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Click to edit Master title style AMC Acquisition Symposium February 19, 2015 Management Agenda Colleen Barros, DDM.

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1 Click to edit Master title style AMC Acquisition Symposium February 19, 2015 Management Agenda Colleen Barros, DDM

2 Agenda  President’s Management Agenda » Current Administration » Implications for NIH  Administrative Strategic Plan 2014-2017 2

3 P PMA Government-wide Initiatives Department Initiatives President’s Management Agenda – Roll Down Impact Shared Services Travel HR Acquisitions IT

4 President’s Management Agenda 4 People & Culture Enable Higher Performance Build World-Class Team Hire From All of Society Efficiency/Value Strategic Sourcing Shared Services Drive Productivity Cost Savings Benchmarks** Effectiveness Improve Key Transactions Smarter IT Delivery Economic Growth Turbocharge Open Data Accelerate Lab-to-Market

5 Management Implications  New Management Paradigms  One-Size Fits All Approach  Costs to Meet Evolving Government-wide Mandates  Escalating Effects on Staff 5 Administration Objectives Needs of NIH Flexibility + Agility Innovation Research Mission Shared Services Leveraged Buying Consolidations

6 OMB Ideal Operating Model Graphic Credit: OMB FY2013 PortfolioStat Executive Summary 6

7 Current Federal Shared Service Providers 7 Department of Transportation Enterprise Service Center Financial System and Operational Accounting Services Department of Interior National Business Center (NBC) Budget, Procurement and Contracts, Property Management, Finance and Accounting, and Other General Administrative Services Department of Treasury Administrative Resource Center, HR Connect Administrative Services that include Financial Management, Information Technology, Human Resources, Procurement, and Travel Department of Agriculture National Finance Center Payroll and Core Human Resources Management Functions General Services Administration Travel Service Contracts, Space Management, IT Acquisitions, Leasing and Construction Contracts

8 Departmental Emphasis

9 Travel  Policy » OMB M-12-12 & Executive Orders on Efficiency Spending require targeted reductions to travel, prior approval of the DHHS Sec & Dep Sec for any conference or meeting costing over $500k or $100k, respectively, & reporting to DHHS, OMB, and OIG. » FY2013 Continuing Resolution requires prior approval Sec/Dep Sec before incurrence of obligation exceeding applicable threshold for conferences; non-compliance is violation of Anti- Deficiency Act (ADA). New appropriations bill language provides relief relating to conference attendance and expenditures: » (1) the operating divisions of HHS shall be considered independent agencies; and » (2) attendance at and support for scientific conferences shall be tabulated separately from and not included in agency totals. » HHS and NIH redrafting policies to implement change in law  Systems » E Gov Travel System (ET2S):  Integrated with NBS web services  Currently integrating Concur Government Edition (CGE) with Omega Travel Management Center  Significant issues with implementation

10 Hiring and Retention  Policy » Exhaustion –Mandated by HHS Title 42(f) policy » Compensation  Pay Freeze recently lifted for GS (1%) awaiting DHHS direction on T42 & SES  HHS T42(f) policy limits delegations of pay ($250,000)  1993 Appropriations Law – prohibits compensation >EX-IV ($155,500) for T42 employees with NTE date  When employee fails to use earned CT within 26 pay periods, the employee must be paid for the earned CT at the overtime rate in effect when the CT was earned » Use of Title 38 for MDs where appropriate– NIH agreement with HHS  Systems » Significant staff devoted to HRS Shared Service Provider transition supplementing HHS staff » NIH/HHS will migrate from Capital HR, DFAS Payroll, and ITAS systems to a Shared Service Model using NFC systems  NFC Hire to Retire now on hold for 30 day “pause” 10

11 Acquisition  Policy » Appropriations Law and Anti-Deficiency Act Interpretations » Regulations on Charge Card Usage  New OMB memo M-13-21 and Public Law 112-194—Charge Card Abuse Prevention Act  FAR 4.6 requires that purchases over $3K be properly reported to DCIS with unique Procurement Instrument Identification (PIID). » Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act of 2006  Require spending data for all federal funds to indicate the appropriation, federal agency, sub-agency, account, program activity, and object class  Require the Treasury Secretary to establish government-wide financial data standards for federal funds and take responsibility for maintaining (previously with Director of OMB)  Systems » NBS enhancing current P-card system to allow P-card purchases over micro-purchase threshold  Reporting to DCIS by using web services and auto-PIID generation  Leveraging Document Generation System (DGS) clauses/forms on the OAMP/DGS website to manually create a simplified purchase order  Hard copy of award provided to vendor along with proper clauses 11

12 Information Technology Drivers  Policy » Governance and IT Management  HHS Domain IT Steering Committees for Scientific Research, Health and Human Services, and Administrative and Management IT Investments  Increased Authorities for Department-Level CIOs  Increased Oversight of “IT Investments” and Budgets » IT Commodity” and Common Infrastructure Focus  Broad Definition of “Commodity” IT to include desktops, server, and network  Extends to Critical Administrative and Management Functions (HR, Financial, Grants Management) » Continued Pressure for Consolidations, Shared Services, and Leveraged Buying » Data Accountability and Transparency Act (DATA Act) of 2014 establishes Government-wide data standards for financial data and simplifies reporting for entities receiving Federal funds  HHS leading Grants Pilot program that will generate recommendations to standardize reporting elements, eliminate duplication and unnecessary reports, and reduce recipient compliance costs » Federal Information Technology Acquisition and Reform Act (FITARA)  OMB, working with President’s Management Council (PMC), will be publishing government-wide implementation guidance and policy changes to address the role of the Chief Information Officer (CIO) – their involvement in budget, acquisition, human capital, and management processes related to information technology (IT);  Addresses the relationship between department CIOs and the CIOs of bureaus or components; and  Addresses the relationship between CIOs and the IT decisions embedded within program or mission offices.  Systems » Implementing a modernized, more effective infrastructure to address NIH biomedical and science needs » Investing significant NIH staff resources to mitigate the cost and impacts of required activities » Aggressively implementing risk-based approach for security and controls with respect to science and sensitive data

13 NIH Administrative Strategic Plan 2014-2017  Goal 1 - Enhance Workforce Planning, Hiring, and Development to Align with NIH Needs » Objective 1: Create a Comprehensive Annual NIH Workforce Evaluation » Objective 2: Enhance and Standardize Offboarding Processes  Goal 2 – Better Leverage IT Systems and Data Management Across NIH » Objective 1: Identify Metrics for Priority Impact » Objective 2: Take Full Advantage of NIH Investments in State of the Art Technology » Objective 3: Make More Effective Use of Existing Systems and Avoid Development of Redundant Systems  Goal 3 - Deliver World Class Services by Implementing Administrative Improvements » Objective 1: Provide Better Buying Vehicles for the NIH Scientific Community » Objective 2: Develop Additional Efficiencies and Flexibilities in R&D Contracting » Objective 3: Form Networks to Share Administrative Knowledge » Objective 4: Streamline Administrative Processes  Goal 4 – Improve the IRP’s Competitiveness in a Shrinking Research Enterprise » Objective 1: Enhance Communication and Collaboration » Objective 2: Equip Institutes and Centers (ICs) with Tools to Enhance the Management of Displaced Employees 13

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