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Dec 18, 2013. 05/27/10 Dec 17, 1903 Wright Bro Fly Dec 18, 1957 1 st Nuclear Power Dec 19, 1974 1 st PC Altair.

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1 Dec 18, 2013

2 05/27/10

3 Dec 17, 1903 Wright Bro Fly Dec 18, st Nuclear Power Dec 19, st PC Altair

4 Agenda Welcome to Meeting & Meet New Attendees 5 What we will be talking about tonight 2 Brief Business Meeting – 5 Election of Officers 5 Members & Treasurer Report 2 Tonight : Christmas Party45 What’s New in the Technology World15 Member Questions 5 My Comments & Questions 5 Raffle & Give Aways

5 Past – Future Topics Jan 14??? Dec 13Christmas Party Nov 13Windows XP: What To Do Oct 13What’s Your Passion 5 min for each person Sep 13Culinary Delights Aug 13Picnic Jun 13Internet: Good, Bad & Ugly 5 min for each person May 13BackupsCarol, Laura, Howard, Larry, et. al. Apr 13Favorite 5: Websites & Apps/Programs Mar 13 scamsJoe, Howard & Larry Feb 13LibraryAnn Jarvis Jan 13Win 8 Howard Dec 12Christmas Party (3 rd Wednesday) Nov 12Latest Gadgets Joe (4 th Wednesday) Oct 12APCUGGreg West Sep 12Fav. ProgramsBoard Members Aug 12Picnic Jun 12YouTubeLarry, Carol, Howard May 12LightroomBill Apr 12Disaster PlanLauraDisasterPlan Mar 12RoutersHowardRouters Feb 12CloudLarryCloud 5

6 Nomination of Officers PresidentLarry Piper Vice PresidentJoe Lykowski TreasurerJan Ensing NewsletterCarol Picard MembershipGary Ensing WebmasterCarol Picard PublicityAl Adams Program Co-ChairsHoward Lewis & Bill Tower At-Large BoardAl Adams

7 Board Meeting (Nov 7, 2013) No meeting in December

8 General Comments Membership Report Treasurer’s Report Status of Individual Members Tonight’s Raffle Drawing Item(s) On with the show …

9 Club Website 1 – added meeting agendas /piper/piper 2 – tonight: 3 – newsletters: 2007 to present 4 – may add ; pub format 5 – also have a utilities list /utilities/utilities

10 Current Newsletter Pipers Ponderings: Englebart, FBI virus, elections Tips & Tricks Freeware Internet Faxing Internet Finds Cookies; Tablets Accidental WineWine Legal Advice for Patients w/ChronicAdvice Physician DisciplineDiscipline Sundials Favorite Course - BigHistoryBigHistory

11 General Questions New Hardware? Tablets New Software? Win7, 8.1 Upgrades Newsletter or Web Site? Microsoft Updates? Other Updates ? News: Technical? Personal Experiences? Computer Repairs?

12  What’s in your toolkit ?toolkit  1 in 4 Clouds to disappear in 2014disappear  YouTube viral videos in 2013 – slow!slow  Black Friday salessales  Left Brain – Right Brain TestTest  Fareed ZakariaZakaria

13 Interesting Web Sites - #2 Famous PredictionsPredictions Anonymous Search EnginesEngines 7 days free video downloading – PC WorldPC World Coursera edX Udacity CourseraedX

14 What I Have Learned Mother of all Demos 1968Demos FBI Virus: $300, no time limit, boot disc Windows 8 Start Menu Yahoo outage – Mayer Drones – Forget Amazon, I Want OneDrones

15 What Else I Have Learned Important Dates for Internet & ComputersDates Enhanced Michigan Drivers License Pawn shop AU prices Video with a tablet 1280x720, 720x480, 640x480Video Hemingway’s family illnessillness China lands a rover on moon, World’s Smallest PacemakerPacemaker Linux Mint 14

16 Interesting Videos & Books K

17  How to remove obsolete link from Networklink  How to increase a partition size - AOMEIAOMEI  Remove MS Word blocks, sections, lines  Removing CMOS battery from laptop  Network Printer addressing for Win XP

18 Time for the Raffle Drawing ?

19  Top 10 Lists for 2013  Predictions for 2014: DJIA, GNP, Net Worth  Who passed away (Time)  Skip videos (funny or otherwise)  Where’s Judy  Jackpot fever (story of Ohio guys)  Members: Geo, Mary, Jim 05/27/10

20 Survey GPS in car. Use it? Backup Heating: fireplace, propane, etc Browser: IE, Firefox, Chrome, Other List of medications & doctors System Info: Belarc, System Generator: hookup to home wiring

21 Piper’s Home Network Asus-LarryLenovo-JHP-1-LHP-2-Test Galaxy Tablet HD Inkjet Dell, Optiplex & Judy Modem RouterSwitchServer Cloud HD Color B/W Charter Phone

22 Questions for Individuals Laura: Al: Howard: Carol: Gary:

23 Membership List Al Adams Jerry ArchGust Kookootsedes Larry AultHoward Lewis George BinderJoe Lykowski Kathy & Roger Bohl Mary BransonRobert Miller Terry BrownHarry Morton Jim CarrierFrank Neeb John DashnerRon Picardi D. DucommonCarol Picard Gary-Jan EnsingLarry-Judy Piper Laura HammelShirley Salas Rich HolbrookBill Tower Bill KocherLynn Walker

24 05/27/10

25 Ads – What’s The Catch Send in your gold Free credit scores Professor & free CDs Geiko & Progressive Car Insurance Body Building Weight Loss Pay shipping on 2 nd item Carnival Games – Magic Illusions –

26 What I Have Learned How to convert PPT to DVD’s to play on your TV? CamtasiaXilosoft Wink MovieMakerWink Bayes Theorem Wason & Stroop Tests WasonStroop

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