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印尼- yogyakarta 之旅. My daughter said “I am scared.”

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1 印尼- yogyakarta 之旅

2 My daughter said “I am scared.”

3 Petrol sold in bottle. A convenient source of petrol bomb.

4 Grand mecure entrance

5 A quite courtyard within. Loggia next to pool side.

6 Lots of interesting artifacts and architectural details. Fun with puppet dance.

7 Balconies and roofing details.

8 Emergency escape details and glimpse of other space.

9 More.

10 More and the pool courtyard.

11 Music paying at the courtyard.

12 I was not too keen with the local food. So breakfast at the hotel was my favorite meal of the day.

13 Candi Borobudur

14 Just be fascinated.

15 No need for words.


17 Interesting paving with no symmetry to the overall architectural setting.

18 More details.

19 When you go up and when you look horizontally.

20 A little fun.

21 Look who’s climbing?

22 What’s the wooden hammer doing there? For maintenance use?

23 Try to touch these buddha inside stupas. Brings you peace. But the irony is..

24 Quite a lot of these buddha statues are headless… I wonder..Greed? Hatred?


26 Holding up 2 trees at Borobudur.


28 The palace. Kraton.

29 Despite the openness, the acoustic reverberation is interesting. Try clapping when you are there.

30 The place is poorly maintained.

31 Some other views.

32 Taman sari castle, the bathing place for the kings and his wives and concubines.

33 Used to be underground spring water..

34 Window for the king to look down to the pool and choose…..

35 Then, this is the room. And if it is not hot enough. You can get fire below the bed :)

36 Gadri resto – a eat out place which is also the king’s mother’s residence

37 Have a glass of cold javanese coffee and enjoy the rich interior.

38 The courtyard inside. Note the pandan leaves on the left of the pool. The chef pluck some off on the spot to cook meal for us.

39 At the front yard. Music while you eat. Unfortunately there was no performance when we were there.

40 The museum founder. Last day afternoon schedule. But we didn’t know the museum would be closed at 4pm. So we miss it. Here’s some pictures taken outside the museum.



43 The hidden angry roots.

44 Hold you while you are going up and down.

45 Another bird cage?

46 Only if the pool is working and open for public, my daughter would stay the afternoon. I think my daughter felt sorry as I was.

47 Night scene of Jln Maliaboro.

48 At night market. I think its fun because there’s no music and its not motor run. My wife think its dizzy.

49 Part of Jln Maliaboro.

50 Along Jln Maliaboro, an entrance to another living quarter.

51 The inside

52 The inside- the double storey house’s foot print is only about 2m x 4m

53 The inside


55 Entrance to market. The goldsmith stall and the hawker stall

56 Spices stall in the market. When we showed her the 4 pieces of “kayu manis”, she laughed. She said she didn’t know how to charge. So we brought a whole bag of it for RM4.

57 My daughter fell in love with a bronze pony. And I regreated not buying it for her.

58 The old lady carried things for us in the market for a small sum. She requested work in dignity, refused to be paid off free.

59 Art and craft work is cheap..

60 A visit to art and craft work making place.

61 The makers test out the sound quality of musical instrument they made.

62 A view of the town sky line, roof scape.

63 Hand crafted puppet and mask.

64 Art and craft work is cheap..

65 Bird cage is a culture from the riches to the poors.

66 For bird, chicken and for a kid to do cosmetic make up. concupine.

67 The tricycle driver who insisted to pick us up to hotel after our dinner. But we declined his kindness as he had been driving us round the whole day.

68 The night before departure next morning we had dinner at China town. That’s on the arch. If you know Chinese, that’s definitely something to think about. –” Think dangers while live in peace”

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