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Wide Area Workflow Receipt and Acceptance Vendor Registration.

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1 Wide Area Workflow Receipt and Acceptance Vendor Registration

2 Vendors No DISA Form 41 Self Register Electronic Business POC must activate vice GAM

3 Update CCR Registration  Central Contractor Registration (CCR) must be updated to include an Electronic Business Point of Contact (EBPOC)  EBPOC authorizes DISA to add Vendor CAGE Code to WAWF-RA database  EBPOC authorizes DISA to activate Vendor’s registered users

4 Search CCR

5 Enter either your Cage Code or your Business Name and click “Search”

6 Click “Detail” Tab at your business

7 CAGE (Contractor & Govt Entity) Code


9 Access the WAWF-RA Website

10 Set Up Your Machine

11 Must follow these steps before using WAWF, not all necessarily apply/printable instructions available

12 Have CAGE Code added to WAWF EBPOC sends an email to DISA Customer Service requesting CAGE Code be added to WAWF.

13 Register in WAWF-RA Computer must be set up and CAGE Code must be added to WAWF prior to registering!

14 User Self Registers Click OK to the warning message about not using the Back button

15 Enter User Profile Information Ensure email is correct! This will be used for activation notification. Click Continue

16 Select Logon Method Select User ID and Password Click Continue

17 Create a User ID Case sensitive Minimum 8 characters Click Continue

18 Select the User’s Role Click Continue 4.

19 Enter CAGE Code 5.5.

20 Verify Information

21 Are Changes Required?

22 Submit Registration Click the Statement of Accountability Click Register Now

23 Activation Process Now that you have registered, DISA Customer Service must activate you. –EBPOC emails DISA Customer Service requesting activation of Registered User(s). –You get an email within 1 day from DISA with a one time password –Logon to WAWF and apply your UserID and one time password, application will automatically take you to new password section first

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