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WJTSC ACGU Working Group Operational Requirement March 2012 Mr. Paul Morse.

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1 WJTSC ACGU Working Group Operational Requirement March 2012 Mr. Paul Morse

2 Topics Background Facts and Responses Recommendation to Close

3 Background 2003 Australia (AUS)/US Interoperability Study Conducted 2005 AUS MINDEF and US SECDEF established Joint Combined Training Capability (JCTC) to enhance bilateral training 2006 USJFCOM tasked to connect to Australia and train Talisman Sabre 2007 JTEN - DTEN connected without guards 2009 - May … Australia and Great Britain CONOPS Approved 2011 – September WJTSC … Operational Requirement for ACGU questioned – Action assigned to JCW to resolve – White paper written – Responses solicited and received Today … resolve the issue and report out

4 Facts 2011 – Australia - Total connection time 196 + days Talisman Sabre 2011 Coalition Virtual Flag 2011-4 CX-I TF Extension into Australian CTCs IO Range (transport) – Canada - Total connection time 92 + days Coalition Virtual Flag 2011-4 – Canada’s Third Use case for Permanent capability Coalition Attack Guidance Experiment (CAGE) – JMETC Test opportunity – UK - Total Connection Time …288 scheduled, 60 actual. Coalition Virtual Flag Red Kite (Cancelled) IO Range (transport)

5 Facts Initiatives and Programs – Joint National Training Capability (JNTC – Joint Combined Training Capability (JCTC) – North American Aerospace Defense (NORAD) – ABCA Armies – Maritime Training and Educational Capabilities Exercises – Unified Endeavor – Vigilant Shield – Red Kite – Coalition Virtual Flag – Talisman Sabre Experiments – Allied Auroras – Coalition Attack Guidance Experiment (CAGE)

6 Responses Thanks for all of the Responses. – “USEUCOM supports continued development of the ACGU Training Environment” – “USAFE requires connectivity to participate in the UK's RED KITE exercise.” – USPACOM; “Joint Australian Amphibious Force (JAAF) … will exploit the ACGU enclave to be interoperable with amphibious forces from the other 3 ACGU countries.” – USNORTHCOM; “NORAD is manned by US and Canadian forces at every echelon, while USNORTHCOM is required to share information on a daily basis with Canadian mission partners.” – JMETC; The ACGU is an existing, common solution that is currently shared between the US Joint Services test and training communities and has the means to provide and enable Coalition Forces with a reusable and pre-approved connection for coalition information sharing.

7 Responses Continued; – Canada; “The importance of establishing and collectively maintaining a robust, persistent, agile and trusted 4-Eyes information systems network to support this new training and capability development environment cannot be overstated. “ – Australia; “One of the objectives of the [JCTC] MOU is the persistent connection of the DTEN to JTEN. An Enclave is required to meet security requirements for the persistent connection of the DTEN to the JTEN.” – Great Britain; “… collaboration should aim its focus on training delivery processes, products and people involved in the capture, analysis, design, delivery, assessment and assurance of training and educational capabilities to the user in the right format, at the right time and point of need.” (Maritime Training)

8 Recommendation This group find that: 1. There is a need to persistently connect the training networks of Australia, Canada, Great Britain, and United States. 2.In order to provide a persistent, agile, routine, and secure connection environment for the partner training networks, an enclave such as provided by ACGU is required. Action: JCW report out the finding

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