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Chi Epsilon Actives Meeting #1 Thursday, September 11, 2014 Please sign in up front!

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1 Chi Epsilon Actives Meeting #1 Thursday, September 11, 2014 Please sign in up front!

2 Chi Epsilon – Purdue University Officers: President: Emily Byl Vice President: Morgan Joel Treasurer: Dovydas Kackys Secretary: Blayne Risk Editors: Wayne Bunnell Bochen Zhang Marshals: Jacob Bubalo Anthony Schuler Pledge Coordinators: Andy Roedel Carly Buschman Social Chairs: Andrea Bailey Mark Satterly Webmaster: Drake Krohn Faculty Adviser:Dr. Mark Bowman Any officer of the Chapter may be removed from office by a two-thirds majority of the entire membership of the Chapter at any stated meeting. The Vice-President shall preside whenever a motion is offered to remove the President from office.

3 A Moment in Purdue XE History before we were Chi Epsilon We were the CONTOUR SOCIETY

4 A Moment in Purdue XE History 1917 – First idea to create a CE Honorary at Purdue – WWI prevented further action Nov. 1918– End of WWI 1919– Class of 1919 begins petition to create the Contour Society Jan. 1920– Full faculty recognition of the Contour Society Spring 1921– First recorded election Shortly After… 1922– Chi Epsilon Fraternity was founded at University of Illinois FAST FORWARD! Sep. 1928– Contour’s first record of considering joining XE – After sending a petition to U. of I… Apr. 1929 – Purdue Contour Society 11 th Chapter of XE!

5 Schedule of Events

6 MEMBERSHIP REQUIREMENTS Attendance Must attend election (AM#3 on 11/6) Must attend at least 2 active meetings Must attend Initiation (11/16) Excused absences: - Granted if you email Secretary Blayne ( before the event 3 Hours Community Service 3 hrs for Buddy Program Tutoring XE Community Service Events Other Service (Service Hours Form on Purdue XE website) SIGN UP TO BE ON THE TUTORING LIST TONIGHT!

7 CE BUDDY PROGRAM Contact your old buddy 23 sophomores signed up so far! Meet 3x this semester Counts for your 3 Community Service hours! - No Photos Necessary - Email Secretary Blayne ( Buddy Kick-Off & XE Social - Next Thursday, 9/18, 6:30pm @ PHYS 203 - Social at 7pm @ Jake’s Roadhouse Buddy Bowling Night – Friday, 10/3 6:30-8:30 @ PMU (Tentative) SIGN UP FOR THE BUDDY PROGRAM TONIGHT!

8 XE Community Service Events Jacob Bubalo

9 District Conference – March 2015 To be hosted at Purdue! Great Lakes District – 13 Chapters (MI, OH, IN) - U. of M.- MSU- Ohio State - Notre Dame- Toledo- Cincinnati Expecting 20-25 attendees Events to be planned: Friday: - Informal Dinner- Hotel Recommendations/Bookings Saturday: - Continental Breakfast- Campus, HAMP, Bowen Lab Tours - Box Lunch- Invite 1-2 Speakers - Book Meeting Rooms- Ice Breakers SIGN UP FOR THE PLANNING COMMITTEE TONIGHT!

10 XE Social Events XE SOCIAL NEXT THURSDAY, 9/18 at JAKE’S! Buddy Bowling Night: 10/3 (hopefully) Intramurals: MAC soccer or indoor volleyball? Site tours: Softball stadium, Wade Power Plant (TBA) Social Chairs Andrea Bailey & Mark Satterly

11 WHAT? 7 sessions at 75 minutes each (from 6:30-7:45pm) WHEN? Tentative schedule: o Kickoff (Session #1) – Thursday, Oct. 16 th o Sessions #2-4 – Oct. 20 th -22 nd o Sessions #5-7 – Oct. 27 th -29 th Topics to cover… o “A to Z” about the exam and Ethics – held by Dr. Drnevich o Mechanics of Materials o Structures (Analysis and Design) o Geotech. o Transportation o Dynamics for ME o Thermodynamics for ME FE Review Sessions

12 1.SCHOLARSHIP: o Enrolled as an undergraduate student for Fall 2014 and Spring 2015. o Eligible for: One of ten National Scholarships ($3,500 each) One of ten Chi Epsilon District Scholarships ($2,000 each) o 2.FELLOWSHIP: o Enrolled as either an undergraduate or graduate student for Fall 2014 and must be a graduate student Spring 2015. o Eligible for one of two XE Graduate Fellowships o *** MUST EMAIL TO EMILY BY OCT. 10 th *** National Scholarships/Fellowships

13 How do I apply? Submit in one PDF document… o Application (Questions about your leadership experience, etc.) o Unofficial transcript o Resume o Essay on your personal goals (max 2 pages) o Two letters of recommendation (one from a Faculty Member, one from a student or colleague) *** MUST EMAIL TO EMILY BY OCT. 10 th *** National Scholarships/Fellowships

14 About Professor Leonard E. Wood At Purdue 1953-2004 - CE Professor Emeritus - CE Co-op Coordinator - XE Faculty Adviser for 10 years The Woods have donated to: - XE Chapter at Purdue - School of Civil Engineering - Purdue Co-Op Program - Purdue Athletics Wood Commons was created in his memory for his dedication to the students Purdue XE Scholarship – The Wood Award

15 XE Wood Award Nominations $1000 award for leadership/academics Must be an active member of XE Nomination forms from previous semesters are valid until: - you win the award - you graduate You will receive the nomination form via email Due date TBA Purdue XE Scholarship – The Wood Award

16 After the Meeting Sign up for XE District Planning Committee Look for My Email Tonight! Sign ups: - Buddy Program! - Tutoring Attachments: - XE Schedule - This powerpoint Next Event: Next Thursday: Buddy Kick-Off / XE Social Tonight!

17 Chi Epsilon – Purdue University Questions?

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