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Survey Results Class of 1989 15 th Reunion Survey June 2004.

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1 Survey Results Class of 1989 15 th Reunion Survey June 2004

2 Are You…

3 What is your race?

4 In what region do you live?

5 Of the 90% who live in the US…

6 Where you live can best be described as:

7 Degrees you have:

8 How many friends do you see socially on a regular basis? (not counting a significant other or family)

9 My friends tend to come from: *sports, volunteering, hobbies, etc.

10 When I think about my relationships with friends,

11 Which best describes your marital status?

12 Do you currently live with a significant other? (spouse, life partner, boyfriend/girlfriend etc.):

13 How did you meet your current (or most recent) significant other? *(e.g. volunteering, sports, hobby, etc.)

14 How many children do you have?

15 How many children do you want?

16 What three qualities do you consider most important to encourage in children?

17 Would you encourage your children to go to Harvard?

18 What job/career considerations are most important to you?

19 How satisfied are you with your current job?

20 On average how many hours a week do you spend on your job?

21 Of respondents who spend more than 51 hours/week on their job:

22 What is your annual income?

23 If you're not currently working what best describes your situation?

24 Which category describes your current career?

25 Why did you choose this career?

26 In terms of your career are you…

27 In the next five years I would like…

28 About how many hours a month do you spend on the following activities:




32 Which of the following best describes your sexual orientation?

33 Please describe your level of experience with each of these in 1989:


35 Please describe your level of experience with each of these today:


37 Which of the following best describes your religious affiliation:

38 How important to you are your religious beliefs:

39 To what group/organization do you feel the strongest connection:

40 Which of these best describes your personal idea of success:

41 Approximately how much do you give to charity each year?

42 Which kinds of organizations do you support charitably?

43 What are major causes of stress in your life?

44 How happy are you with…

45 The 2001-03 tax cuts are good for America.

46 Gay and lesbian couples should have the same marriage rights as others.

47 The U.S. should pay more heed to advice/needs of other countries and the U.N.

48 Vouchers are a good idea for helping reform U.S. education

49 The Patriot Act has gone too far in undermining important civil liberties.

50 Which columnist/commentator most closely echoes your own view of the world:

51 In April 2003 what best described your feelings about the decision to invade Iraq?

52 What do you now believe is the right thing for the U.S. to do in Iraq now?

53 Do you personally know anyone serving in Iraq?

54 Did you personally know anyone who was killed on September 11 th ?

55 Of which (if any) political party do you consider yourself to be a member?

56 Your political views today vs. where they were in college are:

57 Who got your vote in 1992?

58 Who got your vote in 2000?

59 Who will get your vote in 2004?

60 Name your Ideal Job

61 If you could write in anyone at all in 2004, who would it be? (Write-In Candidates with > 5 Votes)

62 Do You Prefer…









71 Would You Rather …

72 Should we Free Martha?

73 Do You Feel …

74 Which Signs of Adulthood Have you Experienced?

75 Compared to your weight at graduation your current weight is…

76 You would describe yourself as:

77 If you could choose only one tonight…

78 If you could only choose one tonight, would you prefer…


80 How would you rate your Harvard experience:

81 How many friends from Harvard are you still in regular contact with?

82 If you're not planning to attend the 15th reunion how come?

83 If you could make the decision about college again would you:

84 If you could go back and do things differently what would you change?

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