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Here is some pretty odd footage from British Pathe in the 1930s.

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3 Here is some pretty odd footage from British Pathe in the 1930s

4 It’s old It’s harder than it looks It’s competitive It’s convivial, and It’s a great excuse to: Socialise Wear great clothes And drink tea and other Delicious Beverages

5 The game is played as singles, each person playing their 2 balls alternately, or as doubles, each player controlling a single ball. The objective of the game is to be the first to score a set number of points, typically 21. Points are scored viz: 1 pointpropelling the ball directly through the hoop 2 points propelling the ball directly through the hoop from the shoe (the starting strip). 2 pointspropelling the ball through the hoop off a cannon (first striking another ball). This only counts if the 2 balls involved start at more than 1 cue length apart. To start, each ball is played from the shoe into the playing area and the balls continue to be played in the same order, thereafter.


7 Photo courtesy of Paul Robinson of the Hampstead Lawn Billiards and Skittles Society, last known place where the game was played.


9 Pitch & Equipment 1. The game shall be played on a grass pitch, 21 yards long and 13 feet 6 inches wide, marked with lines along each side. Across the width, the line at one end is the bowling line, and at the other, the batting line. 2. A pair of triangles of suitable construction is required. They will have a hole in the centre, into which a pole is inserted, 7 feet high measured from ground level. The triangles are set at the bowling end, on each side of the pitch, with the base on the bowling line, and the apex pointing along the sideline.

10 This is the pitch, approximately the length of a cricket pitch

11 … and this is the shoe. The trap is the target area in the front.

12 Very simply, knock the ball the length of the pitch. If you’re caught, you’re out. The fielders bowl underarm at the trap, if they knock it down, the batter is out. If the bowlers miss, the batter scores one run and goes again. Once the batting team is all out, the fielders go in. The winner is the best of three innings.

13 Form a society! Elect officers Approve a constitution Apply to be registered Find somewhere to play Parks manager Martin McGregor has found a couple of areas at Woolston Park at the Richardson Tce entrance.


15 Joining fee$ 50.00 Annual Pittance$ 20.00 Club blazers(each)$ 420.00 Club trousers(each)$ 68.00 Club caps(each)$ 20.00 Club helmets(each)$ 35.00 TOTAL $ 433.00

16 President-For-Life Principle Despot of the Society Temporary Secretary Chief Administration Officer of the Society Master of the Treasury Chief Financial Officer of the Society President of Vice Most Thankless and Pointless position in the Society Equipment Master & Groundskeeper There’s a bit of equipment… a bit of ground… someone needs to look after it

17 3.0 Purposes of Society 3.1 The Purposes of the Society are to: Promote Lawn Billiards & Bat-and-Trap as Sports and Genteel Pursuits; Promote Gentility, Politeness, Elegant Attire, the Taking of Tea and other Delicious Beverages, Gaiety, Fun and Civil Society; Provide Instructions in the Rules and Skills of Lawn Billiards & Bat-and-Trap; Do anything necessary or helpful to the above Purposes 3.2 Pecuniary gain is not a Purpose of the Society.

18 27.0 Winding up 27.1 If the Society is wound up: The Society’s debts, costs & liabilities shall be paid; Surplus Money & Other Assets of the Society may be disposed of: (i) By Resolution; or (ii) According to the provisions in the Incorporated Societies Act 1908; but no distribution may be made to any Member; The surplus Money and Other Assets shall be distributed to: (i) [(stipulate one or more organisations or Purposes].)

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