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Product Familiarization

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1 Product Familiarization
StarNeT 1000™ Product Familiarization Mar. 04

2 StarNeT 1000 An Alarm Monitoring System
Windows O.S. Based System (NT/2000, WIN 9x, Xp) Open PC Architecture Operator Friendly User Interface for SSC Intrusion sensors High Resolution Graphics Mouse or Touchscreen Control Multi-Station Capability 2

3 Alarm Monitoring for Small/Medium Perimeter Applications
Support for all Senstar-Stellar Intrusion Sensors via the Sennet Network Perimitrax Transponder Unit Large Transponder Unit via the Crossfire Network Intelli-FLEX/ Intelli-FIBER Intelli-FIELD Intelli-WAVE I/O Transponders PLC 420, 430 transponder family 3

4 System Configurations- Single Station
One Computer, operator console and sensor server 4

5 System Configurations- Multiple Stations
Multiple Stations via LAN Applications Two or more operator stations for distributed workload Separate Operator, and Supervisor/Maintenance consoles Separate Operator, and Sensor Server computers e.g. Sensors collected in one building, operator(s) located in a separate building. 64 Stations via TCP/IP over any LAN structure (typically 10/100 Base T Ethernet) 5

6 System Configurations- Multiple Stations

7 System Configurations Network Alarm Interface
Customer collects alarms via TCP/IP LAN connection Senstar-Stellar supplied DLL (Customer writes a program which links to our DLL, providing network services) Sensor Networks StarNeT 1000 (Maintenance Workstation Only) TCP/IP Customer’s Security Display System 7

8 System Configurations- Sensor Server Redundancy for Cross-fire Network
Automatic Switchover in case of failure of the primary (sensor server) computer LAN Hub Additional Stations (as required) Network Controller SM SM SM TU Switchover Unit Switchover Unit Sennet Network Devices PLC PLC PLC Crossfire Network Devices 8

9 LAN/WAN Based Sensor Integration
StarNeT 1000 supports a TCP/IP based interface to the Crossfire network components Utilizing an EIA-422 to TCP/IP (over Ethernet) converter Sensors can be located anywhere a network connection is available To other StarNeT Stations Hub StarNeT Station Hub Ethernet Network Ethernet to 422 Converter Ethernet to 422 Converter Crossfire Transponders PLC PLC PLC 9

10 Open PC Architecture StarNeT 1000 can be used on any Microsoft O.S.
Windows 98, Me, NT-4, 2000, Xp Utilizes standard Windows Hardware Support Serial Port adapters installed as required Any vendor/ technology supported by the BIOS/ Windows ISA/PCI Cards, USB to 232 Converters, PC cards Com 1,2,3,4,5,6 etc. Touchscreen Any vendor supported by Windows Mouse point and click emulation 10

11 Open PC Architecture Network Interface Card Video Adapter/Monitor
Any vendor supported by Windows using TCP/IP Any physical media e.g. 10BaseT, 100BaseT, 100BaseFL Video Adapter/Monitor Any vendor supporting the required resolution Sound Card Any Windows compatible vendor supporting .wav files 11

12 Software Control Program SIMPL Distribution via CD-ROM
The StarNeT 1000 end-user’s application SIMPL The StarNeT Site Creation application Distribution via CD-ROM includes: both programs product guides, FSB’s, application notes default site configurations (P-trax, I-Flex) demonstration configurations (Commercial, Detention) examples for many programming requirements 12

13 Software Security Software Security via Encrypted Hardware Key
Parallel Port Pass-through Adapter Rainbow Technologies “Sentinel-Pro” Key Required for Transponder and Network Polling Only Demonstrations and Site Creation possible without the key Two System Sizes Small, up to 32 Transponders, 64 Stations Large, up to 128 Transponders, 64 Stations 13

14 Language Translation Microsoft OS Dependent
Map background, button legends, and alarm text can be shown in any language supported by the end-user’s OS Full translation of built-in text (dialog boxes, event-logging, etc.) software is ready to accept translations as made available by customer. 14

15 Access Restriction Password Control available for all user functions
253 Levels available Levels assigned during Site Creation Users and their password “level” assigned in the Control Program Zero through 249, normal users 250 and 251, access to the Maintenance Toolbar 252 access to sensitivity settings, 253 provides access to “Password Maintenance” 15

16 “Cross-fire” Communications Network
Basic architecture Full Duplex, Bi-directional loop, A and B side polling EIA-422 datalink balanced 5 volt signal, up to 19.2 Kbaud “self-healing” concept smart A side/B side polling will detect a cable break and continue communicating up to the break via each side Xp 1 Xp 2 Up to 128 Transponders 16

17 Cross-Fire Network Cross-fire, Point to Point (Full duplex, 4 wire EIA-422) 422 A B A 232 B 232/422 Converters 232 A 422 A B B 17

18 “Cross-fire” Communications Network
EIA-232 to 422 Conversion Crossfire Adapter Kit, commercial part, many equivalents 9 pin serial connectors, with extension cable Self-powering from the serial data signals (RTS, and DTR) Needs external lightning protection Use of J4KT0500 Redundant Switcher is recommended instead of the Crossfire Adapter Kit Fiber Optics Option Supports PLC/Fiber Version of Intelli-FLEX Requires J4KT0500 Redundant Switcher or original FOX-3A converter card 18

19 The Senstar-Stellar PLC Family Transponders
“PLC” Transponder Line Uses copper-based Cross-fire Network Communications PLC-420, General Purpose I/O in a card cage 64 inputs/ 64 outputs via individual cards 101 Card (32 Opto-isolated Inputs) 102 Card (16 Supervised Inputs) 201 Card (32 Open Collector Outputs) 202 Card (16 Relay Outputs) PLC-430, Outdoor grade I/O 8 inputs, 4 or 8 outputs 19

20 Video Switcher Integration
Contact Closure or Serial Data Communications via Serial Data Interface Pelco 9500, CM6800 American Dynamics Cohu Philips Allegiant Serial Interface supports a variety of control methods Camera/Monitor/Scene Selection Sequence/ Tour Control Alarm: Point On Point Off Separate On Alarm/ Off Alarm programming returns cameras to default position, after event is cleared 20

21 Activity Archive One file created for each day in an events directory
Stored in CSV (comma separated values) format for easy import to database program for sorting and report generation if required Automatic daily archiving to any other any R/W media e.g. Floppy Disk, CD R/W, USB “memory stick”, Remote Drive on Network Can be viewed on-screen by operator for quick reference Can be printed to a “line printer” if required 21

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