualifications and achievements of women engineers and the opportunities open to them. Assist women in readying themselves for a return to active work after temporary retirement. Serve as a center of information on women in engineering. Encourage women engineers to attain high levels of education and professional achievement.

5 Benefits of National Membership Standard Collegiate membership $20/year 1. Eligibility for SWE Scholarships 2. Inclusion in Fall 2010 Resume CD for NSBE/SHPE Career Fair 3. Discounted conference registration – Region F Conference at RPI this year! 4. Certain RPI SWE events are only open to National members and only National members are eligible to vote in officer elections 5. You must be a paid National Member to claim SWE membership on your resume 6. Access to the online SWE Career Center 7. Access to the SWE Membership Database 8. FREE Professional development Webinars 9. Discounted Kaplan courses 10% off any PCAT, GRE, GMAT, LSAT, MCAT, DAT, OAT, or PCAT preparation class, tutoring, and more 10. FREE SWE Magazine subscription Contact: Emily Landis

6 Active Membership Attend 8+ events over the course of the year Two of the 8 must be General Body Meetings  Only active members are invited to certain events, like Celebrate RPI SWE! Contact: Emily Landis,

7 SWE gear! SWaterbottles 24 oz. With SWE logo Green tab $8/bottle

8 SWE sticker! 3x5 inches Available in November $2/sticker


10 Executive Board Meetings When: Sundays, 11am-1pm Where: Union 2424 Meet the E-Board, get involved in the planning of some SWE events. *You don’t need to come for the full two hours.

11 SWE Alumni Social Who: SWE Alumni and current members of SWE What: Meet and speak to RPI SWE Alumni about their time at RPI and their lives after graduating. Light refreshments will be served. Where: Union 3511 When: Saturday, October 16 th 4-5pm Contact: Christine Falce ( if you are interested in attending or if you have any questions!

12 Registration Roundtable Wednesday, October 20 th, 6:00pm - 8:00pm Union 3602 Confused on what to register for? Want to get advice from other majors? Come have all your questions answered! This year we are expanding our knowledge base to include majors other than engineering! If you are an upperclassmen who wants to help out and participate in this event, or if you have any questions or concerns, contact our Knowledge Source Director Courtney Dunham (

13 STAR Weekend Hosting Ice Breakers and a SWE activity fair booth When: Thursday, October 28 th, 5:15-6:15pm Where: Armory Gym Looking for volunteers, sign up in the back or contact Cary Kaczowka, Interested in hosting a STAR guest Academically talented rising seniors who are underrepresented minorities or young women Contact: Reginald Askew, Science, Technology, Arts at Rensselaer

14 Fall/Transfer Open House Saturday October 30 th, 12-2pm DCC Great Hall Looking for 2 volunteers to represent RPI SWE Sign up tonight or contact Andrea Nordberg, by Friday (10/15)

15 Annual Conference 10 E-Board Members attending Orlando, FL November 4-6, 2010

16 SWE Bowling Wednesday November 10 th Ride the shuttle downtown to Uncle Sam’s Lanes with your SWisters and have fun while getting an activity point! Contact Christine Falce ( Look for emails/ calendar for more specific time information

17 Exploring Engineering Day Congratulations to our EED Understudy! Whitney McKenzie Save the Date! Saturday, February 19 [Snow Date: Sat., February 26]  Session 1: 7:45 am -1:00 pm  Session 2: 12:00 pm - 4:00 pm  Free breakfast & lunch for volunteers  Sign-Ups at November GBM  Chaperones  Check-In/Registration  Etc. For more information contact Eleana Manousiouthakis

18 Girl Scout Engineering Day Saturday, November 20th, 8am-2pm ~40 Girl Scout Juniors Volunteers needed! Guides Registration Event helpers Contact: Lesley Wu

19 Outreach Committee Interested in outreach? Join the Outreach Committee! Primarily working with elementary and middle school girls Committee meetings on Thursdays 7-8pm Volunteers needed to run events Variety of opportunities available Varying levels of commitment Events include: Girl Scout Engineering Day Electrical Inventions Junior FIRST Lego League …and more! Sign up at the sign-in table Contact: Lesley Wu (

20 Knowledge Committee Recruitment The Knowledge Source Director position is one of the new positions this year in RPI SWE. There will be several events that will fall under this position this semester. Some include: AIChE Sabic Innovative Plastics Plant Tour Registration Roundtable The Inside Scoop on Undergraduate Research Another Plant Tour (need to find/schedule!) If interested in participating and helping out with any of these events please email the Knowledge Source Director, Courtney Dunham at

21 Regional Conference Planning Committee The Region F regional conference is coming to RPI in March 2011, and RCPC needs YOU! Wednesdays 8-9PM Union 3511 Mondays 7-8PM Union 3606 or Questions? Contact Erin ( or Gwen ( Planning is already underway! Join us at one of our two weekly meetings!

22 Tonight’s Guests Tara Clancy, University of Michigan RPI Alumna, Class of ‘09 Kandice King, Rochester Institute of Technology Graduate Enrollment

23 Why I went here? Lessons learned in graduate school Programs you may be interested in

24 Top Graduate Engineering University #8 l Aerospace #5 l Civil #8 l Electrical #7 l Environmental #6 l Industrial Operations #2 l Materials Science #7 l Mechanical #5 l Nuclear & Radiological #1 Why I went here? people project place

25 Lessons Learned in Grad School - this is YOUR life -"Wherever you are, it's your friends who make your world“ ~William James - it’s about the journey

26 Office of Graduate Education – 2010 Programs for You! 2011 Engineering Department Visits Program Summer Research Opportunity Program (SROP)

27 Any announcements?

28 ASME welcomes Michele Olson from ExxonMobil! Michele Olson from ExxonMobil will be speaking about her career and experiences - join us for Q&A! Monday October 18 th, 7:30 PM Low 3051 Genentech Annual visit (AIChE) Alumni are here to recruit you! Information session Oct. 14 (TOMORROW) 6-8pm Ricketts 203. Business casual attire.

29 Next GBM Monday, November 15, 2010 6:30-7:30pm Mother’s in the Union Thanks for coming!

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