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“Tonight I Can Write” By Pablo Neruda page 352

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1 “Tonight I Can Write” By Pablo Neruda page 352
Create a “Tonight I Can Write” Poetry Reading Log in your tablet

2 Build Background p 351 Read Build Background section individually and then write a 1-2 sentence summary in your tablet.

3 Connect to Your Life Top of page 351
Groups of 4 (just the people near you) Read through the prompt. Discuss with your group. Make a Chart in your tablet with at least 5 new emotions Human Emotion Symbolic Element in Nature Grumpy Cloudy, overcast day

4 Repetition (Focus your reading)
Read “Focus Your Reading”. Write a definition for Repetition in your tablet. Answer: Why do poets use repetition?

5 Active Reading p 352 4 Wind Changing emotions
Line # Image from Nature Human emotions represented 4 Wind Changing emotions Make a chart in your tablet to follow the nature images in the poem and the emotions they represent.

6 “Tonight I Can Write” Questions Write on a separate sheet of paper.
Why is the speaker’s soul “not satisfied”? What aspects of nature are most prominent in the poem? By looking at the nature images, what do you learn about the speaker’s relationship with the woman? What does this night remind him of? Do you think the speaker still loves the woman? Give examples from the poem. What is the theme of the poem “Tonight I Can Write”?

7 Emotional Words Write as many words or images that can express the following emotions. Emotion Words to express emotion Sad Desperation, crushed, tears, alone, eternal, destitute, heart-broken Happy Angry Love

8 Emotional Lines You are to write the most emotional stanza you can write. Anyone who will read these lines should know the exact emotions that you are portraying. One stanza (at least 3 lines) for each emotion: sad, happy, angry, love Ex: Sad: Sitting alone on the park bench waiting for the nothingness that is yet to come. My head in my hands, tears dripping through my fingers. Alone, the emptiness is here to stay.

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