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1 Environment and Identity in Later Life: A cross-setting study.

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1 1 Environment and Identity in Later Life: A cross-setting study

2 2 Background Willcocks,D., Peace,S & Kellaher,L (1987) Private Lives in Public Places Peace,S., Kellaher,L & Willcocks,D (1997) Re-evaluating Residential Care. Peace, S (1998)’Caring in Place’ Peace,S & Holland,C (2001) Inclusive Housing in an Ageing Society

3 3 Environment & Identity in Later Life: a cross-setting study ESRC Growing Older Programme Oct 1999 to March 2003 Sheila Peace, Caroline Holland - The Open University; Leonie Kellaher - London Metropolitan University prototype of the Senior Housing Charter

4 4 A cross-setting study ‘ordinary’ settings ‘special’ settings urban and rural from the high-rise flat to residential care home

5 5 Methods Phase One Focus groups in three locations to consider views on environmental quality Phase Two 58 individual case studies - semi- structures survey instruments and open- ended interviews using the ‘wheel of life’ 5 people take part in video work - attachment to place

6 6 Theoretical background Lawton - environmental docility theory Carp, Kahana & Kahana - P-E work Rowles, Laws - - spatiality & ageing Rubinstein - identity& meaning, place attachment Lefebvre, Bourdieu - material culture of everyday life Wahl & Lang

7 7 54 respondents 6 rooms in residential care homes 6 flats in sheltered housing 8 bungalows including rented and owned 4 terraced houses 10 flats including 2 high-rise 12 semi-detached houses including rented and owned 8 detached houses including farmhouses.

8 8 Option recognition Mr S - SD house; couple; wife ill health; skills; adaptation; hospital at home Mr M - rehabilitation in residential care home; own home SD; living alone; community life; information need Mr P - couple; street-life, security; re- location; re-engagement

9 9 Theory of re-engagement Life of quality achieved through strategies allowing attachment/connection to social and material fabric of everyday life Connections with environment constantly generated, reinforced, dissolved. Comfort level for environmental connectedness is sought

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