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Contractor DoDAACs Ms. Jaimie Barbé.

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1 Contractor DoDAACs Ms. Jaimie Barbé

2 Request and Approval Flow
MACOM/COR LETS CONTRACT LOGSA Army Central Service Point (ACSP) Army Network Station Coordinator receives, reviews and submits request to ACSP Automated requests submitted to LOGSA via the Army Enterprise Systems Integration Program (AESIP) COMMERCIAL ACTIVITY

Responsible for registering company with Central Contractor Registration (CCR) database and obtaining a valid Commercial and Government Entity (CAGE) code. Vendor is responsible for keeping CAGE data updated. The CAGE address applicable to the contractor for whose contract the DODAAC is being requested must match the shipping address in the DODAAC request. COR determines and identifies requirement for a Contractor DODAAC. Receives location CAGE from Contractor. Provides ANS with: -Contract number -Contract effective date -Contract expiration date -Valid CAGE code

4 Army Network Station (ANS) Coordinator
Reviews submitted new or change requests from the COR to ensure all necessary information is provided including: Contract Number, Contract Expiration Date, SPLC address, FSN, etc. Ensures submission of Valid Cage Code/Sub Cage Code by cross referencing with CCR/BINCS. Finalizes Contractor DoDAAC request and submits to ACSP via AESIP/PLM+ for approval.

5 Contractor DoDAAC Maintenance Menu
Create New Contractor DODAAC Change Contractor DODAAC Extend Contractor DODAAC Reinstate Contractor DODAAC Inactivate (Delete) Contractor DODAAC

6 Create New Contractor DoDAAC
Required Elements Include: Contract number Contract expiration date Valid CAGE code registered in CCR SUBCAGE (if applicable) FSN

7 Create New Contractor DoDAAC
Central Contractor Registration (CCR) file The TAC 1 and TAC 2 Addresses are auto-populated based on the CAGE/SUBCAGE code entered. Address information pulled from the Central Contractor Registration (CCR) file.

8 Request DoDAAC Change

9 Extend Contractor DoDAAC
The ANS Coordinator receives a notification 90 and 30 days prior to the expiration date. If the contractor DODAAC expires, the ANS Coordinator has 30 days after the expiration date to reinstate the DODAAC. Contracts that have been expired more than 30 days cannot be reinstated or extended. If more work is to be done, a new contract with a new DODAAC must be used.

10 Request DoDAAC Reinstatement
Enter the DODAAC to be reinstated and click ‘Submit’.

11 Request DoDAAC Deletion
Enter the DODAAC to be deleted and click ‘Submit’.

12 PBL Contractor DoDAACs
Allows Army Performance Based Logistics (PBL) contractors who participate in reset, rebuild, and sustainment work on Army equipment, to requisition CFM/CFE through Government Sources of Supply under a PBL contract. Past issuing of contractor DODAACs by the Army has been strictly limited to Government Furnished Materiel (GFM), but due to changes in DOD business environment under Total Life Cycle Management, the PBL Contractor DODAAC has become necessary in the requisition process and established partnerships.

13 PBL Contractor DoDAACs
COR must insert an authorization clause into Section H or I of the contract prior to any request for a CFM DODAAC. Example: Contractor is authorized to use DLA as a source of supply for CFM Once an authorization clause is inserted into the contract, the Army COR will coordinate with their Army Network Station (ANS) POC who will assist in requesting a FSN for the PBL DODAAC.

14 PBL Contractor DoDAACs
The ANS will DFAS the following information in requesting a PBL CFE/CFM FSN: FSN request is for PBL CFE/CFM Name and billing address of the contractor Name and number of the COR, ANS, LOGSA ACSP POC Name and number of the approving official

15 PBL Contractor DoDAACs
Only one PBL CFE/CFM DODAAC will be assigned per contract number, per location. A GFE/GFM DODAAC can be assigned to the same contract number as a CFE/CFM DODAAC but will require the FSN of the ANS on the GFE/GFM Contractor DODAAC. COR and the ANS will monitor all PBL contracts to ensure multiple FSN assignments are not requested for the same contractor billing address regardless of contract number or existing DODAAC. Upon notification from DFAS, the ACSP will load the assigned FSN with the contractor billing address.

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