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Watching Movies. Top movies worldwide of all times.

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1 Watching Movies

2 Top movies worldwide of all times

3 The Devil Wears Prada 穿著 Prada 的惡魔

4 The Godfather( 教父 )

5 The Six Sense( 靈異第六感 )

6 Bridget Jones Diary ( BJ 單身日記 )

7 Lord of the Rings( 魔戒 )

8 Star Wars ( 星際大戰 )

9 Warm up 1. What are the genres of the movies? 2. What kind of movies do you like? 3. How often do you watch movies? 4. Have you seen a movie recently? What is it?

10 The classifications of American movies? ( 電影的分級 ) 1. G 級( GENERAL AUDIENCES All ages admitted): 大眾級 2. PG 級( PARENTAL GUIDANCE SUGGESTED Some material may not be suitable for children): 普通輔導級

11 3. PG-13 級( PARENTS STRONGLY CAUTIONED Some material may be inappropriate for children under 13 ) 特別輔導級 4. R 級( RESTRICTED Under 17 requires accompanying parent or adult guardian ) 限制級 5. NC-17 級 (NO ONE 17 AND UNDER ADMITTED ):成人影片

12 Movie Genres 1. Drama 劇情片 2. Action movie 動作片 3. Adventure movie 冒險動作片 4. Sci-fi (science fiction) 科幻片 5. Comedy 喜劇片 6. Romance 文藝愛情片 7. War movie 戰爭片 8. Disaster movie 災難片 9. Horror movie 恐怖片

13 Movie Genres 10. Thriller 驚悚片 11. Kung fu movie/ Martial arts movie 功夫片 12. Cartoon 卡通 13. Animation 動畫 14. Musical 音樂劇 15. Gangster movie 黑幫電影 16. Western 西部電影 17. X-rated movie 色情片 18. Documentary 紀錄片

14 Films 1.Bridget Jones Diary BJ 單身日記 2.Lord of the Rings 魔戒 3.Star Wars 星際大戰 4.The Devil Wears Prada ( 穿著 Prada 的惡魔 ) 5. The Godfather 教父 6. The Six Sense 靈異第六感

15 Others 1. Poster 海報 2. Movie trailer 預告片 3. Premiere 首映 4. Discount movie theater 二輪戲院 5. Now playing/coming soon 今日放映 / 近期上映

16 In other words 1. learning Japanese/ giving live performances/ volunteering at the hospital 2. have a cup of coffee/have a drink/ take a walk 3. action movies /sci-fi movies/ animations 4. Bridget Jones Diary/ Lord of the Rings/ Star Wars 5. breakfast/lunch/ brunch

17 Useful Expressions 1.Do you have any plans tonight? 你今晚有什麼計劃 2. Maybe we can hang out sometime. 或許我們可以找個時間出去逛逛 3. What kind of movies do you like? 4. What’s on today? 今天演什麼 ? 5. It’s a great flick. 這部片子很棒

18 Skit: Tony wishes to go out with Maggie. One Saturday evening, he sees her sitting alone in a café. Tony: Hello, Maggie. Maggie: Hello, Tony. It’s nice to see you again. Tony: I haven’t seen you for a while. What have you been up to? Maggie: I’ve been really busy preparing for my next film(1). How about you?

19 Tony: Nothing special. Do you have any plans tonight? Maggie: Nope. I think I’ll just relax at home. Are you going out somewhere? Tony: In fact, I was thinking… maybe we could catch a movie (2) and hang out sometime. Maggie: Why not? What kind of movie do you like?

20 Tony: I like comedies and dramas (3), like The Devil Wears Prada. And you? Maggie: I like crime thrillers and gangster movies. The Godfather is my all time favorite. Tony: What’s on today?

21 They get a newspaper and read the movie ads. Maggie: Hey, there’s a discount movie theater playing The Six Sense (4). It’s a great flick. Let’s go and see that. Tony: Great. It starts at 7:10. I’ll pick you at 5:50. We will have enough time for dinner at the TGI Friday’s next to the theater. Maggie: OK. See you later.

22 Songs and trailers of the movies 1.Bridget Jones Diary 2 The Godfather 教父 (Speak Softly Love) 3. Lord of the Rings 4. Star Wars 5. The Devil Wears Prada / /

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