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2 Welcome Back!

3 BEST RSM MEMORIES Still remember your RSM times? Attending lectures, doing project work, meeting people from around the globe, going out in Rotterdam? With your help we’ve collected some of the best memories!

4 BEST RSM MEMORIES “I still remember vividly the day I bumped into the idea of RSM MBA after playing tennis at Erasmus campus in a beautiful August day. I was studying Econometrics in Erasmus at the time, and always curious, just walked into admission office, asked Connie Tai:" Could this MBA be something for me, if yes, may I be accepted?" The meeting was very positive both sides, I guess, as I was asked to sit in an unofficial GMAT test, and enrolled 10 days later in RSM! I remember Anita and myself had to sit the offical GMAT test after we started MBA. I am still so grateful for the trust RSM has put in me. And a big Thank You for Connie! Greetings from Auckland!” Adam Chen, FT1993

5 BEST RSM MEMORIES Douglas Smith, FT1993

6 BEST RSM MEMORIES “Together with Jean-Christophe van Acker cage diving with the Great White Sharks during a study trip to South Africa.” Paul de Herder, PT2003

7 BEST RSM MEMORIES Graduation MBA2008

8 BEST RSM MEMORIES “Best memory. The folk in my year that supported me during 6 weeks in hospital (and rehab thereafter) following a rugby accident in the 1st week of the 1st year.” Graham Kill, FT1993


10 BEST RSM MEMORIES “I wish I could get back into the RSM MBA class every 5 years. We never stop to learn.” Guillaume Runser, MBA2008

11 BEST RSM MEMORIES Xavier Nivera, FT1998

12 BEST RSM MEMORIES FT1988 at the MBA Alumni Reunion 2008 Pieter Rijken, FT1988

13 BEST RSM MEMORIES “I remember that at the beginning it was really fun meeting all new friends from all over the world. It was really cultural blending. On the first day, I was excited. More than 100 persons from 28 nationalities with 36 languages. The class was already half full when I came in. When I took my seat, the person who sat 2 seats away asked me to sit immediately beside him. I was very shy. He introduced himself as Joost Zuidberg. When he heard that my background was Medical Doctor, immediately he called his Medical Doctor girlfriend (now his wife) Marjorleine de Lange and introduced me to her. That was the beginning of a very long friendship. With lots of friends, either from RSM or from UT Delft, we studied, sailed, skated, walked at the Pyreneen together.” Elisabeth Surya, FT1993

14 BEST RSM MEMORIES Halloween party 1996 Xavier Nivera, FT1998

15 BEST RSM MEMORIES Halloween party 1996 Xavier Nivera, FT1998


17 BEST RSM MEMORIES “There were several persons who impressed me. A tall blond guy, quite, did not talk much. I remember that I was impressed because he, Johan Andresen often went on holidays to his villa near Olympic ski resort. And his hobby was duck hunting! I am sure that he does not remember me. And another person who with Johan were debated because of their activities was Hjortur Gretarsson. He presented in front of the class that whale hunting was normal activity in Iceland. Girls at the class were shocked! A heated debate without conclusion followed these presentation. Luckily, Jacob Koster succeeded cooling us down by his presentation of his hobby : mountaineering. He brought his big backpack with all the gears including meters of ropes and showed us some technique to lift his body.” Elisabeth Surya, FT1993

18 BEST RSM MEMORIES MBA Alumni Reunion 2008

19 BEST RSM MEMORIES “ Besides touring Rotterdam, we went to Amsterdam during Queen’s birthday. It was my dream to try “space cake” that is famous in the Netherlands. Or to try “coke” or “hasj” or mushroom or whatever….. Fortunately, there was Mireille Bedeshi who always live in Amsterdam, who strongly discouraged me. Today, although I cannot say “I have tried” – I cannot imagine what will I be if I had fall in to the world of drugs.” Elisabeth Surya, FT1993

20 BEST RSM MEMORIES Elisabeth Surya, FT1993

21 BEST RSM MEMORIES “Work for your passion, then you never have to work for a single day, with the bonus of having fun everyday!” Adam Chen, FT1993

22 BEST RSM MEMORIES MBA Alumni Reunion 2003

23 BEST RSM MEMORIES Elisabeth Surya, FT1993

24 BEST RSM MEMORIES Thank you for sharing your photos and memories!

25 RSM MBA ALUMNI REUNION 2013 We hope you had an unforgettable reunion!


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