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Elementary Education Licensure talk Nov 6, 2014, 6:30 p.m. 114 David Kinley Hall.

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1 Elementary Education Licensure talk Nov 6, 2014, 6:30 p.m. 114 David Kinley Hall

2 – COTE introduction Oversee all things related to licensure Past – Things like CBC and Blood borne Pathogen training Here tonight to talk about process of actually getting licensed. Obtain license as soon as you can!!!!- Regardless of other plans (grad school, Peace Corp, etc). – Only protected against program changes for 1 year – Not protected at all against ISBE changes (Ex: C or better) – Other state certification will likely hinge on Illinois licensure first

3 Applying for license: Log onto your student portal – Example: ed-blutarsky (Bluto) Click on “Licensure Application” Will ask if your are registered for or previously done student teaching. – If you answer no, You should not proceed. – Click on “Click here to fill out your application request.” Email address-You use your most used/most reliable- email account. Do not use your UIUC account.

4 Phone number Degree period Major License Endorsements – May choose as many as you wish to be considered for (but please use some common sense) – You will all be endorsed in Elementary Ed (Kindergarten – 9 th grade-self contained)

5 (Endorsements continued) All middle grade endorsements require the middle grade courses – (UIUC-EPS 427, CI 410, and EPSY 430) – If courses taken at another school, be sure they are sent and received/entered. Smaller number of K-4 endorsements Bilingual and ESL- be sure all documentation is sent to our office. Retain copies for yourself All foreign Language endorsements have been changed to 24 hours of coursework AND passing the ILTS content test in the respective foreign language.

6 – Comments Allows you to convey information that application does not otherwise allow for. – Example: “I am taking a course at Parkland (SPAN 207) to complete the requirements for the Spanish endorsement ”

7 Signature (must “sign” stating you understand) Must submit – Once you sign, you can’t go back. Don’t try to submit a second application. Contact us for changes/corrections.

8 The next day, you should receive an email which says the COTE has received your application. Can submit application even if you haven’t yet passed all tests (just need to be registered for student teaching). I will complete an audit based on DARS report or grad audit completed earlier. – Problems? Will either contact you or records officer. If contacted, it’s important you respond.

9 Nothing missing? Will put application in pending file until end of spring or summer term Endorsements? Will send Endorsement email If you expect endorsements but don’t receive email, contact me. End of final semester processing. – EFE hours (at least 80). (Should check Student portal for accuracy) – Student Teaching Time Report Be accurate and fairly descriptive. This is only record we will have of your Student teaching (directions on student portal).

10 – Safety Training – Approved portfolio – Departmental Recommendation Should come automatically from Jay Mann if you meet all responsibilities – Tests – Content test – Assessment of Professional Teaching – EdTPA – Degree (must appear on transcripts!!!) – Spring graduates – May or June 2014 – Summer grads – Late summer 2014 – Contact Lori Fuller if you need to be licensed immediately

11 Claiming your license with ISBE We will send you an email at the address you provided. – Will provide a link to the ISBE website with instructions which include directing you toward a link – Click on this link. – May need to create a new user name/password – Follow steps. Be prepared to pay by credit card

12 After you claim your license, you will need to register your license with a district – If you have a job lined up, use that district – Be sure to register your license somewhere. If you do not, after 6 months it will become “lapsed.” Lapsed licenses will require that you take additional coursework or pay ISBE $$$

13 – TESTING (more information) – Two required tests: Elementary/Middle Grades (110) – MUST pass before student teaching (State Law) » Every semester at least one student has to be pulled from student teaching. Don’t let it be you! Assessment of Professional Teaching: Grades K-9 (102) or Pre K-Grades 12 (188) (either is acceptable) – Must pass before licensure Be sure you request test scores be sent to Illinois

14 Be sure your SSN is accurate – Errors may delay licensure Much wailing and gnashing of teeth) – Can check your tests on Student portal to ensure tests have been received Keep test scores forever (or longer) – May need them for out for grad school – May need them for Out-of-State certification.

15 Changes You are going to receive a “Professional Educator License” (PEL) “Types” (example: type 03, 04, 10) have gone away “Initial” “Standard” and “National Board Certified” have also gone away Effective Sept 2014 the “formal” EdTPA goes into effect so be sure to be licensed before then.

16 ISBE is no longer mailing paper copies of license – Can print a screen shot of your license information (or) – Any school district or agency with your first and last name can do a “public search” in the ELIS/Educator Credentials site License “validity”will change from 4 fiscal years to 5 fiscal years. – Be sure to renew your license in 5 years or it will become “lapsed.” Can renew license on the same website (ELIS/Educator credentials) where you claimed it. They should contact you at the email you provide them so keep checking that email (or change email addresses on ELIS/Educator Credentials

17 Certification in other states – Likely will require Licensure in Illinois first – Other states may have program verification form. Send form to COTE to fill out. – “U.S. Teacher Certification Offices” under “Links” in If you ask us how to get certified in another state, we’ll likely only refer you to this link for information on contacting the respective states. – Certification Map (also under “Links”) Talks about out-of-state certification Addresses topic of “reciprocity”

18 Highly Qualified “Highly Qualified” is a federal No Child Left Behind definition. You will be “highly qualified” in the core academic subjects (Science, Arts, Reading, English Language Arts, History, Civics & Government, Economics, Geography, Math) by virtue of taking/passing the Content test in Elementary Middle Grades More info on Highly qualified is in COTE website under Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

19 Summary – Location: 505 E. Green Street, Suite 202 Upstairs from PNC Bank and Coldstone Creamery Website: Email ( or – Pick one of us. – Include UIN – Urgent timely matters? Don’t use email. – No appointments scheduled by email. Call office.

20 COTE website Under “Links”: Illinois Licensure Testing System (ILTS) Other Certification Tests (for certification in other states) Take Us To School – Resources for student teachers Certification Map U.S. Teacher Certification Offices Illinois Education Job Bank

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