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Basic Life Support Provider Course European Resuscitation Council

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1 Basic Life Support Provider Course European Resuscitation Council

2 © ERC Objectives  perform BLS as a single rescuer according to the latest ERC guidelines recognise the victim who has suffered a cardiac arrest perform BLS according to ERC guidelines be aware of the common causes of a cardiac arrest know how to place a victim in the recovery position know how to manage choking in an adult

3 © ERC Why resuscitation?  all parts of the body need oxygen to live clear airway breathing circulation

4 © ERC Chain of survival

5 © ERC What is resuscitation?  resuscitation = emergency treatment to overcome the failure of breathing and circulation maintaining a clear airway breathing into the victim's lungs compressing the chest to make blood circulate round the body turning the victim onto his side (recovery position)

6 © ERC Minutes count  when the heart stops, damage occurs to the brain within < 5 minutes  start BLS early

7 © ERC CPR buys time  BLS keeps the brain alive until an automated external defibrillator (AED) or professional help is available

8 © ERC Check safety

9 © ERC Check response

10 © ERC Shout for help

11 © ERC Tilt head back Remove obstructions from mouth Lift chin

12 © ERC Check for breathing

13 © ERC Raise the alarm

14 © ERC Pinch nose

15 © ERC Deliver two rescue breaths

16 © ERC Allow air to come out

17 © ERC Check for signs of a circulation

18 © ERC Locate rib cage

19 © ERC Locate sternal notch Position hands - fingers clear of chest

20 © ERC Compress chest

21 © ERC CPR 15 x2 x

22 © ERC Recovery position  unresponsive victims who are breathing  keeps the airway open

23 © ERC BLS Algorithm Shake and shout Head tilt/Chin lift Look, listen, and feel 2 effective breaths Signs of a circulation If breathing: Recovery position Check circulation every minute 100 per minute 15:2 ratio

24 © ERC Transmission of infection  no documented cases of serious infection after rescue breathing  use a face shield or a face mask when appropriate

25 © ERC Equipment  face shield  face mask

26 © ERC Using a face mask

27 © ERC Airway obstruction  conscious victim: back slapping abdominal thrusts

28 © ERC Airway obstruction  unconscious victim: perform chest compressions

29 © ERC Checking the pulse  only if you have been trained to do so, also check the carotid pulse

30 © ERC Questions?

31 Summary  skills of basic life support rescue breathing chest compression face shield and face mask recovery position choking

32 © ERC Time for practice

33 © ERC Background information  The heart  Arteriosclerosis  Heart infarction  Cardiac arrest

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