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Goal: To understand the importance of seeds and their parts

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1 Goal: To understand the importance of seeds and their parts
THE NEED FOR SEEDS! Goal: To understand the importance of seeds and their parts

2 The Parts Every seed has three important parts: 1. EMBRYO

3 Bean Diagram

The young plant that develops from the fertilized egg is the embryo. The embryo already has the beginnings of roots, stems, and leaves. The embryo stops growing when it is quite small. When the embryo begins to grow again, it uses the food stored in the seed until it can make its food. The food is stored inside one or two seed leaves called the cotyledons.

5 THE SEED COAT The outer covering of a seed is called the seed coat.
Some familiar seed coats: the skin on a lima bean, peanuts, and peas. JOB: the seed coat protects the embryo and its stored food from drying out.

6 Life Cycle of a Seed…to a Plant
Germination is when a seed sprouts and begins to grow. HOW does GERMINATION begin??? 1. Seed absorbs water 2. Embryo uses stored food to begin to grow 3. First, the embryo’s roots grow downward, then its leaves and stem grow upward.

7 Is it Dust, Dirt, Dandruff, or a Seed?
Detective Le Plant is trying to discover how a seed grows into a plant. He needs your help to investigate the mysteries of the seed. When you finish this case, you should be able to: Talk about the importance of seeds. Tell what is needed for a seed to germinate. Describe the differences in seeds and tell how they survive. Describe nonflowering plants that produce seed-like structures (mushrooms, ferns). Describe a seed's structure and what's needed for seed growth. List seeds that are used for food.

8 Thinning…Why? Why must we thin our plants?
Thinning is important. We thin our plants to make it 1 plant per cell in order to give our plant the BEST GROWING CONDITIONS: Enough space for the roots to expand Enough light Enough water Enough air circulation

9 REVIEW Question #1: What are cotyledons?
A. the embryo of the tiny new plant B. the hard outer covering of the seed C. seed leaves containing stored food

10 REVIEW Question #2: A seed has 3 important parts. Name them.
1. __________________________ 2. __________________________ 3. __________________________

11 REVIEW Question #3: When a seed sprouts and begins to grow, that is called: A. Growth spurt B. Germination C. Transplanting D. Thinning

12 REVIEW Question # 4: What is the purpose of the seed coat?
A. provides stored food B. to keep the embryo inside the seed C. protection from drying out

13 Parts of a Plant

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