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Using Music to Teach Nutrition and Physical Activity Sue Zevan.

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1 Using Music to Teach Nutrition and Physical Activity Sue Zevan

2 MUSIC Music can be a great way to teach our students. Effective method. Not just facts and figures.

3 Education Music can be used to teach subjects like math, and science So why not nutrition? Effective especially when one needs to memorize something. When music is used the concept is often more easily understood.

4 Fun Way to Teach With young children singing songs adds several elements of involvement as many songs include the opportunity for movement Easy way to combine nutrition message and physical activity.

5 Disparaging Messages Funds may not be used to convey negative written, visual or verbal expressions about any specific:  Foods  Beverages  Commodities  Food Industry

6 Disparaging Messages, cont’d. Includes: –Messages of belittlement or derogation of such items –Suggestions that such foods are never to be consumed

7 Songs for Artichokes and Brussels SproutsArtichokes and Brussels Sprouts – Jackie Cytrynbaum Let's Go Shopping! – Nutrition Songs from Caroline and Danny Peanut Butter and Jelly – Adapted by Jack Hartmann Picnic – Exploring Language through Song and Play The Popcorn Pop – Gary Rosen Rainbow Fruit Bowl – Fran Avni She Likes Ice Cream – Tim Christenbury Start the Day off Right – Gary Rosen The Vegetable Rock – Nutrition Songs from Nutricise Let's Go Shopping! Peanut Butter and Jelly Picnic The Popcorn Pop Rainbow Fruit Bowl She Likes Ice Cream Start the Day off Right The Vegetable Rock

8 Food Groups Are Rockin’ Tonight Brain Haner Food groups are rockin’ tonight. Food groups are rockin’ tonight. Everybody’s feeling all right. Food groups are rockin’ tonight. We’re gonna have some fun when breakfast comes. ‘Cause the food groups are rockin’ tonight.

9 Let's Go Shopping! Caroline Figiel and Danny Jones Big Mac, large fry, cherry coke and apple pie Fast food is okay Just don’t do it everyday! So let’s go shopping Let’s go shopping Baked, not fried- Little dressing on the side Let’s go shopping

10 The Healthy Eating Singers  Write a song about healthy eating and physical activity.  Perform it at school assemblies.  Videotaped and audiotaped.

11 Singers, cont’d.  Also perform in community.  Talk to community groups about healthy eating and how they have incorporated the messages in the song into their lives!

12 Notes on Nutrition Nutrition and health is the theme. Technology has made life so comfortable that people are eating more and moving less. Five lessons. Uses technology to make students more aware of health issues.

13 Jingles Students research nutrition and healthy eating. They use their knowledge of note reading and composing to create short jingles that promote healthy eating using their computer. Students work in groups. Jingles are presented in a Power Point presentation created by the entire class.

14 Creativity Create new words about healthy eating using music from an existing song. Example: Fruits & Veggies-More Matters® Song (to the tune of the ABC song).

15 Physical Activity Therese Neal Physical activity with nutrition message Limited to onetime demonstrations or events No ongoing exercise classes Provided within the context of nutrition Allowable supply items of nominal value to meet reasonable and necessary test Reinforcement items - $4.00 or less

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