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What you should know. Geoffrey Burg Patricia Fulton Students and the Law.

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1 What you should know. Geoffrey Burg Patricia Fulton Students and the Law

2 Goals of Presenta tion Know the consequences BEFORE you act!

3 Content Myths & Realities Terminology Common Crimes Consequences Legal Rights

4 Myths & Realities Myth: “I’ll just tell the police the whole story and it will be ok.” Reality: Talking to the police may not be the best thing to do. Never lie! Remain silent.

5 Myths & Realities Myth: “I’m under 18, so my case will be in juvi court & no big deal.” Reality: Not all cases in juvi & all cases are a BIG DEAL

6 Myths & Realities Myth: “No one will know about it because I wasn’t convicted.” Reality: All cases filed in court are public records and easily available to the public, often on the internet.

7 Terminology Juvenile Court versus “adult” courts Prosecutor Public Defender/ Private attorney Probation

8 Terminology: Levels of Crimes Misdemeanor/Gross Misdemeanor Felony

9 Terminology: Outcomes Guilty (plea or trial) Plea bargaining Dismissals

10 Juvi v. Adult Court General crimes in juvi. All traffic crimes in adult court if 16 or older.

11 Common Crimes Alcohol and Drug Related Criminal Traffic Shoplifting/Theft Assault

12 MIP/MIC Will be prosecuted Gross Misdemeanor Loss of license if under 18

13 Furnishing alcohol to minors Gross misdemeanor MIP/MIC

14 When not a crime: OK for parent to give alcohol to their child if consumed in the parent’s presence OK for medicinal OK for religious services MIP/MIC

15 Marijuana Illegal! Misdemeanor = 40 grams or less Felony = Over 40 grams, delivery, or intent to deliver Misdemeanor = possession of drug paraphernalia

16 Common Crimes: Drug Consequences Mandatory Jail time & fines Student Loan implications Loss of driver’s license if under 21

17 Common Crimes: Fake ID It is a crime! No forging/altering No using someone else’s

18 Students & Cars

19 Minor Driving After Drinking “Minor DUI” Under 21 BAC of.02 to.079 Misdemeanor License consequences

20 DUI and Physical Control Over or under 21!.08 or greater “Affected by” Mandatory jail time & fines License consequences Ignition Interlock device

21 Reckless Driving Driving with a willful or wanton disregard for the safety of persons or property Racing Gross Misdemeanor License consequences

22 Theft Degrees Theft 3 = <$750 Theft 2 = $750-$5000; Theft 1= $5000+ Civil penalty Crime of dishonesty

23 Assault Felony or misdemeanor Harmful or offensive touching DV & mandatory arrest

24 Consequences Criminal Record School Admission Financial Aid Jobs Housing Immigration Military

25 Consequences: Permanent Records Assume EVERYTHING is a public record. Almost everything is available on the internet! Seattle Municipal Court Washington Courts Washington State Patrol Department of Licensing

26 Legal Rights Exercise rights in a polite & respectful manner

27 Legal Rights Right to remain silent

28 Seriously, remain silent! “Boy what a dumb jerk I was tonight.” “I’m glad I didn’t kill anyone tonight.” “I never thought I would do something this stupid.” “I sure messed up tonight, I can’t believe I drove drunk.”

29 Legal Rights Right to a lawyer Confidential 24/7 can call public defender Asking for a parent ≠ asking for a lawyer

30 Legal Rights Don’t consent to searches School officials may search student/bag/locker/car: Warrant No warrant but: Reasonable Belief violating the law or school rules

31 Conclusion

32 Questions IPhone/Android Keyword “Burg”

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