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Halloween In Foreign Countries

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1 Halloween In Foreign Countries
By Emmy Nutting

2 Austria On Halloween night, some people leave bread and water
They left lamps and candles burning This was because they thought items like these would guide the souls They believed Halloween night was full of Cosmic Energy

3 Belgium On Halloween Night, Belgium families light candles in memory of dead family members

4 Canada In Canada they carve Jack-o-Lanterns out of pumpkins
Canadians throw parties They go Trick Or Treating People decorate their houses with Corn Stalks Pumpkins

5 China In China, Halloween is called Teng Chieh
They place food and drink in front of pictures of the dead Bonfires and lanterns are lit to light the paths of spirits Buddhist worshipers make paper boats and burn them These boats can be either VERY LARGE or very small They are created to bring “Pretas” to heaven Pretas are spirits of the dead who died in an accident whose bodies never were buried They were believed to be very dangerous The Buddhist worshipers and monks carried out ceremonies including Lighting lanterns Reciting sacred verses Supplying fruit

6 England: Traditions People living in England made “Punkies”
Punkies were made out of beetroots On Halloween night, children carried around their punkies At each house the children asked for money They ran through the streets singing the “Punkie Night” song* *See the Punkie Night song on the next slide

7 England: Punkie Night Song
It's Punkie Night Tonight It's Punkie Night Tonight Give us a Candle, give us a light It's Punkie Night Tonight It's Punkie Night Tonight It's Punkie Night Tonight Adam and Eve won't believe It's Punkie Night Tonight It's Punkie Night Tonight It's Punkie Night Tonight Eee-i diddley-di It's Punkie Night Tonight

8 France and Germany Was considered an American holiday and was not celebrated in France until around 1996 Germans put away all of their knives, in fear of the spirits

9 Hong Kong Halloween is known in Hong Kong as Yue Lan, or Festival of the Hungry Ghosts It was believed that ghosts roamed the Earth for 24 hours Some people burn fruit and money to bring comfort to the ghosts

10 Ireland Ireland is believed to be the birthplace of Halloween
They “Knock-a-Dolly” by ringing a doorbell and running away before its opened Irish people dress up and Trick-or-Treat After Trick-or-Treating they go to parties They play Snap-Apple* Parents arrange treasure hunts for the kids The Irish play a card game where they draw a card and get what’s on it They eat Barnbrack, which is a special fruitcake Occasionally they hide rings and straw in the cakes Ring= Finder will soon be married Straw= prosperous year approaching *They hang an apple to a tree and try to bite it

11 Japan Japanese call Halloween Obon Festival, Matsuri, Urabon
Dedicated to the spirits to the spirits of ancestors Red lanterns are hung everywhere Special foods are prepared Candles are lit and put in lanterns and set out to sea and on rivers A fire is lit each night for the ancestors Memorial stones are cleaned Community dances are preformed

12 Korea Known as Chusok Families thanked ancestors
Make offerings of rice and fruit

13 Mexico, Latin America, and Spain
Halloween is known as El Dia de los Muertos It is a time to remember friends and family who had died Families construct an altar to honor the dead It frequently had candy, flowers, photographs, water and the deceased’s favorite food and drink Flowers, streamers and wreaths are draped on graves In Mexico, monarch butterflies return and are believed that they were the spirits of dead ancestors

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