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The Agony of Defeat. Joshua 7 THE DEFEAT (Verses 1-5)

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1 The Agony of Defeat

2 Joshua 7

3 THE DEFEAT (Verses 1-5)

4 This story illustrates how if you quit doing things God’s way, in an instant the thrill of victory can quickly be replaced by the agony of defeat.

5 There is no mention of the Word of the Lord or seeking for His Word in this passage as in the others.

6 THE CAUSE OF DEFEAT (Verses 6-12)

7 This defeat came about because there was unconfessed, willful sin in Israel that caused God to withdraw His blessings from them.

8 Everything living was to be completely destroyed.

9 All the valuable objects like gold and silver were to be dedicated to the Lord’s treasury.

10 All of them knew these two things so this was not a sin done without knowing it.

11 God does not bless or protect His people who are in willful disobedience. Verses 12-13

12 If a disciple of Jesus keeps saying no to God’s control in their lives then eventually He will let them go it on their own!

13 “Don’t you know that a little yeast works through the whole batch of dough?” (1 Cor. 5:6).




17 Get up and sanctify yourselves. Remove the sin.

18 “Why didn’t God just call Achan out?”

19 God desires repentance not punishment,

20 but make no mistake about it- if His children continue in willful sin, then they leave Him no choice but to expose their sin.

21 Why? Because God is more concerned about His holiness than our reputation.


23 When the sin is dealt with, then God will bless again.

24 J. Oswald Sanders has some great insight on this.

25 I want you to think with me for a moment about what happens next to the People of God.


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