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Roméo Sauvé Is présenting The birds are talking with us.

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2 Roméo Sauvé Is présenting

3 The birds are talking with us

4 The bird gets liberated from earth. From now on, it is prisoner of the heaven.

5 The bird’s feather flies in air but it is landing on earth.

6 When we throw a wheat grain to a bird, it takes one, God creates a ear of grain with the other one

7 We understand women as language of birds, with intuition or nothing.

8 There are as many birds in the world as many love letters the postman gets for you and slides them under your door. That is the mail to heart. That is the mail of happiness

9 Black bird: whose dispositions for flight let someone suppose we could teach them to speak

10 The early bird gets the worm.

11 All birds try their best, they give examples

12 We judge the bird by its feather and singing, and man by his behavior.

13 By their singings and noises, the birds make more noises than cars.

14 Woods would be particularly quiet if only sing there the most melodious birds.

15 The big difference between birds and politicians is that from time to time, birds stop flying.

16 A perfect summer day is when there is sunshine, a light breeze, a bird’singing and an engine trouble for our neighbor’s lawn mower

17 Men are those funny birds who always are fleecing themselves in one way or another

18 Is it possible that a man is less wise than a bird?

19 You need silence in your heart to listen to God everywhere - in the door which is closing, in the man who is asking you, in the birds which are singing, in the plants, in the animals (Mother Teresa)

20 A man who leaves his own place is like a bird who leaves its nest.

21 Nobody can distinguish the track of bird in the sky, nor the one of a lover who is looking for his sweetheart

22 You cannot prevent birds from flying above your head, but you can prevent them from building their nests in your hair.

23 Our soul is the only bird which supports its cage.

24 God loves birds and invents trees. Man loves birds and invents cages.

25 We should have the birds courage in Winter.

26 In the worst of any hurricane, there is always some bird to calm us. It’s an unknown bird, it sings before flying away.

27 Whoever has no money is like a bird without wings, and like a ship without sails

28 I like the sky because it is in your eyes. I like the bird because it knows your name.

29 Words are like wild birds that we can never catch back, once gone away forever.

30 Paris will be the only city in the world where, the morning, we can hear little birds singing.

31 I would like to support ecologists, but at one condition: that the birds would not let droppings on my car…

32 Is there anything better than a free bird which is flying toward the sun?

33 We should ask only children and birds about the taste of cherries and strawberries.

34 In the hierarchy of artistic matters, birds are the best musicians that ever exist on our planet.

35 Happiness is a bird which is landing on the palm of my hand; in order to keep it, I should not try to seize it.

36 Musique : 1920 - Giovanni Création : Roméo Sauvé Date : 13 février 2006 Translator: Bosco Truong

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