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Online Filing of S1 Form by National Informatics Centre, Chennai 21/08/2014.

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1 Online Filing of S1 Form by National Informatics Centre, Chennai 21/08/2014

2 Submit the Signed form to DDO DDOs Applicant fills the SI Form, affix the Photo and Signature GDC GDC - SO GDC- AO Verification by DDO and countersign the Form Forward the SI Form By DDO to GDC SI Forms forwarded by DDO is verified and marked far Approval/Rejection by Section Officers and forward to AO AO, GDC either Approve/Reject the Applications. CPS No. generated for Approved Applications AO Processed Applications forwarded to DDO Allotment Letter to the Applicant Resubmit the Rejected Applications after rectifying the problem FLOW INVOLVED IN THE ONLINE PROCESSING OF SI FORM 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8/1 8/2

3 Login module (User Id & Password given to All DDOs, Section Officers, GDC and Accounts Officer GDC) DDO Logs in

4 DDO Dashboard

5 New Register Basic details which uniquely identifies a subscriber  Once the details entered, it checks with the CPS Master, if it is there it displays the CPS Number and further entry not permitted.  If not, it checks with the temporary CPS table where S1 details being stored before approval. If any record with given details available in the temp table it displays the temp No. assigned and displays the details along with the processing status. If the application is in draft stage it permits further data entry.  Otherwise blank form will be displayed for capturing the details.

6 User Details


8 Bank Details


10 Nomination Details

11 Upload (Scanned)PDF

12 Draft LIST


14 GDC Section Officer Logs in



17 Left Side is the uploaded copy of S1 Form duly filled & Signed by Applicant Right side The Details entered by DDO Approval/Rejection based on Comparing the details entered and the details in theuploaded form


19 GDC Login GDC Accounts Officer Logs in.

20 GDC Dashboard

21 list OF FILES FOR Processing BY GDC

22 Approve View

23 If approve

24 Cps Number Generated

25 Return VIEW



28 Processing List

29 Returned by GDC

30 Edit Form Details

31 DDO Processing List

32 Allotment Letter

33 Online Dissemination of CPS Modules for downloading the CPS Account Slips has been developed and placed for testing in the server located at GDC. Account Slips in the form of pdf file for each DDO is being generated made available to download by Treasury, Sub Treasury or individual DDOs. Other than the DDO wise pdf, for individual Subscriber for any year starting from 2005-2006 the Account Slip can be generated on the fly. However it has to be accessed only in the Treasury, Sub Treasury or DDO login.






39 Missing credits Listing out CPS Numbers along with the missing credits. Link on the CPS Number takes to next page which provide options to clear the missing credits of the selected Subscriber by furnishing the Amount, Sub A/c and Voucher No.

40 Furnishing the details and save will record the missing Credit record and clear it.


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