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PUNJAB BEVEL GEARS. INTRODUCTION Sahibabad SitarganjSahibabad.

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2 INTRODUCTION Sahibabad SitarganjSahibabad

3 INTRODUCTION SAHIBABAD UTTAR PRADESH 4 PLANTS* LUDHIANA PUNJAB 2 PLANTS SITARGANJ UTTARAKHAND 3 PLANTS GROUP COMPANIES Differential & Transmission Gears and Shafts Forging Machining Axle Shaft Differential & Transmission Gears, Differential cage and Drive line parts *There are 4 manufacturing units all located within 500 metres in Sahibabad.

4 Started operations in 1979 Manufactures more than 2000 different type of gears Leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of automotive and tractor parts Caters to industries like commercial vehicles, agricultural tractors, passenger cars, three wheelers & construction equipments INTRODUCTION

5 Our competitiveness lies in the fact that we are: Cost Competitive, Quality Conscious, Having track record of on time delivery Having capability to develop new products in a comparatively shorter period INTRODUCTION

6 Financially sound having credit rating of ‘care BBB-’ (Triple B Minus) For long term bank facilities for 2014 Having assurances from financial institutions for support in the on going and future expansions Having very sound HR policies with almost nil employee turnover The average age of employees is 40 years Having 100% captive power back up at all plants An ISO/TS 16949: 2009 Certified Company INTRODUCTION

7 PRODUCT RANGE  Crown Wheel & Pinion (Face Mill, Face Mill Completing and Face Hob in both Dry and Wet cutting)  ST. Bevel Gear & Pinions (Gleason Coniflex System)  Transmission Gears(Spur,Helical)  Differential Cages  Axle Shafts  Forgings/Machined Forgings  Drive Line Parts

8 PRODUCT RANGE Crown Teeth CuttingPinion Teeth CuttingCrown & Pinion Testing Crown Wheel & Pinion (Face Mill and Face Hob Wet Cutting process)

9 PRODUCT RANGE St. Bevel Gears & Pinions (Gleason Coniflex System) Teeth Cutting Gear & Pinion Testing

10 PRODUCT RANGE Transmission Gears and Shafts (Spur, Helical) CNC Blanking CNC HobbingSpline HobbingStack Hobbing

11 PRODUCT RANGE Transmission Gears and Shafts (Products)

12 PRODUCT RANGE Differential Cages CMM CNC Machining

13 PRODUCT RANGE Axle Shafts




17 CAPACITY INSTALLED Sl.No. Product Annual* Utilization Capacity of capacity 1. Crown Wheel & Pinion 720,000 Sets 60% 2. Straight Bevel Gears 1,500,000 Nos. 80% 3. Transmission Gears 1,600,000 Nos.60% 4. Axle Shafts 100,000 Nos. 25% 5. Forgings 12,000 MT 70% 6.Differential Cage 48,000 Nos.40% 7.Drive Line Parts 200,000 Nos.--- * On 2 Shift Basis

18 TYPE SPIRAL/ HYPOIDS STRAIGHT BEVEL SPEED GEAR TRANS. SHAFT MAX. SIZE (DIA) MM600 216(10:1) 152(1:1) 40080 MAX. FACE WIDTH/L7050.80 135mm Shaving 1000mm MAX. MODULE (mm)13.008.508.00 ACCURACY DIN CLASS 6-7 in Dry Cutting & 8-9 in Conventional DIN CLASS 8-9 DIN CLASS 8-9 DIN CLASS 8-9 CAPABILITIES - GEARS

19 CAPABILITIES - FORGINGS Weight 0.5 Kg to 50 Kgs Round ForgingMin. Dia 80 mm Max. Dia 500 mm Shaft ForgingsLength 1200 mm Flange Dia 325 mm

20 SahibabadLudhianaSitarganj Total Area500,600152,500183,140 Covered Area179,39046,00095,200 General Office Area 5,4205,00011,600 PLANT AREA IN SQ. FT

21 SahibabadLudhianaSitarganj Hourly335165100 Supervisory470712 Manager130102 Total395173114 MANPOWER

22 QUALITY SYSTEMS: Plants at Sahibabad and Sitarganj are ISO/TS 16949: 2009 certified Forging plant at Ludhiana is ISO 9001: 2008 certified Differential gear plant is ISO 9001, ISO 14000 & ISO 18000 certified EXPORT PROMOTION: Recognized star export house Awarded silver shield for export performance during 2005-06, 2007-08, 2008-09, 2009-10, 2010-11 & 2011-2012 by Engineering Export Promotion Council, India CERTIFICATION / AWARD

23 CUSTOMER AWARDS: Best supplier award for new product development by TAFE in 2010 Best supplier award for consistent delivery performance through pull system-KANBAN by TAFE in 2013 Supplier recognition award by American Axle in 2010 Direct on line supplier award by TAFE & International Tractors Limited CERTIFICATION / AWARD

24 CNC Turning Lathes39 Nos. Vertical Machining Center10 Nos. Gleason Crown Wheel 9 Sets (608/609, 606/607, No. 22, No.11 & No.112) Gleason Pinion 7 Sets (No.116) Oerlikon 9 Nos. (SM3, S17, SKM1) CUTTING EQUIPMENT INSTALLED AT SAHIBABAD/LUDHIANA

25 Transmission GearsHobbers 30 nos CNC Hobbers 3 nos CNC Shaper1 no. Shapers 34 nos Shavers 14 nos Shobbers1 no Straight Bevel GearsGleason Coniflex114 02 nos Gleason Coniflex104 02 nos Coniflex WMW 34 nos CUTTING EQUIPMENT INSTALLED AT SAHIBABAD

26 HEAT TREATMENT FACILITIES Sealed Quench Furnace Continuous Gas Carburising Furnace Sealed Quench Furnace

27 HEAT TREATMENT FACILITIES Sealed Quench Furnaces Continuous Gas Carburizing Furnace Rotary Hearth Furnaces Induction Hardening / Softening Quench Presses – Gleason Tempering Furnaces Manganese Phosphating Facilities Shot Peening Equipment Shot Blasting Equipments Straightening Presses

28 Cylindrical Grinding Machines -15 Nos. CNC Internal Grinder - 1 No. CNC Lathe for Hard - 2 Nos. Internal Grinding Machines - 8 Nos. Spline Grinding Machines - 3 Nos. Lapping Machine Gleason - 12 Nos. (503/506/119/516) Gear Testers-Gleason - 18 Nos. (502/511/17-A) FINISHING EQUIPMENTS

29 Full range of Hardness Testers ( Rockwell, Brinell, Micro Vickers) Hardenability (Jominy) Apparatus Microscope with camera and image analyzer Magnetic Particle Inspection Macro Etching Muffle Furnaces Manganese Phosphating Solution Analyzer METALLURGICAL LAB FACILITIES

30 CMM with Gear Analyzer Lead and Profile Testers Surface Roughness Tester Contouro Graph Profile Projectors Gear Roll Testers Digital Temperature Calibrator dB Meter METROLOGY LAB FACILITIES

31 RAW MATERIAL Forgings are received Heat Code wise duly Isothermally Annealed/ Normalised from approved Forge shops. Checks carried out before processing are: Visual Inspection for cracks and folds. Check of chemical composition by Spectro Analysis at forging plant. Hardness. Jominy Hardenability. Micro structure and Inclusions. Grain Size. Inclusion Rating. Macro etching/Grain flow. QUALITY SYSTEMS

32 IN-PROCESS First off inspection as per control plan. Patrol inspection at defined interval as per control plan. For Bevel Gears check tooth contacts in soft Gears. Before Heat Treatment inspection for all parts. ensuring removal of any sharp edges and burrs. For Bevel Gears Final Testing to ensure backlash at correct mounting distance, tooth contact, run out and marking mounting distance variations. QUALITY SYSTEMS

33 HEAT TREATMENT Batches are subjected to checks on: Effective Case Depth Core and Surface Hardness Microstructure- Case & Core Flatness & ovality of bore for Crown Wheels Straightness for Shaft items Magnetic particle inspection QUALITY SYSTEMS

34 RAW MATERIAL TRACEABILITY - Unique TR No. Identifying steel mill, grade & forge shop punched on parts wherever possible HEAT TREATMENT TRACEABILITY - Unique charge No. identifying furnace, month & process parameters punched on parts wherever possible CWP SET TRACEABILITY - Unique set no. etched on both the members LOGO MARKING - Customer / PBG logo punched / Laser marked / Bar Code as per customer requirements TRACEABILITY

35 Additional Continuous Gas Carburizing Furnace Additional Sealed Quench Furnaces Shaving Cutter Sharpening- Gleason Additional CNC Hobbers Additional CNC Shapers CNC Shavers Additional CNC Internal Grinder CNC External Grinders Additional Vertical Machining Center INVESTMENT COMMITTED

36 CUSTOMER PROFILE–DOMESTIC OEMs AUTOMOTIVE Tata Motors Mahindra & Mahindra American Axle & Manufacturing Scooters India

37 CUSTOMER PROFILE–DOMESTIC OEMs AGRICULTURE Tractors and Farm Equipment International Tractors John Deere Equipment Dana India Indo Farm Equipment Sicma India

38 CUSTOMER PROFILE–EXPORT OEMs Meritor, Brazil Dana, USA Hema Endustri A.S.,Turkey Mega Motors Company, Iran Iran Tractor Mfg Company, Iran

39 We also Export our products to Importers, Gear Makers & After Markets in: USA, U.K., France, S. Africa, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Myanmar, Syria, Egypt, Turkey, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Iran, Dubai, Italy, Argentina, Australia, Hungary, Germany, Brazil. CUSTOMER PROFILE-EXPORTS

40 FORGING FACILITIES AT LUDHIANA Steel Yard Annealing Furnace Friction Belt Drop Hammer Up Setter

41 FORGING FACILITIES AT LUDHIANA Friction Belt Drop Hammer (1.00, 1.50, 2.00, 2.50, 3.00, 6.00, 8.00 M.T. and a 25T Counter Blow hammer) Up Setter - 3 Inches & 7 Inches Furnaces for Isothermal annealing & normalizing Fully equipped die making facilities Material testing facilities includes Spectro Meter & Universal Testing Machine along with Izol Impact & Charpy Testing Machines 100% back up with Captive Power An ISO 9001: 2008 certified

42 FACILITIES AT SITARGANJ Latest Generation Gleason Phoenix CNC Dry/Wet Cutting System

43 FACILITIES AT SITARGANJ Crown Teeth Cutting Line Pinion Teeth Cutting LineLapping & Testing Line Sealed Quench FurnacePhosphating Plant Metallurgical Lab Annealing Furnace Forging Press

44 FACILITIES AT SITARGANJ Green Field Plant Production started from March 2010. Equipment at the Plant: Gleason Phoenix CNC Cutting(600 HC)-- 1 No. Gleason Phoenix CNC Cutting(275 HC)-- 1 No. CNC Blade Profile Grinder-- 1 No. CNC Cutter Build Machine-- 1 No. CNC Gear Measuring Machine-- 1 No. Gleason Pinion Generator(No.116) -- 5 sets Gleason Crown Wheel(606/607, No.22) -- 5 sets Hobber-- 15 nos. Shaper-- 9 nos. Shaver-- 5 nos. Milling-- 4 nos. External Grinder-- 6 nos. Internal Grinder-- 6 nos. CNC Lathe -- 4 nos.

45 FACILITIES AT SITARGANJ Gleason Lapper(503, 506, 514)-- 4 nos. Oerlikon Lapper SKL 1 -- 1 no. Gleason Tester(511, 512, 17A)-- 6 nos. Continuous Gas Carburising Furnace -- 1 no. Sealed Quench Furnace-- 1 no. Gas Carburising Furnace-- 2 nos. Rotary Furnace-- 1 no. Gleason Quenching Press(537) -- 2 nos. Shot Blasting Equipment-- 1 no. Fully Equipped Metrology and Metallurgical Laboratory 100% captive power back up

46 PUNJAB BEVEL GEARS LIMITED Unit-I &Address for communications: B-44/1 & 52/2, Site-IV, Industrial Area, Sahibabad-201010, Ghaziabad (U.P) INDIA Tel.: +91-120-4505100-129, Fax: +91-120-4505104/4505105 Email: URL: www.pbgl.inmktg@pbgl.inwww.p Unit-II : B-174, Phase –I, Eldeco Sidcul Industrial Park, Sitarganj -261453, Udhamsingh Nagar, (Uttarakhand), INDIA Email: PLANT ADDRESS Unit-III: V&PO: Bhama Kalan, Kohara-Machiwara Road, Ludhiana- 141115(Punjab), INDIA E-mail:


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