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© 2006 Ryan Lloyd. Classicism Definition of Classicism: Victorian Classicism is a British form of old paintings That are inspired by the ancient ones.

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1 © 2006 Ryan Lloyd

2 Classicism Definition of Classicism: Victorian Classicism is a British form of old paintings That are inspired by the ancient ones found in Rome and Grece

3 Lord Frederic Leighton Lord Frederic Leighton was born in 1830 and died in 1896. He was a Victorian painter. Lord Frederic Leighton was made president of the royal academy in 1878. Lord Frederic Leighton was an excellent artist that had a thing for the golden age paintings, that’s where he made his name known world wide.

4 Classicism These were done in 1830-1896 by Frederic Leighton an English sculptor and painter Philosophy of Religion This is called Flaming June because Of the orange dress the women in the painting Is wearing it was done in 1895

5 Antigona is a painting of A woman done in 1882 byno one other then Frederic Leighton Winding the Skein was done in 1878 in this painting 2 women are Sewing with yarn. The music lesson was a successful painting done in 1877

6 Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema was a Dutch painter in the vitorian era. He was born in 1836 and he died in 1912. He could paint beautiful pictures of people in classical settings. He made over 400 paintings.

7 Classicism These were painted in Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema 1836-1912 by Dutch/English painter. The Favourite Poet was A painting done in 1888 Showing a woman who Is a poet reading to another. A Coign of Vantage was done in 1895 Silver Favourites was a 1903 special for all of it’s detail

8 Hero was a paricularly good painting that was Done in 1898

9 Cubism Definition of Cubism: Cubism is art done in shapes it was developed between 1908 And 1912 and influenced by old Indian tribes.

10 Lyonel Feininger Lyonel Feininger’s works from 1919 through 1948,oil watercolors and woodcuts by this intriguing artist offer a tantalizing glimpse of his unique cubist vision. Lyonel was born 1871 and died 1956.

11 These were done in 1871-1956 by Lyonel Feininger, a American/German Painter. Marienkirche zur Abendstunde Was done In 1929, if you look closely you can see the Detailed people. bird cloud was a nice painting done in 1926. I’m guessing that the picture is The same thing as the title. The steamer odin I’m guessing is a train, was done in 1927 The green bridge is actualy Of a green bridge And was done in 1916

12 Albert Gleizes Albert Gleizes was born in paris 1889 died 1953 he is a French Painter He is a main representative for cubism. He started at his father’s side at then he started with landscapes and became famous for cubism paintings.

13 Albert Gleizes lived from 1889 -1953 French Painter. Landschaft bei Montreuil was Portrait of Florent Schmitt was made in 1914-1915 Done in 1914 and I have no Idea what this painting is of. Paisagem is a 1912 special. I find to be immaculate Bar à vin was made in 1910 And is a picture of a french bar Femme Cubiste was made In 1921 and is of a woman Who is cubically shaped.

14 Impressionism Definition of Impressionism: Impressionism is art done in a light serious manner of painting. It started in France as a reaction to restraints against a convention in the Academic art. Most of the art is landscapes it has starts from French Realism.

15 Johan Barthol Jongkind Johan Barthol Jongkind was born in 1819 and died 1891. He was known as “The painter of Honfleur and Paris streets”. He was a dutch landscape painter. He was born in Lottrop, in the eastern part of the Netherlands. When his father died he moved to the hauge to attend drawing studies.

16 These were done by Johan Barthol Jongkind in 1819-1891 Notre-Dame from the Quai de la Tournelle, Was done in 1852. It was done of Paris’s cathedral View from the Quai d'Orsay was done in 1854 it is a view of a construction site Sunset was done in 1865 and is black and white Honfleur was made in 1865 the picture Is of a large sailbout from the 19 th c. Le Pont de la Tournelle, is of Paris and was done in 1859

17 Edouard Manet Edouard Manet a French painter. He was born into riches. His mother was a princess And his father was a famous judge. His father wanted Edouard to follow in his footsteps but Edouard decide to take another path into impressionism art. He was born in 1832 and died in 1883.

18 Impressionism These were painted in 1832-1883 by Edouard Manet a French painter The Lemon was done in 1880 at obliviously It is of a lemon “The Execution of the Emperor Maximilian of Mexico” was done 1867-1868 In the picture swevrel french men are shooting Their rifles at a prisoner La bataille du S.S. Kearsarge et du C.S.S. Alabama Was made in 1864 as you can see there are two boats who are launching cannons At each other. L'évasion de Rochefort was made in 1881 The picture depicts men on a small vessel Escaping from an enemy ship.

19 Post- Impressionism The definition of Post- Impressionism: A school of painting in France in the 19th century that brought back the specified naturalism of impressionism and used form and color in expressive ways.

20 Paul Cezanne Paul Cezanne is a French artist born in 1839 and died in 1906. Paul was reserved and isolated. Paul met some artist In 1874 and remaind un outsider of the circle.

21 These were painted by Paul Cezanne in 1839-1906. Field at Jas de Bouffan was made In 1839-1906 and it is of a French Field. Apples and Oranges was made in 1895-1900 and was sold in some calendars. Still Life was made in 1900 and is of plane Fruit on a table. Still Life with drapery was made in 1890 And is the same fruit platter With drapery as a table cloth

22 Vincent Van Gogh Vincent van Gogh is a Dutch Painter. He was born in 1853 in Zundert and he died in 1890. Vincent is a very caring man who tried to help his fellow men. Over the age of 20 Vincent went to a mining camp and slept on the floor and gave away all of his belongings to help the miners. After this Vincent became a painter who was born with talent. He is still known by many today.

23 Post- Impressionism Vincent van Gogh is a Dutch Painter born in 1853 and died in 1890. Café Terrace at night was done in 1888 And is of an old Dutch café. Sunflowers was made in 1888 and It is of sun flowers L Uliveto was made In 1889 And is of a small meadow a Self Portrait of vincent van was made in 1887

24 Romanticism Defenition of Romanticism: Romantic quality or spirit in thought or action expressed in painting.

25 George Stubbs George Stubbs was born in 1724 and died in 1806. As you can see from his paintings George enjoyed painting horses. His skills were tested when he painted the anatomy of the horse, which gave him a very good reputation. George Stubbs techniques are still used to this day.

26 Romanticism These were painted by George Stubbs 1724-1806 Horse Attacked by a Lion was made in 1762-1765 Pumpkin with a Stable Lad was made in 1774 and Is of a young boy with a horse A Zebra was made in 1763 Hollyhock was made in 1766 And is of a horse Mares by an Oak Tree was made in 1764-1765

27 Jean Arp Jean Arp was born in 1886 and died in 1966. He went to the “ Ecole des arts des métier” After this, he went onto other schools and entered many competitions. Jean Arp also met other famous artists such as Picasso and more. At one point he started a group where he gained his popularity.

28 Romanticism These were in 1886-1966 by Jean Arp. Before I Was Born was done 1927-1930 It is made up of 6 different shapes to make Up a nice painting Overturned Shoe was done in 1925 and is a strange shaped shoe Human Concretion was done in 1933 And I have no idea of what it is. Arrangement According to the Laws of Chance 1916- 1917 Maskenspiel was done in 1932 and If you know what it is please tell me

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