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Sentence-building 1 2 34 5 Core Language Every lesson CreativityDice Reading images.

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1 Sentence-building 1 2 34 5 Core Language Every lesson CreativityDice Reading images

2 KS3 French Core Language je – I tu – you (sing.) il/elle – he/she on – we / one nous – we vous – you (pl or formal.) ils/elles – they j’aiI have tu asyou have il /elle/on ahe/she/we have nous avonswe have vous avez you have ( formal Ils/ elles ontthey have avoir – to have être – to be je suisI am tu esyou are il/elle/on esthe/she is/we are nous sommes we are vous êtesyou are ils / elles sont they are je faisI do tu fais you do il / elle/ on fait he/she /we do nous faisonswe do vous faitesyou do ils / elles fontthey/you do faire – to do Time words maintenant – now avant – before après – after aujourd’hui – today hier – yesterday demain – tomorrow encore une fois - again toujours – always souvent – often quelquefois – sometimes jamais – never la semaine dernière – last week la semaine prochaine – next week Referring to things une chose – a thing ceci – this cela – that quelque chose– something (un) autre – (an)other beaucoup (de) – a lot (of) (un) peu – (a) little très – very tout – all/everything trop – too (much) Making links et – and ou – or aussi – also mais – but parce que – because avec – with sans - without Asking questions Porquoi? – why? Qu’est-ce que? – what? quand? – when? où? – where? Qui? – who? Combien? – how much/many? Comment? – how? Referring to places ici – here l à-(bas) – (over) there Opinions Je pense que – I think that Je crois que – I believe that Il me semble que – it seems that.. A mon avis.. – in my opinion.. Sentence building Je peux / on peutI can / you/we can... Je veuxI want to.. Je doisI have to… Je vais / on va+ verbI’m going to/we’re going to… J’aime /je n’aime pasI like to / I don’t like to.. J’aime beaucoupI love to… Je voudraisI would like to… Pronouns Saying what you did Je suis allé(e) – I went j’ai fait– I did J’ai vu – I saw j’ai joué – I played j’ai mangé – I ate j’ai bu – I drank J’ai regardé – I watched J’ai travaillé – I worked J’ai voyagé – I travelled

3 1. A,an2. After3. Again4. All5. Almost 6. Also7. Always8. And9. Because10. Before 11. Big12. But13. (I) can14. (I) come15. Either/or 16. (I) find17. First18. For19. Friend20. From 21. (I) go22. Good23. Good-bye24. Happy25. (I) have 26. He27. Hello28. Here29. How30. I 31. (I) am32. If33. In34. (I) know35. Last 36. (I) like37. Little38. (I) love39. (I) make40. Many 41. One42. More43. Most44. Much45. My 46. New47. No48. Not49. Now50. Of 51. Often52. On53. One54. Only55. Or 56. Other57. Our58. Out59. Over60. People 61. Place62. Please63. Same64. (I) see65. She 66. So67. Some68. Sometimes69. Still70. Such 71. (I) tell72. Thank you73. That74. The75. Their 76. Them77. Then78. There is79. They80. Thing 81. (I) think82. This83. Time84. To85. Under 86. Up87. Us88. (I) use89. Very90. We 91. What92. When93. Where94. Which95. Who 96. Why97. With98. Yes99. You100. Your The hundred most common words Tony Buzan, in his book 'Using your Memory', points out that just 100 words comprise 50% of all words used in conversation in a language. Learning this core 100 words gets you a long way towards being able to speak in that language, albeit at a basic level. The 100 basic words used in conversation are shown below:

4 Tu aimes………? J’adore... J’aime... Je n’aime pas... Je déteste...

5 Je pense que………

6 I really like blue and I like purple. I don’t like green but I like red. I think that pink isn’t bad/is ok but I don’t like orange. I hate white but I really like black. I like purple and I also like blue. I think that grey isn’t bad/is ok but I don’t like yellow. et aussi mais

7 Je dis…………… et je vois………… Rouge comme……………….. Noir comme………….. “Creativity is essentially a generative process.”  Saying something new with the few words you have Bonjour………… Au revoir……………

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