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By: Kindra Halasan, Esteban Rivera, and Pilar Bada.

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1 By: Kindra Halasan, Esteban Rivera, and Pilar Bada

2 Julius Caesar- led the first two invasions of Britain. Emperor Claudius- led the invasion that defeated Caratacus and led to his capture. Julius Agricola- Britain’s Imperial Governor after conquest was complete.

3 Romans occupied Great Britain from 55 B.C. to 409 A.D., through the initial invasions and rebellions throughout the hundreds of years the Romans remained in power.

4 The Roman Empire invaded the British Isles in 43 A.D.. Julius Agricolo became government of the new province of Britannia in 78 A.D..

5 Roman legion composed of over soldiers was garrisoned at Caerleon in the South of what is now Wales Romans that remained were expelled by the Britons in 409 A.D.

6 55 B.C. --Julius Caesar's first invasion of Britain 54 B.C. --Julius Caesar's second invasion of Britain 43 A.D.-- Celts defeated by Claudius Romans build walls, villas, baths, and roads

7 409 A.D. --Romans evacuate their troops Britain left vulnerable to attack Central government breaks down. Roman ruled Britain lasted for nearly yrs

8 Several unsuccessful attempts were made between 55 B.C. and 63 A.D. Then Rome’s conquest of Britain was finally complete in A.D. Rome maintained its power until Briton’s expelled Roman officials and fought for themselves in 409 A.D.

9 Roman’s capitalized on the lack of unity amongst the Britons, encouraging them to launch their several attacks.

10 Gill,N.S.."55 B.C.-A.D. 450 Roman Britain Timeline showing the rise and fall of Roman forces in Britain". Guide. 4 Nov imeromanbrit.htm "Wales". 4 Nov houseofnames.comHTTP:// eroman.htm eroman.htm

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