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Content - part 2 Week 5. Tonight Report from ECDL 2006 Alicante Spain More detailed look at metadata description of content.

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1 Content - part 2 Week 5

2 Tonight Report from ECDL 2006 Alicante Spain More detailed look at metadata description of content

3 A few pictures

4 Google Books Project Michael A. Keller, Closing Keynote –Ida M. Green University Librarian at Stanford, –Director of Academic Information Resources, –Publisher of HighWire Press, and –Publisher of the Stanford University Press: "One good turn deserves another; how the Google Book Search project is benefiting everyone".

5 Google Books demo Full text - Life of Miguel de Cervantes Limited Preview - The Life of Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra Snippet View - "Discreción" in the Works of Cervantes: A Semantic Study





10 Other projects Open Content Alliance (Microsoft and Yahoo) The European Digital Library (Growing number of countries) others Comments? Discussion?

11 A DL example Library of Congress American Memory project – – “American Memory provides free and open access through the Internet to written and spoken words, sound recordings, still and moving images, prints, maps, and sheet music that document the American experience. It is a digital record of American history and creativity. These materials, from the collections of the Library of Congress and other institutions, chronicle historical events, people, places, and ideas that continue to shape America, serving the public as a resource for education and lifelong learning.”

12 Dublin Core for a map Map found in the LOC American Memory collection –Map at Dublin Core metadata illustration found at –Part of a DL course at U. of Alabama

13 Go to web site to explore what is there -- including copyright information, title, history, etc.

14 Dublin Core: Title Name given, usually by the creator or publisher < META name = “DC.Title” content = “Novi Belgii Novæque Angliæ:nec non partis Virginiæ tabula multis in locis emendata ” lang = “la” > Source:

15 Dublin Core: Subject What the work is about, possibly keywords, terms from classification scheme if available. Source: LCSH = Library of Congress Subject Headers

16 Dublin Core: Description Free text description, abstract, etc. Source:

17 Dublin Core: Source Is this object derived from another? Is this map a part of a larger map? Is this text a variation or revision of another piece of text? { "@context": "", "@type": "ImageObject", "contentUrl": "", "name": "Dublin Core: Source Is this object derived from another.", "description": "Is this map a part of a larger map. Is this text a variation or revision of another piece of text.

18 Dublin Core: Language Language of the content of the resource For the map, there is no language content Source:

19 Dublin Core: Relation To what other object(s) or collection is this object related? Does it also exist in another collection? Is it derived from another document or image? How is it related? Source:

20 Dublin Core: Creator Person or organization responsible for the Intellectual Content of this object Source:

21 Dublin Core: Publisher Entity responsible for making the resource available in its present form Not shown in the example, but should be something like this: Source:

22 Dublin Core: Contributor Any entity making a contribution to this object. Example: someone who added some information to the original document or image No entry for this map.

23 Dublin Core: Rights A pointer to a copyright notice, a rights management statement, or a rights server.

24 Dublin Core: Date Date on which this object was made available in its present form, possibly the date it was entered into this digital collection. Source: Specify the date format so that others can interpret it correctly

25 Dublin Core: Type or Category What sort of thing is this? Some examples: home page, novel, poem, working paper, technical report, essay dictionary, … Type should be selected from a controlled list. For example, see the DCMI Type Vocabulary: Why is this recommended as a controlled vocabulary field?

26 DCMI Type Vocabulary Collection Dataset Event Image InteractiveResource MovingImage PhysicalObject Service Software Sound StillImage Text See the official page for explanations of the categories.official page Note that Image is a broad category and Moving Image and StillImage are more restricted subcategories.

27 Dublin Core: Type Category of this resource Source:

28 Dublin Core: Format The way the content is encoded. This tells what resource is needed to access this content. Internet MIME Types: See also Internet Media Type:

29 Dublin Core: Unique ID The key for this object in the collection. I cannot find one for the map we are looking at, but the ID for the map of which it is a part is g3715 ct000001 The Metadata specification for that would be Source: @band(g3715+ct000001))+@field(COLLID+dsxpmap)) @band(g3715+ct000001))+@field(COLLID+dsxpmap

30 Dublin Core: Coverage The time, space or other measurement of the scope or completeness of the object. No coverage entry specified, but might be this: Example not a controlled vocabulary. Why would a controlled vocabulary be better?

31 International Concensus Recognition of International Scope of Resource Discovery on Web 17 Countries Currently Involved in DC Working Groups 50+ Implementation Projects in 10 Countries Source:

32 Guide to Good Practice The NINCH Guide to Good Practice in the Digital Representation and Management of Cultural Heritage Materials

33 Your turn Your design for your DL is due now. Each team, present your DL plan to the rest of the class for comment and suggestions. –Use the plan you submitted. Take a few minutes now to decide who will do what in presenting it. This is both a review of the planning you have done and a chance to learn from what others are doing.

34 Tonight Further detail of Dublin Core Look at another DL Google Books example Student status on DL

35 Next Week Access management and security –Read: Arms Digital Libraries Chapter 7 “Access management and security” –Read NINCH Guide Chapter 4 “Rights Management” –Note similarities and any differences in approach or philosophy Demonstrate your working DL

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