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HP 3PAR Get 6-Nines Guarantee Program

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1 HP 3PAR Get 6-Nines Guarantee Program
Customer presentation HP 3PAR Get 6-Nines Guarantee Program Customer-Facing Slides HP Storage

2 How do we measure availability?
In today’s always-on environment, every second counts! Availability Downtime per Year 99% 3 days 15 hours 36 minutes 99.9% 8 hours 45 minutes 99.99% 52 minutes 36 seconds 99.999% (5 9’s) 5 minutes 15 seconds % (6 9’s) 32 seconds Source: The introduction of virtualization and cloud/ITaaS into your data center requires you to deliver predictable IT service levels in an unpredictable world. At the same time, loss of data access means loss of productivity—which means lost time and money. You need highly available storage that can store and protect data for mission-critical applications with the agility required to handle the unexpected. Traditional storage vendors, and first-generation flash providers, often promote their Tier-1 storage system as delivering “five-nines,” or percent, uptime. But suffering any amount of lost data access can have a significant impact on your revenue, reputation, and customer satisfaction—whether those customers are internal or external.

3 What is the cost of downtime?
Regardless of industry, the impact is costly and damaging = $ $6.5M* $336K** $90K* Online brokerage Industry average Media What does 1 hour of downtime mean? *CIO, Managing unplanned IT outages **Gartner Report; Ensure Cost Balances Out With Risk in High-Availability Data Centers (Published: 11 February 2013). Calculations performed by HP based on Gartner data. $5,600 per minute is $336K USD per

4 How do you put a number on it?
Real-life Examples Effects of downtime Revenue & cash flow decrease Productivity loss Compliance and/or reporting penalties Customer $ strategic partner frustration Employee dissatisfaction Reputation damage Assuming other vendors would guarantee 5 9’s (which they don’t), there’s a different of 283 seconds between 5 9s and 6 9s. What does that mean to today’s world: - Amazon would have missed out on selling over 120,500 items if they only had 5 9’s available last Christmas season ( /amazon-sees-prime-spike-in-2013-holiday-season) Google, 4608 searches per second … they would have missed out on providing over 1.3M search results if they delivered 5 9’s availability What is the industry average cost of downtime? I hate answering "it depends," but that's the truth. So much depends on the organization, the industry, the duration of the downtime, the number of people impacted, etc. And not all of it is about dollars and sense. Reputation, customer retention, employee satisfaction, and overall confidence can be shaken by even a short outage. Take, for example, the New York Times' mysterious outage on August 14, 2013, of around two hours. While two hours might not seem like much, in the middle of a news-heavy weekday, it made a lasting impression. The stock dropped, twitter exploded, and the Wall Street Journal dropped their paywall to try and capture readers. In this case, I argue the biggest impact of downtime was not the drop in stock price, but the loss of confidence and loss of competitive advantage.

5 New: HP 3PAR Get 6-Nines Guarantee
The SAFEST and only consistent path to a new style of IT Industry’s 1st % HA guarantee to cover midrange, high-end, and all-flash storage Reduce business risk with % data availability – guaranteed!* Ensure data access with 4+ node HP 3PAR StoreServ Systems including 10000, 7400, and All-Flash 7450. Program Details Includes a FREE High Availability storage assessment Assure best practice deployments of availability features Remedy: HP funds 3 additional months mission-critical support The Guarantee: The HP 3PAR Get 6-Nines Guarantee ensures qualified customers maintain % data availability - guaranteed*, when they purchase a new 4-node+ HP 3PAR StoreServ Storage array, and follow high availability best practices, according to the Terms and Conditions of the program. If the customer achieves less than % data availability, HP will provide three additional months of their existing mission critical support for free. * Subject to customer qualification and compliance with the Get 6-Nines Guarantee Terms and Conditions

6 Designed for high availability
No single point of failure Loss Of… Storage Competitors Limitations 3PAR StoreServ Advantage Disk Drive Few-to-one rebuilds create hotspots & prolonged rebuild exposure Many-to-many non-disruptive rebuilds in ½ the time Drive Enclosure Shelf-dependent RAID limits access to data Array Controller Traditional Cache Mirroring delivers poor performance (write-thru mode) Persistent Cache Mirroring delivers consistent performance (no write-thru mode) Host Port Relying on Host Multipath Software is risky - misconfiguration, latent failures Persistent Ports ensures no host path disruption during planned maintenance or SW upgrade Shelf-independent RAID preserves data access Built on more than a decade of innovation and proven enterprise customer successes, HP 3PAR StoreServ Storage delivers guaranteed resiliency and technology features that exceed the critical Tier-1 storage requirements of the most demanding environments. HP 3PAR StoreServ features leading-edge technology that helps you protect access to your data and eliminate the causes of unplanned downtime. Minimize performance impacts HP 3PAR Persistent Cache eliminates performance impacts caused by a node outage by ensuring your mission-critical applications do not experience degraded performance that frequently leads to failures or other unexpected behavior. Eliminate failures HP 3PAR StoreServ Storage eliminates all active single points of failure via redundant components and power paths. A tightly coupled cluster allows each volume to be active on all nodes at all times. In addition, leading support and phone-home capabilities, coupled with a dedicated service processor, notify you and HP of system alerts to proactively address potential issues before a failure can occur. Eliminate downtime for maintenance and software upgrades HP 3PAR Persistent Ports provide non-disruptive online software upgrades on HP 3PAR StoreServ Storage without relying on multi-pathing software to initiate failover. This ensures that host paths remain online throughout the software upgrade process.

7 Get 6-Nines guarantee helps eliminate boundaries
When Scale Matters Consolidate with confidence Peace of mind knowing your data will be available wherever it is stored When Performance Matters Accelerate performance critical applications 10800 When Value Matters Expand the deployment of mission critical applications 10400 7450 All-Flash Array 7400 Our approach is unique because in ONE architecture we can deliver the right solution. When value matters, when performance matters and when scale matters – This includes the 7000 models (two o them: a 7200 and a 7400) where pricing starts at $25K (US list), the 7450 for accelerated application performance taking advantage of an all flash solution, and the models (10400 and 10800) that scale to 3.2PB’s. One architecture means one OS that’s common across these platforms, one UI and Command Line so managing one model is the same as managing another and one common feature set so that the same rich set of data services is available regardless of model. By deploying any new four-node or larger HP 3PAR StoreServ 10000, 7400, or all-flash 7450 Storage system and following best practices outlined in the Get 6-Nines Guarantee Program, you get a highly available storage system with guaranteed protection for your mission-critical data. Whether this allows you to confidently consolidate costly legacy storage systems, expand the deployment of mission-critical applications, or accelerate application performance, you’ll get peace of mind knowing your data access is protected

8 HP 3PAR StoreServ Customers
“3PAR StoreServ is the beating heart of our data...we go to great lengths to ensure that we adequately protect our critical infrastructure to ensure stable and reliable mission-critical operations…” Dominic Leeson, Group IT Operations Manager, Peel Ports “…we have been able to implement an enterprise class solution which gives our customers confidence in the high availability and performance of their systems.” Sean Maguire, Managing Director, Legend Club Management System “…Having everything highly-available and running well has increased productivity companywide. In effect, it’s like we hired two new IT professionals.” Julius Tomei, CIO, Focal Point LLC Examples of 3PAR delivering exceptional high levels of availability. More info: Peel Ports Group protects investments in storage and secure infrastructure Customer at a glance: HP Technology Services HP Proactive Care Services HP Support Plus Service Hardware HP 3PAR StoreServ 7200 and 7400 Storage HP ProLiant BL460 Gen8 Server Blades HP StoreEasy 3000 Storage HP StoreOnce 4210 FC Backup HP StoreOnce Backup HP Thin Client Focal Point HP 3PAR StoreServ solutions brighten lighting company’s future Customer at a glance Application Manufacturer and Distributor of Lighting Fixtures HP 3PAR StoreServ 7400 Storage HP StoreOnce 2620i Network Backup HP Virtual Connect Flex-10/10D Module HP ProLiant BL460c Gen8 Server Blades running HP-UX HP BladeSystem c7000 Enclosure HP 2920 Ethernet Switch HP E-MSM430 Access Point Legend leads the way in centralised club management Customer solutionat a glance HP 3PAR StoreServ 7200 Storage HP ProLiant DL360 G8 servers HP ProLiant DL380 G8 servers HP G Switches HP SN6000 stackable 8GB 24 port Switches

9 High availability qualification assessment
Let us show you how to bulletproof your storage Free Assessment Review storage HA best practices – from adapters to multi-pathing to zoning Learn about HP 3PAR StoreServ high-availability technology and features Ensure proper array sizing to minimize data access and performance impacts Discover how to perform ongoing management of high- availability while responding to IT changes Do you know how to maintain percent availability for your mission-critical applications? Get a free high-availability assessment and HP will show you how to: • Order the ideal 3PAR StoreServ system for mission-critical applications • Deploy high-availability features • Implement 3PAR StoreServ high-availability best practices • Maintain resiliency over the life of the system

10 Tier 1 Availability, Guaranteed
HP 3PAR StoreServ Get 6-Nines Guarantee

11 Backup Slides

12 The technology that drives 3PAR high availability
What’s under the hood? The technology that drives 3PAR high availability StoreServ Feature Customer Benefits Modern Architecture Fully redundant storage system No single point of failure in any active component Next-generation architecture Rebuild LUNs to full parity protection quickly after physical disk device failure Proven firmware Five nines availability for all customers, including those not following HP 3PAR best practices Persistent Technologies Persistent cache Enables optimal performance so applications do not falter even if a node fails Persistent ports Non-disruptive s/w upgrades; host based multi-pathing s/w not involved in upgrade process End-to-End Error Checking Automated, end-to-end error checking Automated end-to-end error checking as data frames pass through the system to the disks Disk Enclosure Availability Default provisioning Adds HA across disk chassis/enclosures for every LUN provisioned in HA-cage or HA–enclosure mode, ensuring data availability in the event of an entire disk chassis or enclosure loss HP Confidential 14 April 2017

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