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Modern Working Principles April 2014 Rachael Gaunt – PBWC Architects.

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1 Modern Working Principles April 2014 Rachael Gaunt – PBWC Architects

2 Where are we working now? Carrick House

3 How will we work in 2015 and beyond ? Modern Working combines people / process / place People Agile and flexible working styles Process New and improved technology Place Contemporary work settings

4 What does Modern Working mean? A shift from ….. Work is where you go To …..Work is what you do Enabling Cornwall Housing people to work smarter supported by appropriate technology and places

5 Modern Working – the principles

6 People - workstyles

7 Process - technology

8 Place – Beacon Office Location

9 Place – Beacon Office Site Plan

10 Place – Beacon Office Ground Floor

11 Place – Beacon Office First Floor

12 Place – Beacon Office Second Floor

13 Place – Beacon Office





18 Place – work settings KitchenetteResource pointTeam table IdentityBreakout space Project space Meeting rooms Quiet areas Personal lockers Storage

19 Modern Working – the challenges Moving from a focus on inputs to a focus on outputs Associated issues/challenges Input Output LESS Privacy Personal space Ownership Storage Status/Control MORE Openness Interaction Noise Visibility Choice Planning Collaboration Tolerance Sharing NEW Working practices Behaviours / protocols Policies Disciplines Systems / technology Locations

20 Modern Working – the evidence ‘More than seven miles of internal walls were removed as part of the Treasury redevelopment project. This physical change was symbolic of much deeper cultural, business and technology transformation within the Treasury, where numerous time-bound organisational barriers were removed to support the more agile and dynamic organisation that is evolving today’ Paul Pegler, Her Majesty’s Treasury (2004)

21 Modern Working – the evidence

22 RGF2 funded fibre enabled workplace St Ives Atlantic Studio For PBWC Architects

23 Our process of transformation

24 Thank you

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