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UNITED AQUAFARM VENTURES The success of a country lies on the success of its small, medium and big business players. In the country’s trying times,

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3 UNITED AQUAFARM VENTURES The success of a country lies on the success of its small, medium and big business players. In the country’s trying times, entrepreneurs have paved its way to become a major contributing factor to elevate economic stability. Moreover, entrepreneurs ensure that there will always be fresh ideas and concepts to propel business continuity in the country, thus, creating more opportunities to aspiring business owners and generating additional jobs to our countrymen. With the above statement, the United Aquafarm Ventures Franchise Concept was born being the first ever franchise concept in the Philippines to offer affordable ways in making profit out of fish farming through investing on fish cages.

4 Executive Summary UNITED AQUAFARM VENTURES focuses on the aquaculture aspect of business investment. A trend that will create small to medium scale investment opportunities to aspiring business owners. The company aims to bring financial freedom to its investors by means of investing in fish cages in a very natural and conducive habitat.



7 The company is engaged in constructing fish cages that investors may buy a share. Buying a share in this kind of business concept refers to temporary and/ or permanent ownership of the fish cage depending upon the signed contract between the two parties. The farm focuses on fresh water fishes specifically Tilapia & Bangus, the two most in-demand fishes in the market. They are also the most convenient type of fresh water fishes to culture in a controlled environment without much need for maintenance and feeding. The farm is situated near Talim Island, Rizal. This is still part of Laguna de Bay however the water condition is more conducive to fish farming compared to other areas since this place is not yet crowded with fish pens and cages.

8 Binangonan Rizal

9 Harvest Period

10 The company has secured initially an area allotment from BFAR solely for the purpose of fish cage construction. Additional area allotment may be applied for should there be a need to expand the business for more investors. Experienced fish cage builders and contractors are hired to construct the said structures with 80% durability against typhoons and other natural calamities. On the first year of operation, in order to secure the investor’s Return of investment (ROI) the fish cages shall be insured by the company against natural calamities and man made damages. Upon the renewal of contract, an investor may continue to avail the insurance however with a corresponding annual fee.

11 MISSION STATEMENT UNITED AQUAFARM VENTURES aims to create a new trend of affordable and profit- generating business venture concentrating on aquaculture, marketing and wholesale distribution of fish products. This shall create financial freedom to investors and generate job opportunities to local fish farmers in the community.

12 STATEMENT OF OBJECTIVES The main objective of the company is to establish a solid platform business venture by means of constructing 5-10 fish cages per month to boost business profitability for both the company and its investors.

13 PRODUCTS AND SERVICES Initially the company shall focus on investment and construction of fish cages. Then it shall focus on marketing and product development.

14 FAQ’s HOW WILL YOU EARN BY SIMPLY INVESTING YOUR MONEY? The good thing about this investment is that you will not need to work hard and stay up late at night to think about your sales and financial figures. The main objective of this business venture is to create financial freedom to its investors and to minimize financial risk by means of conservative business approach. The company shall be guiding you in every step that you take towards your goal.

15 The Empire Franchise Investment Refers to a minimum investment of P 40,000. This will comprise 60% of the total share in one cage system. Profit Sharing: Investor 1 (You)- 60% of the total gross sales United Aquafarm- 40% of the total gross sales Inclusions: 1.Fish Cage Construction 2.30 sqm area allotment 3.Maintenance 4.Security 5.One year insurance 6.Transportation and accommodation on first site visit

16 SAMPLE PROFIT PROJECTION TYPE OF INVESTMENTEmpire INITIAL INVESTMENTP40,000 SHARE60% Total Harvest in KilosPrice per Kilo (Peso)Total Gross Sales (Peso) 10003333,000 60% ShareNET PROFIT 19,800 Note: Figures are exclusive of taxes

17 Now let us compare your typical savings account (passbook) from this investment vehicle in five (5) years time: 5 YEAR GROSS PROFIT PROJECTION TYPE OF INVESTMENTTower INITIAL INVESTMENTP40,000 SHARE60% EXPECTED NUMBER OF HARVESTS (5 yrs)12 Yearly Gross Estimated Income Year 135000 Year 235000 Year 335000 Year 435000 Year 535000 Average Gross Profit in 5 Years175000 Additional Two Harvest Period35000 Total Average Gross Profit in 5 Years210000 TYPE OF ACCOUNTSavings APY0.425% INITIAL DEPOSIT40,000 InterestBalance Year 117240,172 Year 2172.7440,344.74 Year 3173.4840,518.22 Year 4174.2340,692.45 Year 5174.9840,867.43

18 WHAT ARE THE DISADVANTAGES? 1. Typhoon is our number one enemy. 2. On the second year of investment period, an investor will already pay for the insurance of his cage. 3. If the cage is not insured on the second year of investment period, the company shall not be held liable for any damages on the cage of whatever cause. 4. The volume of harvest is not consistent since there are different factors that affect the growth and lives of the fishes. 5. Every business has its own risk factors. In this business we will try as much as possible to lower those risks for the benefit of all. There is no such thing as “risk-free” investments. We just have to choose those with minimal.

19 INSURANCE FEES Empire Franchise Investment- P6000/ year (calamities/AOG) Re-investment on fingerlings on each succeeding harvesting period: P6000 Renewal Fee after 8 years 45% of Initial capital

20 HOW BRIGHT IS MY FUTURE? Your future will depend on the decisions that you make today. It’s either you stay in your comfort zone or take the risk and succeed. True millionaires started as no ones. However they made a difference in their lives by making the right choices. Committing a mistake in business is normal but being afraid to commit such is cowardice. Good luck!

21 "Entrepreneurship is living a few years of your life like most people won't, so you can spend the rest of your life like most people can't. "

22 MAY YOU REACH YOUR GOALS! UNITED AQUAFARM VENTURES 2nd floor ERBI Bldg. Rizal Ave., Tagapo, Sta Rosa City, Laguna

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