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Subaccounts and Treasury 6.1.1. Accounting network PAO SO BO SO BO HO Postal accounts office is the primary accounting unit in a circle, normally Head.

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1 Subaccounts and Treasury 6.1.1

2 Accounting network PAO SO BO SO BO HO Postal accounts office is the primary accounting unit in a circle, normally Head offices submit monthly account to Postal Accounts office Sub offices are under HO’s account jurisdiction – submit daily account of transactions and exchange remittances with HO and also among identified SOs BOs are placed in account the sub offices - submit daily account to SO and exchange remittances with SO 6.1.2

3 Mukhya Dak Ghar Function in a self contained manner in r/o all its own counter services Competent to complete all transactions in savings schemes Work relating to consolidation & financial arrangements, MDG function like SO in a/w its HO PM of MDG is in the grade of LSG and above SO daily a/c will be forwarded to HO 6.1.3

4 Exercise Please attempt Exercise 6.1.1 6.1.4

5 Computerised office - links 6.1.5

6 Practice Exercise 6.1.2 6.1.6

7 Relation between BO and AO BOs are attached to account office (AO-SO) BOs submit daily account of transactions to Account Office. They look forward to AO for supply of funds AO verifies and incorporates BO transactions in its account 6.1.7

8 Subaccounts work at SO Receipt of BO bags from BOs and disposal of contents Incorporating BO transactions in various branches and receipt of remittances, if any Conveying ordinary and accountable mail for delivery at BOs Supplying cash to BOs Acknowledging BO balances 6.1.8

9 Transactions at BOs Collection of unregistered mail from LBs and at office Registered letter mail booked at office Registered parcels booked at BOs – upto 10 kgs (requires rebooking at AO) VP articles Insured articles upto Rs. 600/- Money orders (to be rebooked at AO) SB/RD/TD transactions – incorporated in the accounts of AO 6.1.9

10 Receipt and opening of BO bag at AO Treasurer receives the BO bag from mails PA He/she examines the condition and opens in the presence of subaccounts PA If remittance is made, weighs the cash bag, opens the same in the presence of subaccounts PA and secures the same Treasurer signs in the daily account for remittance received Hands over the daily account and other documents to sub account PA 6.1.10

11 Receipt and opening of BO bag at AO Role of subaccount PA – Examine if all the documents are correctly received – Distribute the contents as shown in next slide – Secure the daily accounts for posting in subaccounts module later 6.1.11

12 Distribution of contents Description of contentsHanded over to Unpaid station articleSPM Paid station articlesDelivery PA Other unregd. articlesSorting PA Regd.and VP letters booked at BOsPoint of sale counter Undeliverd registered articlesPA in charge of Postman module Parcel and VP parcelPoint of sale counter MOs issued (for re-booking)Point of sale counter MO s paid vouchersPA in charge of Postman module SB/RD/TD vouchers and documentsSBPA Acquittance rollsSPM BO daily accountRetained by Subaccounts PA 6.1.12

13 Practice Exercise 6.1.3 6.1.13

14 Checking BO daily account Sub account PA should check and ensure that Cash from BO acknowledged by treasurer Cash remitted to BO taken into account Date stamp impression on BODA Opening balance is correct The account tallies with documents such as MO issue, MO paid, SB deposit etc. Details of closing balance agrees with closing balance Cash and stamps retained is within the limits Signature of BPM is available 6.1.14

15 Common irregularities by BOs Irregularities by BOsAction to be taken Opening bal taken wronglyCorrect opening bal is to be taken and BPM to be informed (entry noted in error book) Striking incorrect totalsCorrect totals to be taken Non –submission of vouchers Item to be admitted and BPM informed to send voucher Submission of in-admissible voucher Item to be admitted and BPM informed to send correct voucher 6.1.15

16 Practice Exercise 6.1.4 6.1.16

17 BO Summary Generated in subaccounts module at AO Transactions posted – Opening balance - Receipts - Total of Receipts - Payments - Total of payments - Closing balance Consolidated due from BOs generated in subaccounts module after verification and adjustment of remittances 6.1.17

18 Accounting BO transactions Each branch has to incorporate transactions – SB branch to post BO transactions and include in LOT – Point of sale to rebook MO/parcel/VP/PLI/RPLI transactions – Postman module enters data of RLs/VPs/RPs delivered and MOs/eMOs paid Subaccounts module provides a tool for subaccounts PA to check if rebooking transactions are correctly done in Point of sale (Tools – Tally rebooked transactions) Other branches to check the totals in the printout of BO summary and initial against the entry 6.1.18

19 Rebooking of BOMOs at AO BO issues temporary receipt in MS 87(a) for MOs booked and sends form to AO AO rebooks BOMO in Point of sale entering the following additional info – BO receipt number – BO name and date booking MO receipt is given to subaccounts PA for forwarding to BO BO pastes AO receipt against the concerned temporary receipt 6.1.19

20 Index to BO receipts Maintained in subaccounts module for all types of receipts used in BOs Used to watch continuity of receipts and avoid irregular usage Subaccounts PA to enter the data of receipts used daily Continuity report can be printed daily or periodically Supervisor can enter the data of receipts sent when supply of new receipt books are made to BOs 6.1.20

21 Contents of BO bag from AO BO slip(due document) Unregistered articles Registered articles, VP articles, insured articles of letter mail & parcel mail MOs for payment SB documents/passed warrants Bills and acquittance Rolls Cash bag with or without remittance 6.1.21

22 Purpose of generating BO slip Acknowledge BO balance of previous daily account Invoice accountable mail, MOs and other documents to BO Advising remittance, if any Issue instructions to BPM 6.1.22

23 Preparation of BO Slip Generated by AO in subaccounts module Particulars of accountable articles, MOs, MO receipts and other documents are invoiced Remittance, if any, entered in treasury module automatically shown; Sub accounts PA to enter cash bag weight Sub accounts PA prints the BO slips on completion of invoicing and includes in BO bag 6.1.23

24 Closing of BO bag Subaccounts PA collects the following and includes in BO bag ItemCollected from Unregd. ArticlesDelivery PA – sorted to respective Bos Regd. VP & INSPA in charge of Postman module under acquittance and invoiced in sub accounts module MOs & eMOs-do- MO receiptsPoint of sale counter Unpaid articlesPostmaster Cash bagTreasurer 6.1.24

25 Closing of cash bag for BO Subaccounts PA gets orders for remittance from Postmaster in BO daily accounts Shows the orders to treasurer and gets acquittance Treasurer closes the cash bag in the presence of subaccounts PA Treasurer makes entries of remittances in Treasury module Subaccounts PA notes cash bag weight for the remittance in subaccounts module and on the label of cash bag 6.1.25

26 Closing of cash bag for BO Subaccounts PA prints the BO slip after entering data of all valuables He/she places the BO slip along with contents in BO bag Treasurer places the cash bag in the bag in presence of subaccounts PA Subaccounts PA closes BO bag immediately 6.1.26

27 Accounting work at PO Watch the demo of functions in various branches and integration leading to generation of daily account Attempt Exercise 6.1.5 to 6.1.7; Instructor leads you through various tasks – Objective is to generate SO daily account correctly 6.1.27

28 Treasurer’s cashbook Generated by treasurer in Treasury module – At the close of the day – On completion of all transactions Transactions serially numbered by the system Treasurer to use the option ‘Prepare afresh’ before final generation To confirm that all transactions are incorporated To ensure that balance on hand agrees Treasurer to ensure that balance shown in TCB agrees with that shown in daily account Editing of transactions, if any should be done carefully Should be signed both by treasurer and SPM 6.1.28

29 Closing account bag by SO Treasurer generates the daily account, but can only view the same SPM can print the daily account only after day end Before generating the daily account, the following tasks need to be completed – The account tallies correctly – Documents accompanying the daily account must be invoiced – Reasons for excess retention of balances, if any, should be furnished in ECB memo 6.1.29

30 Closing account bag by SO After generating printout of daily account in treasury module, SPM performs floppy upload The SO data folder is copied to offline device or uploaded by other authorised means Now, the SPM signs the daily account, obtains Joint custodian’s signature The daily account and other enclosures are placed in the account bag and the bag is closed HO will prepare the SO Slip acknowledging the Closing Balance of the SO 6.1.30

31 Authorised balances The office has to retain cash and stamp balances within the authorised limits The limits can be found in the MAB Cash balance – Minimum and Maximum limits are prescribed – Balance should not fall below minimum limit – If there are liabilities, Cash to the extent of Min + liabilities to be retained – If liabilities exceed maximum, cash to the extent of liabilities only to be retained Stamp balance – To operate within the authorised maximum BO balances – Account office to ensure that BO balances are within the maximum prescribed in the CMAB 6.1.31

32 ECB memo Office needs to remit excess collections to bank/HO/cash office and maintain balance within the limits If balance retained exceeds the limits, ECB memo has to be submitted by SOs other than HSG/LSG ECB memo details are entered by Supervisor in treasury module 6.1.32

33 Different Branches at HO 6.1.33

34 SO Slip SO Slip is sent by HO everyday to all the SOs Acknowledges previous daily account balance Also used by HO To invoice stock of IPO’s and NSC’s To invoice SB slip To invoice checked BO daily account To invoice acquittance rolls To invoice MO pads & MO receipt book To advice remittance, if any Cash Stamps 6.1.34

35 Functions at HO Generates HO summary for its own office (like SO daily account) in treasury module Uses subaccount module to – Generate SO summary (consolidation of SO transactions – Generate SO transit/advance summary – Print SO slip Generates HO cashbook daily in Accounts module (consolidation of HO & SO transactions) for the previous day Generates Monthly cash account in Accounts module for submission to PAO 6.1.35

36 Functions of Accounts branch Drawal of pay & allowances and other dues for the staff of HO and SOs under the HO Maintaining service book and leave account of the staff Maintaining GPF account Drawal of pension for pensioners and maintaining related accounts Generating schedules of various transactions Generating Form 16 for income tax returns HO uses Accounts and Accountant PBS module for this purpose 6.1.36

37 Schedules There are 3 types of schedules – Receipts – Payments – User defined schedules Receipts Payments Returns will be submitted to PAO fortnightly – I Period 1 st day of the Month to 15 th of the Month. Report Due on 16 th of the Month – II Period From 16 th of the Month to Last working day of the Month. Report due on 1 st day of the following month 6.1.37

38 Receipt Schedules UCR e Bill receipts which includes Telephone, Electricity bill etc Drawn from Bank Postage revenue realised in cash Speed post revenue Stamps received from CSD Customs duty collected Remittance received from other HO PB Deposits PLI Receipts RPLI Receipts EMD Receipts……. 6.1.38

39 Payment Schedules UCP e Bill payments Telephone, Electricity bill etc Remitted to Bank Void MO Payments All types of Pension Schedule along with pension paid vouchers DCRG Payments, Commutation Payments, CGEGIS’80 Payments, EL Encashment Bills Paid statements along with Bills Remittance Made to other HO PLI Payments – Loan – OTL RPLI Payments – Loan – OTL EMD Payments……. 6.1.39

40 User Defined Schedules Sale of KPSC Forms Business Post - Cash on Delivery Logistic Building Maintenance Railway receipts Retail Post Media Post RMOH other Circle Sale of First day cover, Greeting etc Sale of all kinds of forms like UPSC etc Service Tax Speed Post – Cash o Delivery World Net express Revenue 6.1.40

41 Supply of PBs, certificates etc., Supply stock of NSC’s to SOs based on their requirement Replenish stock of IPOs to SOs Supply blank passbooks to SOs based on their requirement Supply MO receipt book, Cheque book, SB-26, SB-28, NC-4(a), LI-37 & PLI-12, ACG-67 etc., to SOs & watch continuity in issue of receipts 6.1.41

42 Functions of SOSB branch Maintain objection register and following settlement Submit periodical returns to PAO,DO, ICO(SB) at R.O. Periodicity for binder agreement – – For decentralised accounts like RD, MIS, SCSS, once in 6 months as on 30/06 & 31/12 – For centralised accounts like SB,TD once in 6 months as on 31/03 & 30/09 6.1.42

43 Functions of SOSB branch Post the SO transactions of accounts except decentralised account types, daily Generate consolidated journal everyday Forwards interest statement for SB/PPF accounts to SOs Maintaining NC12(a) register and submission of NSC returns to PAO (using CC bridge software) HO uses SOSB module of Sanchay Post to perform all these transactions 6.1.43

44 SBCO functions To maintain control register for all types of accounts Carry out percentage check of vouchers everyday Verify ledger balances periodically Has safe custody of important records such as – vouchers & lists of transactions, – undelivered pass books, – interest statements, control registers etc., Check of interest calculation in SB/PPF accounts 6.1.44

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