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Treasury Offset Program State of Wisconsin Pam James Integrity Conference - March 2012.

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1 Treasury Offset Program State of Wisconsin Pam James Integrity Conference - March 2012

2 Treasury Offset Program (TOP) for Wisconsin  TOP Overview  Wisconsin’s TOP Project Approach Technical Strategy Timeline Results  Challenges  Lessons Learned  Questions

3 TOP Overview  States can refer delinquent unemployment compensation debts to TOP for offset against Federal tax refund payments Initially law limited to debts due to fraud  Expanded in December of 2010 to allow states to recover Non-fraud overpayments and associated penalties/interest if debt is due to failure to report earnings Uncollected employer contributions

4 TOP Overview  Three Key Work Streams to Get Started Send 60–day notice to debtors  intent to certify Complete IRS Safeguards Procedures Report  SPR/SPR Addendum with IRS to ensure compliance with Publication 1075 – Federal Tax Information (FTI) Security Guidelines Work with FMS on file transfer processes  certify debts  receive offset payments  maintain records

5 Wisconsin’s TOP Project - Approach  Scope of Wisconsin Implementation Limited to fraud overpayments Excluded Non-fraud due to state law limitation Excluded Employer Delinquencies  Approached with 3 major Work Streams Notification to the Claimants Working with IRS on SPR Addendum Working with FMS on Certification Process  Implemented Processes in Phases Mailed notices in October 2010 (60 day requirement) Certification Weekly Update and Offset – Received 1 st offsets in February 2011

6 Wisconsin’s Technical Strategy

7 New TOP Database to house data identified as FTI  Payment Type  Payment Source  Batch Number  Audit Data Secured so that contractors and non-authorized FTI users do not have access UI data base does not contain FTI data  FTI visible on screens to FTI authorized users only  Certain screens – no print allowed  Some export allowed to secure directory for FTI users  For Non-authorized users Claimant Payment Type Blurred on screens Payment Type and Source Blurred when printed

8 TOP Timeline

9 Wisconsin TOP Results  Go live 2/15/11  2011 TOP Receipts thru 2011 $3,055,893  2012 TOP Receipts thru 2/08/2012 $4,589,018  Internal Cost – 2800 hours (IT only) Had previous SPR and audit for 1099 data

10 Wisconsin TOP Results TOP Deposits by Month – through 2/16/2012* March2011 1,598,913 April2011 703,610 May2011 454,123 June2011 63,833 July2011 69,319 August2011 37,495 September2011 52,764 October2011 46,159 November2011 28,471 December2011 1,207 2011 Total 3,055,893 January2012 9,556 February2012 4,579,462 2012 Total 4,589,018 LTD Total 7,644,911 *$1.5 million pending

11 Wisconsin Call Volume Experience

12 TOP Challenges for Wisconsin  Securing FTI Data in Accordance with Pub 1075  System Design to Secure FTI DATA No contractors can have access to FTI Data Suppressed ability to print screens containing FTI data Blurred data on screens for non-FTI approved users

13 Wisconsin - TOP Lessons Learned  Contractors cannot have access to FTI data  Able to keep UI file separate from other state agency’s file using TOP  Can certify at the debtor level or the debt level  Cannot use IRS addresses for any purpose other than TOP This is FTI data  Develop and test in phases  Any data returned on the collection file is considered FTI data  Take advantage of webinars and conference calls on TOP and Pub 1075  Be prepared for increase in phone calls

14 Next Steps  After initial implementation Implemented Warehouse for Analysis Proposed law change to expand for non-fraud Need to tighten process for pending – currently double collecting from DOR and TOP for some debts 1 st Audit – April 2012

15 Questions?

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