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Lincoln Park Community Listening Session- Welcome!

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1 Lincoln Park Community Listening Session- Welcome!

2 Tonight's Agenda  Welcome Everyone – We are here to listen to you!  Introductions  Brief Power Point  Background on the park / geography  Review Parks and Open Space Design Objectives  Lincoln Park Existing Images  Other City Park Images  Small Group Discussions: 3-4 per group, 20 minutes  Groups Report back  Closing

3 Lincoln Park Context Map 2. Lincoln Park in Somerville, with city squares and MBTA stations

4 Somerville’s public parks and open spaces are intensely used  The City of Somerville is 4.1 square miles in size. Population is nearly 77,478 people, or about 29.5 people per acre  Total public open space is 141 acres or 5.37% of the city  Only 45% (63.52 acres) of the public open space is owned by the City of Somerville. This includes parks, school playgrounds, fields, cemeteries, and other open space lots  The City manages 46 parks

5 Open Space and Recreation Plan Vision and Goals Vision: Provide a system of attractive, safe, accessible, and sustainable parks and open spaces for the City of Somerville. City of Somerville Open Space and Recreation Goals: (2008-2015) Renovate existing parks and open spaces to improve condition of Somerville’s recreational areas and ensure attractive, safe, and accessible public lands. Secure more land to expand Somerville’s total open space acreage and ensure access to open space in every neighborhood. Analyze and improve access for persons with disabilities to parks and open space, as part of ongoing ADA compliance. Increase tree canopy and green spaces to promote urban health and sustainability, and reduce the heat island effect. Raise the bar for sustainable design and building practices in city parks and open space projects. Reduce brownfields and convert to more desirable uses. Improve accountability and set departmental vision through a series of strategic planning documents. Increase Off-Leash Recreational Area (OLRA) opportunities throughout the city.

6 Lincoln Park 6.6 acres

7 Existing Site Conditions: Children’s Play

8 Existing Site Conditions: Recreation Fields

9 Existing site conditions:Asphalt and Concrete

10 Existing Conditions: Entrances

11 Other Park Examples :


13 Join the Community Process We are beginning this community listening process tonight and we want this renovation to reflect the needs of the community. Join In! What is your vision?

14 Start: Gather input Evaluate input and determine priorities Public Discussion of results Preliminary design considerations Design Consensus Join the Community Process

15 What is your vision?  Please Contact:  Arn Franzen  Director of Parks and Open Space  Mayor's Office of Strategic Planning  & Community Development  617.625.6600 x2545 

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