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 Henry VII (1485-1509)  Henry VIII (1509-1547)  Edward VI (1547-1553)  Mery I (1553-1558)  Elizabeth I (1558-1603)

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Presentation on theme: " Henry VII (1485-1509)  Henry VIII (1509-1547)  Edward VI (1547-1553)  Mery I (1553-1558)  Elizabeth I (1558-1603)"— Presentation transcript:

1  Henry VII (1485-1509)  Henry VIII (1509-1547)  Edward VI (1547-1553)  Mery I (1553-1558)  Elizabeth I (1558-1603)

2  When the Wars of the Roses ended Henry VII became king  Tried to consolidate his position through: - a treaty with France, giving him recognition; - a trade treaty with the Netherlands; - the dynastic marriage between his son Arthur and the Spanish princess, Catherine of Aragon.

3  He fuonded the english naval power and exstended military power  Aimed at increasing and reinforcing England’s trading position.  Turned England into a modern State

4  Henry VII’s second son.  Popular both with the English elite and the English public.  Called the ‘Golden Prince’ for his natural good looks and his chivalry and education.  He was interesting in culture and he granted the title of “ defender of the faith “ by the Pope  He married Chaterine of Aragon and he had a doughter Mary I  Asked the Pope for a divorce to marry his pregnant mistress Anne Boleyn.

5  He created a protestant religion  Ireland remaind a catholic country begein Irish Quest  Anne Boleyn gave him a second daughter, Elizabeth.She was tried and executed for treason in 1536.  Henry went on to have four more wives and one son, Edward, later Edward VI, from Jane Seymour.

6  The son of Jane Seymour and Henry VIII.  Made Protestant doctrine  He built schools.  Replaced the old Latin with The Book of Common Prayer in English.

7  The daughter of Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon.  Refused to abandon the Catholic faith.  Tried to restore England to papal obedience.  Married the Catholic Philip of Spain.  The burning of Protestants earned her the nickname ‘Bloody Mary’ and alienated public opinion.  Died without an heir.

8  Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn’s daughter.  Became queen of a divided nation, the majority of which was anti-Catholic and anti-Spanish  She was twenty-five and had a strong personality, a lively intelligence and a passionate character.  She had received an excellent education: she could speak French, Latin and Italian.

9  Was unmarried and she was married to her people  She became the ‘Virgin Queen’ because she didn’t want to share her power  Went on royal progresses inspired literature, music, drama and poetry.  Expanded exploration and overseas trade.

10  Encouraged sea-captains Francis Drake and Walter Raleigh in their piracy against Spanish ships and took a share of the profits.  Defeated the Spanish Armada in 1588.  Laid the basis of England’s empire chartering seven companies – including the East India Company – to colonise in the name of trade.

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