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2010-2011 Marching Hawks May 10, 2010 Band Booster General Meeting & Marching Band Informational Meeting Marching Band Informational Meeting.

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1 2010-2011 Marching Hawks May 10, 2010 Band Booster General Meeting & Marching Band Informational Meeting Marching Band Informational Meeting

2 Please pick up:  Packet of papers  Measurement Form –NEW MARCHERS & GUARD ONLY

3 What is a Band Booster Club????  An organization that exists purely to promote and facilitate the HHS band program, inclusive of color/winter guard  Comprised of volunteers – like you!  Provides opportunities for service, making friends, and good entertainment  Your band fee covers your membership fee into this organization  A group of adults who finds happiness and pride in seeing their young musicians find success

4 Band Booster General Meeting  Call to Order by President Shellie Waldron  Review of Minutes  Committee Reports  Treasurer’s Report – Ann Santucci  Ways and Means – Kerrie Arkwell  Uniforms – Janet Wright/Kathy Parra

5 Agenda (continued)  New Business  Fundraisers  Coke Sale – Now through June 2 nd, Delivery on June 10th  Hawk Cards  Voting:  Budget  Booster Board 2010-2011

6 Time to Vote….  2009-10 General Membership may vote for the following:  2010-2011 Slate of Officers found by the Nominating Committee  2010-2011 Band Booster Budget as created by the Band Booster Board at our budget meeting.

7 Slate of Officers for 10-11  President: Ed Barber  Vice President: Kerrie Arkwell  Treasurer: Ann Santucci  Secretary: Dawn Baldwin  2-year Director (2 nd year): Annie Tibbett  2-year Director (1 st year): Tammy Respass  2-year (1 st year): Lori Blish

8 Band Director’s Report  HHS Jazz Dinner – a success!  OKMS/HHS Spring Band Concert – June 10, 2010  Band Banquet –Wednesday, June 2 (more info. will be sent via email)  Check frequently!

9 Do you have what it takes… to be a Marching Hawk???

10 2010 Show

11 What is Marching Band?  A student group comprised of wind players, percussionists, and colorguard members.  A team of unified students that WORK HARD to present a professional and enjoyable field show for presentation at football games, competitions, pep rallies and parades.  A dedicated & committed group of musicians who want to be involved and seek to improve and therefore, succeed.

12 Who can be in Marching Band?  Anyone who is enrolled in an HHS band class  Colorguard members do NOT need to be in a band class. However, they did go through an audition process to be selected  Any instrumentalist (who meets the above criterion) who can fully commit to our practice and performance schedule  Drumline members MUST audition this Wednesday, May 12 th, at 3:45 in the band room  Pit does NOT need to audition

13 Marching Band Camp  Rookie camp is for new marchers  All camp dates are required by all participating marching band students – conflicts need to be addressed by Mrs. Birdsong  Attendance is vital – many field positions will be learned each day – this is a difficult thing to miss and make-up

14 Band Camp Needs  Students must wear tennis shoes and socks to band camp and to all subsequent rehearsals  Wear light colored clothing  Wear lots of sunscreen and re-apply throughout the day  Lots of WATER! (Camelbaks are permitted)  Their own lunch (no traveling off campus – no exceptions)  Eat breakfast before arriving  Bug Repellant is a good idea  Sunglasses or hats  Early is on-time and on-time is late!

15 Practice Schedule 2010  Monday night 6:30-8:30 on Football Field  Thursday afternoons from 3:45-5:45pm  Fridays when we have games (PIZZA NIGHT)  If you play in another sport, you still have to commit to our full practice time and our performance dates

16 Practice locations…  Mondays – Football Field  Thursdays (and some Fridays) = Football practice field  Band Camp – field behind HHS

17 Fees  SEE FEE SHEET PROVIDED!!!!  Band Fee - $100 for band, $50 due by 5/28/09  Colorguard Fee - $130, $50 by 5/28/09  Shoes and 2 pairs of gloves (new marchers) This will be collected now or in August after the shoe-fitting date.  School fees (instrument rental and uniform cleaning) will be paid to the SCHOOL at fee- night in August.  Fundraising efforts will occur year-round to help with costs of the trip, should your child choose to go

18 Pizza Package  There will be at least 5 opportunities that students will need dinner/lunch before a performance  An additional $10.00 will provide students who purchase this deal at least 2 pieces of pizza on Friday nights.  This should be paid with the band fee. This is NOT mandatory.  Drinks are NOT provided

19 Transportation  Students will not be permitted to leave campus during band camp  Students will be traveling together on school or commercial vehicles  Students/Parents must have signed the transportation agreement to travel with the Marching Band to games, etc.  Students are not permitted to leave away games early  We do everything as a team –even travel!

20 Attendance  Attendance to all functions is mandatory  It is imperative that all spots are filled during games and competitions. Make this commitment after checking your calendars.  Excused absences are for illness, death in family, major events – not birthdays, mini-vacations, needing a nap, etc  Excused absences are for illness, death in family, major events – not birthdays, mini-vacations, needing a nap, etc  Unexcused absences will result in sitting in the stands and not performing during that Friday’s game. Tardies add up to the same result. Repeated unexcused absences will result in either a parent conference, administrative talk, or possible removal from the activity.  To receive an excused absence, please notify Mrs. Birdsong IN WRITING (this includes email) from a parent/guardian, at least 1 week in advance. This helps with instructional planning.  I have made the effort to give you the band calendar at least 3 months in advance, I expect the same courtesy given in return.

21 Work Ethic  Our band is only as strong as our least motivated person  This year – we will have two upperclassmen be “alternates”  Alternates can challenge for your spot.  To keep your spot, you must be giving 100% each rehearsal, know your music, and your drill, and be IN ATTENDANCE!

22 Uniforms  Uniforms will be supplied by HHS  Uniforms will be sized by use of the measurements you provide  Upperclassmen will be sized first  Uniforms are to NEVER go home  It is the student’s responsibility to take care of the uniform  You represent the school in your uniform- never wear it halfway  Student must provide – black socks on own (no stripes!)  Students must purchase shoes and gloves  Season t-shirt is part of uniform - you may purchase an extra one tonight (one is given to you when you “pass-off” your music)  Your shoes, socks and gloves will be housed with your uniform bag.

23 Instruments HHS Provides  Sousaphones (Marching tubas)  Marching Baritones  Mellophones (Marching French horn)  Battery Drumline (Marching snares, etc.)  Pit (Auxiliary Percussion and keyboard instruments)  Baritone Sax  Bass Clarinet  Tenor Sax  Flags/Rifles for colorguard

24 Instrument Rental  These instruments given to upperclassmen first  You must sign an instrument rental form (you’ll get this at a later date)  You must pay the $40 rental fee at the HHS fee night before school  You only need to pay one rental fee per student – NOT per instrument  Damages to the instrument caused by carelessness will be paid for by the user

25 Music  Show music will be handed out before the end of the school year  Music will be made in sound file and pdf file format on our website –  Begin memorizing right away!  T-shirts will not be given out until you “pass off” your music to your section leader  Stand music will be memorized.  Students will be required to attend 3 sessions of stand music rehearsals in order to memorize new stand tunes. Times/dates TBA

26 Drill

27 Each student will receive drill… You must have it at every practice! NO EXCUSES!

28 Orlando, Florida

29 Orlando 2010  December 15-19  Universal’s Macy’s Holiday parade  Meals at: Hardrock Café, Medieval Times, meal vouchers  Admission to Sea World  Admission to Universal  Admission to Universal’s Islands of Adventure  Harry Potter’s NEW attraction  2 nights-stay Doubletree Universal Hotel  Price includes almost every meal, all gratuities, hotel security guard, etc.  Price - $550.00, broken into 4 payments  Fundraising opportunities available, some start tonight!

30 What you should expect…  True essence of TEAMWORK  Physically and mentally demanding work  Sweat and Heat  Structure, routine, and repetition  Memorization  Rehearsals require you to be on-task 100% of the time  Individual practicing outside of required rehearsals

31 You can ALSO expect…  The hours of hard work = hours of fun and great memories!  What it means to be truly responsible to yourself and others  More opportunities to travel in and out of the state  Tons of great friends  A chance to know your way around the school before the first day  Growth as an artistic individual and musician  Some of your best friends in high school will be in this marching band - GUARANTEED

32 Band Buddies  Will be assigned at a later date.  An upperclassmen marcher will be paired with a new marcher  This person can be contacted over the summer to answer any questions about marching band  Our TBA Freshman Coordinator will contact you via email over the summer!  Band Buddy Picnic – August 8 th … more information coming later…

33 Band Boosters  Need all parents to volunteer for 2 events throughout the course of the year  Example: Chaperone a football game/competition/festival/parade  Example: Volunteer at HHMI, or a Kings Dominion Festival  Sign-up for a committee!!!

34 The 6th Annual Hanover Hawk Marching Invitational (HHMI)

35 What is the HHMI? What is the HHMI?  Marching Band Competition  Fundraiser for the ENTIRE band program  An opportunity for bands across the state to prepare for VBODA state marching festival  An event where we need a lot of people to chip in and help

36 When and Where?  HHMI will take place right here at our own Hanover High School.  It will be held on October 16, 2010 (Saturday)

37 Volunteers  There are many opportunities for you to help out with this event.  Pit Crew  Guides  Concessions  Parking guides  Bake Sale (etc.)

38 Sign Up Now!  See a board Member to sign up tonight to help with the 2010 Hanover Marching Invitational.  For questions and more information contact the booster board or Mrs. Birdsong

39 HHMI as a Fundraiser  Trophy Sponsorship – helps us to pay for the cost of the trophies. Sponsors will be listed in the program, will have their name read at the awards, and can present the award themselves!  Program Ads – Can be small or large! Everyone should commit to at least a $2.00 ad (We love you_____!) More information coming in Fall 2010….

40 Trailer Ads Sponsor the band! See paperwork in your handouts!

41 Leadership Positions  Are offered through audition to anyone with one year minimum marching experience  Must have marched/played the previous season  Needs to get an application packet printed from website  Meeting for interested parties – May 26 th after school in band room  Auditions will take place on June 11 th, 2010

42 Contact Information  Mrs. Birdsong’s email:  Our very own website address

43 Forms to turn in tonight  I will GLADLY accept ALL forms tonight  If you need extra time filling them out, please do so by Friday, May 28th.  If you pay ALL fees tonight, your name will be placed in a drawing for $50.00 to be placed in your child’s student account. Drawing will occur during the HHS/OKMS Spring Concert on June 10, 2010

44 Now...  Please visit the fee table to pay...  Place forms on table in outside hallway as you leave

45 If you have questions...  Please feel free to email me at  and I will answer them as soon as possible

46 2010 WILL BE a fantastic Year! Go Marching Hawks!

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