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3 Main strategies for conservation of fish biodiversity in Kuttanad area are
Stock enhancement of indigenous species and release of hatchery reared seeds. Rehabilitation of vital habitats by establishing sanctuaries Development of viable breeding techniques for the indigenous species under controlled conditions .

4 Etroplus Suratensis or Karimeen the largest indegenous cichlid in Kuttanad the fishery of which is on the decline The species exposed to high fishing pressure and environmental alternations and is categorned as vulnerable

5 Etroplus Suratensis is essentially a brackish water fish that has become naturally acclimatized to inland water Although the fish breeds naturally in confined condition, production is most erratic Lack of required quantities of fish seed, the most serious constraint for expansion of culture This needs the establishment of a hatchery

6 I. Establishment of Model Hatchery & Training Centre for Propogation & Farming of Karimeen in Ayiramthengu Fish Farm Objectives Establishment of model hatchery and training centre for seed production of Karimeen Promote backyard seed production in coastal areas Establishment of a feed mill for production low cost feed

7 Ayiramthengu farm situated in Ward 2 in Alappad Village
Ayiramthengu farm situated in Ward 2 in Alappad Village. Farm is bounded by Kayamkulam kayal at East, T.S canal at West Total Area : acre Farm Area : acre Mangrove Area : acre

8 Project components Establishment of Model Fish hatchery and seed farm for breeding & farming Captive breeding and mass production of seeds of pearl spot Setting up of Model Fish Feed unit

9 Activities Establishment of brood stock mgt ponds . The existing ponds, have to be strengthened to utilise as brood stock mgt ponds. Desiting and deepening of ponds Establishment of Karimeen hatchery, construction of cement tanks Establishment of modern diagnostic laboratory for water quality monitoring. Establishment of modern fish feed mill Establishment of training centre.

10 Cost Estimate Strengthening of ponds : Rs. 210 lakhs Establishment of modern hatchery : Rs. 150 lakhs Establishment of laboratory : Rs. 170 lakhs Establishment of modern fish feed mill : Rs. 250 lakhs Establishment of training centre & : Rs. 700 lakhs guest house Storage facility & electrification : Rs. 190 lakhs Purchase of equipments & machinery : Rs. 215 lakhs Recurring contingency : Rs. 560 lakhs Total : Rs lakhs

11 Phasing 1st year 2nd year 3rd year Total 1 Strengthening of Ponds 70
215 2 Establishment of modern hatchery 50 150 3 Establishment of Laboratory 10 170 4 Establishment of Modern Fish feed mill 250 5 Establishment of training centre and guest house 450 100 700 6 Storage facility & Electrification 20 - 190 7 Equipments and Machinery 115 8 Recurring expense 260 560 1410 550 480 2445

12 II. Revival of Productivity of Pearl Spot & Giant Prawns on Life cycle Approach
Objective To revive & enhance the endemic fishes of pearl spot & giant prawn by setting up sanctuaries Ranching of hatchery reared seeds of ‘scampi’

13 Strategy Development of designated areas in Vembanad as protected sanctuaries by installation of artificial roof & nest ** Stocking of endemic fish species through ranching 10 Hac area will be enclosed by planting coconut and bamboo piles at close intervals.

14 Established by RARS, Kumarakom
In situ conservation Established by RARS, Kumarakom

15 In-situ conservation of E.suratensis in Vembanad lake

16 Coconut shell as substrates

17 Laterite blocks as reefs


19 . Restoration Ranching There has been increase in fishing pressure for prawns. The revival of the fishing can be attributed by ranching of hatchery reared seeds. A scientific method for nursing in enclosure cages prior to release, to open waters is suggested for better survival

20 Open water nurseries in Vembenad lake
PP shade net cage nurseries

21 Implementing Agency : Department of Fisheries
Technical Support : RARS, Kumarakom Total cost for 2 : Rs. 100 lakhs sanctuaries Total cost for ranching : Rs. 100 lakhs

22 Cluster based cage culture of Pearl Spot in Kuttanad area
Strategy : Eco friendly farming of Karimeen in cages to utilise the carrying capacity of water bodies and argument fish production and generating income. Advantage : Low Investment Mortality low Simple management technique

23 Project Area : Suitable open water bodies in Vembanad Lake Beneficiaries : Self help group residing near the water area Technical support : RARS, Kumarakom

24 Size of cage : 2 x 1 x1.5 No. of cages : 1000 Stocking density : 200/ m3 culture period : 6 months Anticipated production per cycle : 8400 kg

25 Cost Estimate Total Cost : Rs. 143. 60 lakhs 1st year : Rs. 43
Cost Estimate Total Cost : Rs lakhs 1st year : Rs lakhs 2nd year : RS lakhs 3rd year : Rs lakhs


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