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Kverneland Qualidisc Farmer Product information 2015.

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1 Kverneland Qualidisc Farmer Product information 2015

2 Kverneland Qualidisc Farmer Compact disc

3 Frame design Strong and reliable bearing Hydraulic depth adjustment Lateral disc adjustment Good cutting effect Good penetration Heat treated disc Perfect levelling Finger harrow Wide roller offer Technical data Main arguments Content

4 Frame design  Optimized frame design by FEM calculation  Strong headstock with bolted concept  Short roller arm Rigid version: -Available in 3m, 3.5 m and 4 m -100x100x8 mm box section Fold version: -Available in 4m, 5m and 6m -100x100x8 mm for the extension -200x200x10 mm for the central frame from the strong Qualidisc -4 hydraulic cylinders (instead of 2) on the 6m version for folding

5 Strong and reliable bearing  Oblique contact ball bearing (40°) for high radial and axial load capacity  No maintenance (no grease nipple)  Hub locked by special washers  Perfect sealing system with 5 lips set-up as a labyrinth + 1 extra bearing seal + one 0-ring on the disc side  Big shaft ø35 mm for heavy load capacity  The access to the bearing is simple and easy. Only one nut to remove : it is not necessary to remove the complete arm  2 years warranty due to the reliable bearings 2 ball bearing with oblique contact 40° Seal with 5 lips Shaft ø 35 mm O-ring

6 Kverneland heat treated disc  Conical disc for keeping a constant cutting angle whatever the depth and the disc diameter are.  Good cutting quality even with shallow work (3 to 5 cm).  Good penetration of the disc thanks to the aggressive angles (not necessary to add weights)  Can work with high stubble (maize, rape, sunflower), on ploughed lands  Small notched on the disc to ensure good penetration, good cutting effect on the whole working width and small holes in the ground to avoid a pan profile  Disc studied for long life time - Heat treated discs : very high hardness (55-58 HRC) - Big diameter disc 520mm x 5mm thickness

7 2 different depth adjustment Mechanical Hydraulic  Mechanical depth adjustment by spacers with roller transfer weight system  Working depth from 2 to 10 cm  Hydraulic depth adjustment by spacers  Working depth from 2 to 10 cm FAST AND EASY

8 Good cutting effect  The disc can not move sideways in cutting position: the disc has always the same cutting angle  If the disc hits an obstacle, the disc arm is able to move sideways and the safety system works as a 3D auto-reset system  Strong torque of the safety system for high disc diameter Kverneland Qualidisc Kverneland Qualidisc Farmer

9 Good levelling control  The deflector limits the soil flow in the working width  They are mounted on parallelogram to follow the ground contour, to retract when stones or accumulation of straw  Lateral adjustment for accurate setting  An axle limits the deflector working depth to avoid damaging it when reverse. Friendly, easy and reliable. No tools are necessary to adjust it.  The deflectors have a wearing plate at the bottom  They are foldable on rigid version Important : No working discs are used to control the levelling : all of them are working at the same depth. The lateral levelling is managed by lateral deflectors

10 Finger harrow  The finger harrow regulates the soil flow in a way that the fine soil stays on top layer for better re-growth of weeds  Fitted on a strong 50x50x5 mm tube  4 different positions available depending the residues and the soil flow  The central tine located in the middle of the 2 rollers avoid any kind of ridges for perfect levelled surface

11 Actipack roller  560 mm Make it as aggressive as you want Skid and knives between discs clean even in wet conditions. The knives are cutting bigger clods coming in the disc spacing of 12,5cm leaving a ready seedbed Knives pressure can be adjusted as high as the disc pressure to the ground to make equal pressure through the working width to achieve a nice and firm seedbed, and can also be put in a non working position to leave a rough ground surface with more clods (weather protected) 3 different positions of the knives aggressiveness are proposed + 1 “OFF” position. They are adjusted thanks to the long spanner Can work with or without knives No limitation in stony conditions Discs with aggressive notched shape to ensure good driving Qualidisc Farmer – Rollers Maintenance free bearings with 5 lips labyrinth sealing system + steel protection cover

12 Actiring roller ø 540mm Light and active due to the skids between the rings that avoid blockages. The knives are cutting bigger clods coming in the disc spacing of 12,5cm leaving a ready seedbed Ring made with L profile. Light and strong construction Good recompaction (160 kg/m) Shaft diameter: 50 mm Unique knives pressure adjustment Knife pressure can be adjustable to ensure a fine crumbled seedbed or rough surface 3 different positions for the knives pressure are available. They are adjusted thanks to the long spanner delivered with the machine Maintenance free bearings with 5 lips labyrinth sealing system + steel protection cover Qualidisc Farmer – Rollers

13 NEW Actiflex roller ø 580mm Intensive mixing effect Self-cleaning effect Low sensibility to blockages and stony conditions Good compromise between recompaction and cost (160kg/m) For all soil types Maintenance free bearings with 5 lips labyrinth sealing system + steel protection cover Low sensibility to wearing soil Shaft diameter: 50 mm Qualidisc Farmer – Rollers

14 New Double cage roller  400 mm (tube/flat) Good crumbling Precise depth control Good levelling effect Good carrying capacity New robust frame and suspension design Flexline  585 mm Good reconsolidation of light soil Individual scraper adjustment to avoid blockages Universal and suitable for all soil type Good carrying capacity Cage roller  550 mm 10 bars for a good loading capacity Effective crumbling action Economic roller For light to medium soil Shaft diameter : 50 mm Weight : 90kg/m Maintenance free bearings with 5 lips labyrinth sealing system + steel protection cover NEW Qualidisc Farmer – Rollers

15 The roller can be moved over the roller arms to reach a transport width less than 2.5 m Available on all models Narrow in transport

16 Technical data

17 Main advantages Optimized frame construction for easy lifting Narrow and safe transport width of 2.55m for the fold version Able to work up from 2 to 10 cm Bigger disc diameters on this segment Hydraulic depth adjustment Heat treated disc for long lifetime Conical disc for constant cutting quality Good weed re-growth with the finger harrow Wide range of rear rollers Intermediate crops seeder on the full range Heavy rollers for good packing High outputs per hectare

18 Kverneland Qualidisc Farmer: High output with the best job quality!

19 See our Machines at work on YouTube visit us at The Future of Farming

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