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Cambridge-Isanti High School Registration

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1 Cambridge-Isanti High School Registration

2 The PowerPoint presentation shown tonight will be available on the Cambridge-Isanti High School website at: PowerPoint is located under “Registration” tab

3 Welcome Class of 2018!                               

4 Did You Know… Studies have shown that students who are involved in sports and activities do better in the classroom; they have higher GPAs than students who are not involved

5 Activities BPA Cheerleading DECA Foreign Exchange Program FCCLA
Intramurals Band & Choir Math League Mock Trial Model United Nations Musical National Honor Society One Act Play Pep Band School Newspaper Ski Club Skills USA Speech Stage Crew Student Council Three-Act Play Yearbook Weightlifting

6 Sports Activities Football Cross Country Swimming & Diving Soccer
Tennis Volleyball Basketball Adapted Bowling Gymnastics Ice Hockey Wrestling Baseball Golf Softball Track & Field Fall sports sign up meetings will take place at the middle schools during the last part of May All 2014 fall sports start Monday August 11th

7 Driver’s Training Opportunity
Summer Driver’s Education Classes offered- applications are available on Community Ed website Perfect for students involved in sports or other activities after school Sessions available: June :00 am-1:00 p.m. June :00 am-1:00 p.m. July :00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. July :00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. Turn in application and $75 to reserve your spot in the session ~ contact Carolyn Klunder at or Dave Maurer at with questions School year session dates to be determined…

8 9th Grade Orientation Link Crew is at CIHS!!
Link Crew is a freshman transition program designed to help increase freshman success Class of 2018 will be the eighth class to participate Small groups of 9th grade students will be paired with 11th and 12th grade mentors – Link Leaders Students participate in Link Crew activities throughout the year with their student mentors

9 Trimester Schedule Five periods per day plus a 25-minute Directed Study Approximately 60 minutes long Year long classes typically will be two out of three trimesters Three-12 week sessions

10 Directed Study Monday ~ Check & Connect Tuesday ~ Math
25 Minutes Per Day Monday ~ Check & Connect Tuesday ~ Math Wednesday ~ Check & Connect Thursday ~ Reading Friday ~ Check & Connect

11 How many courses are offered at Cambridge-Isanti High School?
CIHS Schedule Trivia!! How many courses are offered at Cambridge-Isanti High School?

12 There are 169 courses offered at Cambridge-Isanti High School
There are 169 courses offered at Cambridge-Isanti High School! Your course selections are used to create the schedule of next year’s classes Choose your classes carefully! Changes are only made if there are mistakes

13 Which Factors Should I Consider When Choosing Classes?

14 Consider your: Future Plans Time Graduation Requirements Interests

15 What Do I Need To Do To Earn A CIHS Diploma?

16 Complete 52 credits Take the MCA or GRAD Tests in written composition (grade 9), reading (grade 10), and math (grade 11) Further information about requirements can be found on page three of the registration guide

17 Which Credits Need To Be Earned To Graduate From High School
Which Credits Need To Be Earned To Graduate From High School? Which Credits Are Typically Needed To Get Into College?

18 Common College Requirements
Subject CIHS Requirements Common College Requirements English 8 credits Social Studies 6 credits Science 6-8 credits Mathematics 7 credits Physical Education 2 credits Health 1 credit Teen Survival Intro to or Computer Applications/Digital Citizenship The Arts World Languages 4 credits Electives 16 credits Total Credits 52 credits Full class period = 1 credit

19 Consider What You Will Need For Post Secondary Preparation
Four-Year Colleges Usually Require* 4 years of English 4 years of Social Studies 3-4 years of Math 3-4 years of Science 2 years of World Language 1 year of the Arts (recommended) Two-Year Colleges Usually Require* Successful completion of high school *Contact individual colleges for specific requirements

20 Can I Earn College Credits While Attending High School?

21 Ways to earn college credit while attending high school include:
Advanced Placement (AP) Courses College in the School (Concurrent Classes) Post Secondary Enrollment Options (PSEO) Articulated College Courses

22 Who Is Eligible To Earn College Credits While In High School?

23 Juniors in the top 1/3 of their class or Seniors in the top 1/2 of their class are eligible to take College in the School or PSEO classes Most AP courses require that students have a GPA of 3.5 **10th grade PSEO available (one career-tech course) or **Some 10th grade PSEO courses are offered online

24 What Are The Benefits Of Taking College, PSEO Or AP Courses?
Provides the opportunity for students to earn college credit, earn exemption from certain college course requirements, or both Students are more likely to graduate from college in four years Increased eligibility for scholarships and makes students more attractive to colleges * *Transportation funds may be available to help low income students into PSEO

25 College Classes Available At CIHS
College Algebra College Biology College Calculus College Chemistry College Geography College Psychology/Sociology College Public Speaking College Reading/Writing College Statistics College Trigonometry AP Literature/College Poetry German 3, 4 & 5

26 It’s Time To Register! What Do I Need To Do?

27 Timetable For Registration
Students receive registration materials and information at registration sessions on Thursday, January 30th Students turn in registration materials to their math/social studies teacher no later than Thursday, February 6th Students will register with CIHS staff using registration material turned in by student

28 Pre-registration Form
Complete this form to register. Forms must be turned in to math/social studies teacher by Thursday, February 6th

29 What Are Required Courses?

30 Required courses are courses you must take and pass in order to graduate Required courses are listed on the top portion of your pre-registration form

31 Required Courses

32 What Are Elective Courses?

33 Elective courses are courses you choose to take depending on your future plans and interests Elective courses will be entered in the middle section of your pre-registration form

34 Elective Courses

35 Registration Choices (listed on back side of yellow registration form)

36 What Are Alternate Courses?

37 Some classes that you register for may not be available; alternate courses are classes you choose to take their place Alternate courses must be different than the required courses or others you have already selected

38 Why Do I Have To Register For Alternate Courses?

39 Next year’s schedule is determined by student requests and the District 911 budget Some classes that you wish to take may be full or may not be offered during a required period; therefore, you must select alternate courses to take their place Be sure to choose three alternate courses

40 Alternative Courses

41 Which Math Class Should I Take?

42 Middle school math teachers will recommend the math class that each student should take as a 9th grader and this information is shared with each student Students must fill in the recommended math course on the pre-registration form After the NWEA Spring test results and MCA math test results, math placement may change

43 Which Computer Class Should I Take?

44 One computer class is required for graduation at CIHS
One computer class is required for graduation at CIHS. Most students take this course as a 9th grader Students with basic computer skills should register for Introduction to Computer Applications/Digital Citizenship* Students with advanced computer skills should register for Computer Applications/Digital Citizenship* *Both courses cover Microsoft Word, Excel, presentation software, and social media topics

45 What about direct service classes?
If you are on an Individual Education Plan (IEP), your case manager will help determine which classes are appropriate If you have any questions, contact your case manager at the middle school You may also speak with a CIHS special education staff member here tonight

46 Pre-registration form without band and/or choir classes will equal 15 credits
Register for: Required courses on top section Elective courses on middle section Three alternate course selections on bottom section

47 Sample Schedule With 15 Credits
Trimester 1 Trimester 2 Trimester 3 Period 1 Algebra 1.5 A Algebra 1.5 B Algebra 1.5 C Period 2 English 9 A FACS for Life English 9 B Period 3 Citizenship and Government 9 Economics 9 Health 9 Period 4 Ceramics Integrated Science A Integrated Science B Period 5/ Directed Study Period 6 Physical Education 9 Intro to Computer Applications/Digital Citizenship Woods 1

48 Pre-registration form with band or choir
will equal 14.5 credits Register for: Required courses on top section Music choice and other electives in middle section Three alternate courses on bottom section

49 Pre-registration form with band and choir
will equal 15 credits Register for: Required courses on top section Music choices and other electives in middle section Three alternate courses on bottom section

50 Band & Choir Schedule Examples
Trimester 1 Trimester 2 Trimester 3 Day 1 Band Day 2 Study Hall Health Student schedule for band only Students registering for band or choir will have 14.5 credits Trimester 1 Trimester 2 Trimester 3 Day 1 Band Day 2 Choir Student schedule for band and choir Students registering for both band and choir will have 15 credits

51 Registration Tip Sheet

52 What Do I Do After I’ve Selected My Classes?

53 Registration Materials Need To Be Turned In
Turn in your yellow pre-registration form to your social studies teacher at CMS or IMS/MNC no later than: Thursday, February 6th IMS – Mr. Rothbauer or Mr. Brantley CMS – Mr. Glaser or Ms. Piel MNC – Mr. Brantley Your case manager if you have an IEP

54 Questions ?? Ms. Anderson - CMS Counselor (763) Ms. Emmons – IMS/MNC Counselor (763)

55 Thank You For Attending Tonight
Thank You For Attending Tonight! The PowerPoint presentation shown tonight will be available on the Cambridge-Isanti High School website at: PowerPoint is located under “Registration” tab

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