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Welcome to: March 2008 Meeting

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1 Welcome to: March 2008 Meeting

2 Silence is Golden

3 Tonight’s Topic: Leveraging Mobile Web Apps for your Web-based Business

4 Format for Tonight CPC TEXT 1.Roundtable 2.Anyone can and everyone is invited to participate 3.Everyone be sure to get handouts

5 6:45pm - Networking 7:00pm - Meeting opens 7:05pm - Group News, Announcements 7:15pm – Introduction to the topic of Mobile Web 7:20pm - Group Discussion of Mobile Web 8:00pm - Break 8:10pm - Group Discussion of Mobile Web, Continued 8:55pm - Closing Comments 9:00pm - Networking (Optional) 9:30pm - Drinks/Dinner at Gordon Biersch (Optional) Tonight’s Schedule

6 Gordon Biersch 848 Peachtree Street Phone: 404-870-0805 Dinner and Drinks After?

7 Everyone for Attending! Lance Weatherby & the ATDC For providing our facility Our Participants Announced Shortly Those helping with Check-in Julie Squires SoftScribe: PR for Technology companies Barbara Prebble Moonstone Media: Content/Outreach consultant, runs Others… Members helping behind the scenes Too many to list Thanks to:

8 News & Announcements?

9 April 17 th, 2008 Search Engine Optimization Roundtable: Group Discussion Email nominations to April 2008 Meeting

10 Tonight’s Featured Participants: CPC TEXT Eli Wendkos is product manager for Social Media & Messaging at where he manages the Atlanta Journal-Constitution's mobile web and SMS campaigns. He is a member of the IAB's Mobile Platform Status Working Group, and as their product manager for R&D he has also worked closely with the mobile group at Andrew Lunde is a highly-respected local consultant since 1998. One of his recent projects was where he built a system based on customized Drupal CMS to allow seamless experience between online, embedded, and mobile use of sports event gaming

11 Introduction to Topic Intro to tonight’s topic: Leveraging Mobile Web Apps for your Web-based Business

12 What is the Mobile Web? The Mobile Web is simply: The world wide web as Viewed and Optimized for Mobile Devices.

13 2.7 billion


15 Discussion State of the Industry Why Address the Mobile Web? Business Opportunities Monetizing Advertising Other? Challenges Business Technical Best Practices Offerings

16 Resources You can find a list of links at: mobileweb+atlwebentrepreneurs mobileweb+atlwebentrepreneurs

17 Closing Comments

18  Thanks to Eli and Andrew, and  Thanks to everyone who participated THANK YOU!

19 Slides Available Slides will be available online

20  Please send comments, criticsm, kudos, and suggestions to Comments

21 Date: April 17th, 2008 Topic: Search Engine Optimization Help the organizer! RSVP (tonight!) at URL: Next Meeting

22 Thanks for attending!

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