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Jeopardy Game for Cricket In Times Square. Bellinis Smorgasbord VocabularyChesterMoney 100 200 300 400 500 X.

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1 Jeopardy Game for Cricket In Times Square

2 Bellinis Smorgasbord VocabularyChesterMoney 100 200 300 400 500 X

3 Where do the Bellinis work? Times Square Subway Bellinis for 100

4 What does Mama Bellinis think about Chester? Bellinis for 200 She thinks he is an ugly, dirty insect that carries gerns.

5 Where is the Bellinis newsstand? Bellinis for 300 Times Square subway station

6 How does Chester’s “chirping” help the Bellinis? Bellinis for 400 It attracts crowds and they buy newspapers.

7 What is Mama Bellinis favorite type of music? Bellinis for 500 Opera – especially Italian

8 Why did Mario go to China Town? Smorgasbord for 100 To buy a cricket cage or to find out what crickets eat.

9 Why is it unusual that Tucker and Harry are friends? Smorgasbord for 200 Mice and cats are usually enemies.

10 How does Chester learn his songs? Smorgasbord for 300 By listening to the radio.

11 What does Tucker use as a pillow when he sleeps in the cricket cage? Smorgasbord for 400 Mama’s earring.

12 What started the fire at the Bellinis’ newsstand? Smorgasbord for 500 Tucker was dancing and knocked over a box of matches.

13 What does it mean to scrounge? To gather by scavenging or to look through what others have left over. Vocabulary for 100

14 What is a jinx? Someone who brings bad luck Vocabulary for 200

15 What is eavesdropping? To listen secretly to what others are saying. Vocabulary for 300

16 What is an amateur Someone who lacks experience or competence; not a professional Vocabulary for 400

17 What is an entomologist? Someone who studies insects. Vocabulary for 500

18 How did Chester end up in the Times Square subway station? He jumped into someone’s picnic basket and was carried on a train. Chester for 100

19 How did Mario find Chester He heard Chester chirping in the corner Chester for 200

20 Why did Mama Bellini think that Chester was a jinx? Mama said he ate the two dollars and started the fire. Chester for 300

21 What two kinds of games did Mario and Chester like to play? Leap frog and Hide and Seek. Chester for 400

22 How does Chester make music? He rubs his wings together causing the ridges to vibrate. Chester for 500

23 How much did Mario pay of the cricket cage? 15 cents Money for 100

24 How did Tucker mouse get his life savings? He scrounged coins that people had dropped. Money for 200

25 Why were the Bellinis in danger of going broke? The newsstand was not attracting much business so the Bellinis were not making much money. Money for 300

26 Who helped Chester replace the two dollars that he had eaten? Tucker gave them his savings. He an Harry brought the coins to the newsstand one evening Money for 400

27 Why did the Bellinis leave the drawer to the cash register open and lock the whole thing with a big wooden cover? The drawer became stuck once and the family was unable to access the money. This was all the money the family had. Money for 500

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