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Federal Cabinet Ovi Ahsan, Fahad Jawaid, Karen Ng.

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1 Federal Cabinet Ovi Ahsan, Fahad Jawaid, Karen Ng

2 Agenda What is Federal Cabinet Consideration for selection Current Cabinet

3 Federal Cabinet of Canada Consists of the Prime Minister Ministers of Crown – Minister of States Ministers are assigned Portfolios  Department of Defence, Finance, Human Resource etc. Deputy Ministers

4 Government Organization Chart

5 Appointment By the Governor General on the advice of PM Sworn in Rideau Hall, receive Mandate

6 Reshuffle Changing portfolios to reinvigorate the cabinet Public Scrutiny

7 Selection of Cabinet Members Party solidarity Roman guards, old hands, and new blood Experience and shooting stars Ethnic, gender, and regional balance Assigning Positions The finalists


9 Current Cabinet of the 28th Ministry of the 39th Parliament 27 Ministers of Crown and 11 Ministers of State 2006: 28 Minister compared to Paul Martin’s 40

10 “Grey Area” Case of David Emerson Case of Michael Fortier

11 Stockwell Day Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Trade Experienced minister – Cabinet Minister from 2000, 2004, 2006 and 2008 Leader for Reform party Enforced party solidarity

12 Jim Flaherty Minister of Finance Experienced lawyer with prestigious education – Graduated from Princeton University and law degree from Osgoode Law School Experienced minister – Deputy Premier, Attorney General, and Minister of Labour

13 Josée Verner Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs President of the Queen’s Privy Council for Canada Minister for La Francophonie Over 20 years in the communications and public service fields – Quebec provincial Ministry of Health and Social Services Proud member of Children’s Make A Wish Foundation

14 Jim Prentice Minister of Environment Professional lawyer with expertise in property claim International renown for his expert advice on how to protect property rights Selected for regional representation – Calgary

15 Peter McKay Minister of National Defence Minister for the Atlantic Gateway Leader of the Progressive- Conservatives Minister of Foreign Affairs in 2006

16 US Cabinet Head of Departments are Secretaries Non-elected members of Government 15 Secretaries Selection based on Qualifications Background Skills Can be non-partisan

17 US Cabinet Secretary of State Hilary Clinton Secretary of Defence Robert Gates Secretary of Energy Steven Chu Secretary of the Treasury Timothy Geithner

18 Thank You ! Any Questions? Enjoy the Inauguration!

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