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Presentation by Ernest Charlton Ernest Charlton Gavin Mendham.

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1 Presentation by Ernest Charlton SCH@LARICT Ernest Charlton SCH@LARICT Gavin Mendham

2 Ernest Charlton SCH@LARICT


4 All submissions from you will sit in their respective areas. They are public but you can add and view comments to see how they have been used. To do this log on as CEC_Treasury and the password Silver to be able to read or add to the comments

5 Ernest Charlton SCH@LARICT


7 The aims and the principles are clear You can click here to submit ideas to Gavin and others. The areas for submission are broad and clear. If you can think of other areas then let us know

8 Ernest Charlton SCH@LARICT The site will work best for all schools if it is as accessible as possible. We recommend putting a Treasury Button with a link on your school Learning Platform (VLE) The next few slides will illustrate how we can do this.

9 The address f or the site is /spaces/TheTreasury/ The button is available on the site To attach the link to the button on your site follow the procedure on the next slide or use the word document (both are on the bottom of the Treasury page – see next slide) Ernest Charlton SCH@LARICT

10 On the Treasury page there is a link for this presentation and a word document explaining how to attach a button to your site

11 Ernest Charlton SCH@LARICT Havannah Primary has added a Treasury button to their Staff Room area so that staff can immediately access the Treasury with a click

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