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By: Kindra Halasan, Esteban Rivera, and Pilar Bada.

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1 By: Kindra Halasan, Esteban Rivera, and Pilar Bada

2 Julius Caesar- led the first two invasions of Britain. Emperor Claudius- led the invasion that defeated Caratacus and led to his capture. Julius Agricola- Britain’s Imperial Governor after conquest was complete.

3 Romans occupied Great Britain from 55 B.C. to 409 A.D., through the initial invasions and rebellions throughout the hundreds of years the Romans remained in power.

4 The Roman Empire invaded the British Isles in 43 A.D.. Julius Agricolo became government of the new province of Britannia in 78 A.D..

5 Roman legion composed of over 10000 soldiers was garrisoned at Caerleon in the South of what is now Wales Romans that remained were expelled by the Britons in 409 A.D.

6 55 B.C. --Julius Caesar's first invasion of Britain 54 B.C. --Julius Caesar's second invasion of Britain 43 A.D.-- Celts defeated by Claudius Romans build walls, villas, baths, and roads

7 409 A.D. --Romans evacuate their troops Britain left vulnerable to attack Central government breaks down. Roman ruled Britain lasted for nearly 300-400 yrs

8 Several unsuccessful attempts were made between 55 B.C. and 63 A.D. Then Rome’s conquest of Britain was finally complete in 75-77 A.D. Rome maintained its power until Briton’s expelled Roman officials and fought for themselves in 409 A.D.

9 Roman’s capitalized on the lack of unity amongst the Britons, encouraging them to launch their several attacks.

10 Gill,N.S.."55 B.C.-A.D. 450 Roman Britain Timeline showing the rise and fall of Roman forces in Britain". Guide. 4 Nov. 2013.. imeromanbrit.htm "Wales". 4 Nov. 2013..houseofnames.comHTTP:// eroman.htm eroman.htm

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