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“Here I Raise My Ebenezer”

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1 “Here I Raise My Ebenezer”
1 Samuel 7:1-14

2 Introductory Thoughts
Many songs we sing have words that are obscure to us today Tonight I want to examine one of those words Ebenezer Two objectives from tonight’s study What is the meaning of Ebenezer? Why should I raise my Ebenezer?

3 Background on our text The days of Samuel
History of Israel reveals many ordeals or difficulties faced Exodus from Egypt Conquest of Canaan For all God had done for the Israelites he had been repaid with Grumbling Complaining Unwillingness to exterminate

4 Background on our text The ark of the covenant was in exile in the hands of these heathen nations for 20 years of Samuel’s life Israelites were constantly threatened by the Philistines A weakened Israel remained terrified Let’s read 1 Samuel 7:1-14

5 What is an Ebenezer? Hebrew word meaning – Stone of Help
Significance for Samuel is found in the words “thus far the Lord has helped us” Stones raised as a memorial not as an idol Memorial to God’s supernatural care Raised as a symbol of gratitude Notice some things that happened after the stones were raised Enemy was subdued – Further battles were prevented

6 Some other Biblical Ebenezer's
Jacob’s Stones of Help Genesis 28:10-22 Joshua’s Stepping Stones Joshua 4:1-7, 19-24 These were set up to remind the future generations of Israel to reflect on the history of their nation

7 Why raise Ebenezer’s To reflect how God has preserved us
Through his Providential Care Remind us of what he has done for us To keep those memories alive for our children and grandchildren and all future generations

8 Here I Raise MY Ebenezer
What should YOUR Ebenezer be? A Counting of Blessings Acts 14:17 – James 1:17 A Expression of Gratitude Colossians 3:15 – 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 A Building of the Lord’s House 1 Peter 2:1-5 – Ephesians 2:19-22

9 Putting it all together
What Ebenezer are you erecting in your life today? Matthew 7:24-27 We are erecting Ebenezer’s each and every day

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