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Monkey Restraint Device Department of Biomedical Engineering UW-Madison.

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1 Monkey Restraint Device Department of Biomedical Engineering UW-Madison

2 Monkey Restraint Group Group:Kelly ToyKawai Chan Brian FrederickMiguel Benson Ross Gerber Aman Ghotra Client: B’Ann Gablet, MS Advisor: Willis Tompkins, PhD

3 Problem Statement  To modify an existing monkey restraint device in order to effectively restrain a monkey’s head for topical eye-drop administration.

4 Background Information  50 years of non-human primate studies  Rhesus are 95% genetically similar to humans  B’Ann Gabelt performs glaucoma research on rhesus monkey  Current restraint was made by Midwest Regional Primate Research Center

5 Background Material Restraint Procedure  Monkeys transported via transport cages (A)  Monkeys are pushed into treatment cage (B)  Restraint swings to vertical position

6 Background Material Restraint Process Open treatment cageClosed treatment cage

7 Product Design Specifications Client Needs  Restrain head of monkey  Compatible with existing restraint  Work with various sized monkeys  Not harm the monkey

8 Product Design Specifications Group Specs  Extremely durable  Operable by one person  Easily sanitized  Fits under protocol

9 Design #1  Durable plastic, set across bars of cage  Chin restraint  Able to slide up to chin  Locked in place by a fastener  Monkey able to cover eyes, grab

10 Design #2  Wide winged plastic sheet  Hole for monkey’s head  Keeps monkey’s hands below sheet  Locks onto bars of cage  Allows chin ducking

11 Design #3  Wide winged plastic sheet  Chin restraint that slides to monkey  Prevents monkey from using arms  Compatibility with all sized monkeys?

12 Group 2’s Designs Ross Gerber and Aman Ghotra  U-Cup with Pin  Chin Strap  Headband Strap Restraint

13 U-Cup Pin  Different pin settings  Comfortable chin post  Attach at back of cage and swivels

14 Chin Strap  Like football chin strap  Flexible durable material  Secures to back of cage

15 Headband Restraint  Fits around head and down around the chin  Straps on top act like zip ties  Monkey’s own movements tighten device

16 Group 3’s Designs Kawai and Miguel’s Designs  1. Flatboard Design  2. Stick and Clamp Design  3. Velcro Design

17 Flatboard Design View from the top

18 Stick and Clamp Design  Component: 1. Stick 1. Stick 2. Clamps 2. Clamps 3. Headrest 3. Headrest

19 Whole Device

20 Velcro Design  Components: 1. Headrest 1. Headrest 2. Two Velcro Stripes 2. Two Velcro Stripes

21 Whole Design

22 Final Decision  Velcro Design  Easy to make, components can be purchased separately

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