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2 What will tonight be about? Admissions to selective grammar schools in 2014

3 What will tonight be about? ‘Tests’ Who sets and marks them? What will they be like? When will they take place? Where will they take place? What will the outcomes look like? How will the outcomes be used to determine entry to a grammar school?

4 What will tonight be about? Process What do I need to do? When will I need to do it? Where will my child sit the ‘tests’? Where can I find the information I need to know? How do I apply to post-primary schools?

5 What will tonight be about? Process What are ‘Access arrangements’ and ‘Special Cases’? Do I need to know about them?

6 AQE A ssociation For Q uality E ducation

7 AQE Parents’ Groups. Former Pupils’ Associations. Governors and Principals of Grammar Schools. Operated by a consortium 34 Grammar Schools. Funded by parental fees supported by the Grammar Schools..

8 PPTC P ost P rimary T ransfer C onsortium

9 CEA Common Entrance Assessments

10 In almost all AQE grammar schools, absolute priority will be given to pupils who sit the AQE CEAs. (Campbell College, Victoria College and Wellington College will also accept PPTC grades.)

11 Assessment 2013 Three Assessments Each one hour long Three Saturday Mornings at 10.00 am November 9 November 23 November 30

12 Assessment Best two marks out of three count. Children do not have to sit all three CEAs. Based on Revised Curriculum. English / Mathematics. 8 Maths items Poem + 7 items 8 Maths items Basic skills + 5 items 8 Maths items Poem + 7 items 8 Maths items Prose passage + 7 items

13 Why three assessments? Reduces the ‘high stakes’ pressure; children can have an ‘off-day’; allows children more opportunity to become used to a strange environment; reduces the disadvantage for children who are not coached or prepared by their primary schools; increases the technical reliability and validity of the assessments.

14 Markers? Retired teachers with experience of external examining. Two marking centres. Each script is marked three times. Rigorous quality assurance processes.

15 Outcomes Numerical ‘age standardised’ scores (say between 70 – 130). 100 = average score for cohort.

16 When will the results be published? Saturday 1 February 2014

17 The Process How can I arrange for my child to sit the AQE CEAs?

18 The Process Fill in the Registration Form. When will the form be available? NOW! Opening Date for application? 13 May 2013 Closing Date for application? 13 September 2013

19 The Process Where can I find the Registration Form? Grammar Schools (in our pack). Grammar School websites. AQE website. Some Primary Schools.

20 Where will the assessments take place? In the Grammar Schools. Invigilated by school staff. You will be able to choose the centre which best suits you. The centre you choose does not need to be the school you wish your son/daughter to attend.

21 How will he/she know where to go? Nominate your 3 choices of venue on the Registration Form. Centres will run Orientation / Information mornings in October (BGS: Saturday 19 October). Children will sit with friends. ( The earlier you apply, the greater the chance of obtaining a place in your first choice.)

22 Important Send Registration Form to AQE. Fee = £44.00. Birth Certificate. Three passport sized photographs to be enclosed. List your choice of centres in order of preference. Children who receive Free School Meals pay no fee (proof required).

23 Access Arrangements (before the assessments) Children with specific needs who require special conditions for the tests should indicate these special needs on the Registration Form (Section B). A second ‘Access Application’ form will be sent out by AQE to be filled in with more detail. AQE Panel will consider application. Centre makes suitable arrangements if application is granted. Closing date for Access Forms: 20 September 2013

24 Application Process to Post-Primary Schools Meeting in February with Primary School Principal. List choice of schools in order of preference on transfer form provided. Processed by ELB and sent to school(s) of choice. News of placement received at the end of May.

25 Application Process to Post-Primary Schools Admissions Criteria Academic Non-academic

26 Admissions Criteria Apply rank order for all places available on the basis of a score (AQE) or grade (PPTC). Where there are more applicants on the same score than there are places remaining, non-academic criteria are applied.

27 Examples of Non-academic Criteria Feeder primary schools. Eldest in family. Sibling(s) already pupils in the school or former pupils. Children in receipt of free school meals. Parish or borough. Distance from school. Random selection.

28 Special Cases (after the assessments) Special Circumstances Special Provisions

29 Special Circumstances Circumstances beyond the control of the child which affect his or her performance in the assessments. Apply to AQE for special form, on which you may describe circumstances and provide evidence. Submit with the Transfer Form (Application). Individual schools will evaluate the claim and if necessary and appropriate… …adjust the score by a margin determined by other academic information.

30 Special Provisions May apply to children: who live outside NI up to and at the time of the tests, or… who have experienced more than half their primary school education outside NI, or… have been unable to sit the AQE CEAs.

31 To take away … AQE Guide for Parents (strong green) AQE ‘Implementation Process’ (cream) Frequently Asked Questions (red) Explanation of scoring system (lilac) Access Arrangements (blue) CEA Specification (pale green) Registration Form Copy of slide presentation

32 Contacts (

33 Contacts AQE Office Unit 3 Weavers Court Business Park Belfast BT12 5GH 028 9022 4002 /

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