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AARP Foundation Tax-Aide Partnership & Communications Specialist (PCS)

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1 AARP Foundation Tax-Aide Partnership & Communications Specialist (PCS)

2 PCS – Multiple Roles Communications / Publicity Partnerships Volunteer Recruiting SMT Function 1 NY3 DC Meeting 2012

3 SMT Role Communications / Publicity Partnerships Volunteer Recruiting SMT Function 2 NY3 DC Meeting 2012

4 The PCS is a Critical Component of State Management Team!  Works with other SMT members to determine State Plan and Goals  Works with other SMT members to Determine Priorities and set Action Steps to Achieve Goals  Works with other SMT members to analyze level of success at end of tax season SMT Function 3

5 Partnerships and Coalitions Communications / Publicity Volunteer Recruiting SMT Function Partnerships And Coalitions 4 NY3 DC Meeting 2012

6 PCS can help to fill in the gaps between what the state has and what it needs to be successful. Works with local/state businesses to obtain donations of cash or equipment Works with local/state organizations to build volunteer base Ensures that all agreements meet program policy Partnerships 5

7 Examples of Successful Local Partnerships and Coalitions Credit Unions for Community Development Department of Revenue Society of CPA’s Association of Retired Educators AARP State Office United Way RSVP Programs Cash Coalition 6 NY3 DC Meeting 2012

8 Ways to Meet Local Needs Donated funds--Payments made either by individuals or businesses/corporations to support the program. Funds are set aside at National Level for use of state program. Used at discretion of SC, with input of SMT. “Prudent man standard” In-kind donations--goods or services provided to program with no funds exchanged. Goods become the property of AARP Foundation Tax-Aide. Local program has responsibility to maintain and account for. 7 NY3 DC Meeting 2012

9 Volunteer Recruiting Communications / Publicity Partnerships Volunteer Recruiting SMT Function 8 NY3 DC Meeting 2012

10 The PCS helps to ensure that Volunteers are recruited and placed at sites where they can be most effective. Works with the PVS to ensure efficient processing of prospective volunteers Serves as liaison between PVS and SMT to determine where additional volunteers are needed Volunteer Recruiting 9

11 National Recruiting Activities  Article in fall Natl Retired Teachers Assn newsletter to 32,000 chapters  Many AARP web pages in Aug – Dec  Press release in English and Spanish goes to ASD- Communications in fall for distribution to state/local papers  Matt Release with guaranteed placement to small weekly/monthly newspapers sent in fall – good coverage for rural areas  Using Facebook and Twitter for general announcements and location specific appeals 10 NY3 DC Meeting 2012

12 Communications / Publicity Partnerships Volunteer Recruiting SMT Function Communications / Publicity 11 NY3 DC Meeting 2012

13 The PCS has the opportunity to bring the Tax-Aide message to the community and the state. Directs the State Communications Plan Ensures other volunteers communicate standard program messages to the public Mentors/Trains local Communication Coordinators as needed Serves as State resource for Media and National Office Communications / Publicity 12

14 AARP Foundation Tax-Aide Talking Points Basics about AARP Foundation Tax-Aide Largest free, volunteer-run tax assistance and preparation service Available to taxpayers with low-and moderate-income ‘Special attention’ to those age 60 and over (know what this means!) Over 36,000 volunteers Trained in cooperation with and certified by the IRS Help over 2.3 million taxpayers file their federal, state, and local tax returns each year Nearly 6,500 AARP Foundation Tax-Aide sites nationwide 13 NY3 DC Meeting 2012

15 AARP Foundation Tax-Aide Talking Points Other Points to Know Services are available in person from February 1 throughout April 15 each year, plus we provide year round support in some states We are aiming for 100% of returns to be e-filed Provide 24-hour year-round Internet tax assistance service through the web site Taxpayers can pose questions online and get quality-reviewed answers back within a few days 14 NY3 DC Meeting 2012

16 How We Communicate the AARP Foundation Tax-Aide Message  Newspapers – press releases, letters to the editor, feature articles, calendar listings  Radio and TV – news releases, PSAs, talk shows, programming aimed at those over 60  AARP The Magazine – ad, ink jet messages  Testimonials/Letters to the Editor  Social Networking Media 15 NY3 DC Meeting 2012

17 @Social Media  What is Social Media and why should I care?  What messages resonate on Social Media?  How can I use Social Media to reach potential volunteers? 16 NY3 DC Meeting 2012

18 Then and Now 17 NY3 DC Meeting 2012

19 Adult On-Line Activity 18 NY3 DC Meeting 2012

20 Do our Clients use the Internet? 89% of Boomers use the Internet, and their online activities extend beyond just e-mail to instant messaging, downloading music or movies, financial transactions, and online gaming 64% have been online for six years or more 7 million Boomers with no children in the home own video game systems Almost a third of bloggers are over the age of 45 And almost half of those 50+ visit video sharing sites like YouTube 19 NY3 DC Meeting 2012

21 Low-income households spend more time on the Internet than others, using it for e-mail, researching purchases, finding health information and reading news. They also find the Internet more useful [than others], giving them access to services they can't find elsewhere  90% of all Americans over 13 years old own a mobile phone (double the number who have Internet access).  82% of which have a household income less than $50,000 (which includes 79% of Americans with disabilities).  Adult Americans ages 25-44 send/receive an average of 283 text messages per month.  Adult Americans ages 45-64 send/receive an average of 83 text messages per month. According to the Cornell Chronicle and Infield HealthCornell ChronicleInfield Health 20 NY3 DC Meeting 2012

22 What Messages Resonate? Inclusivity “you can be a part of this group” User-ability “it is easy and free to use” Sharing “this was a great opportunity” Leveraging “tell your friends about this” Thanking “thank you so much for helping me!” 21 NY3 DC Meeting 2012

23 Why Does a District Need a CC The CC can be very critical to the successful completion of the publicity side of the DC position They can be in a more effective position to identify and interface with local media They will be able to focus on local fund raising partnerships The DC can focus their attention to other program needs 22 NY3 DC Meeting 2012

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