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2 Welcome to our Virtual Wiki-Classroom Visit us anytime at

3 At our Wiki-Workspace we have many things. There, we can download the student checklist, see what games to play, and find some websites that we can use to finish our work. We can also download the work for the day and post answers in the add comment section. My Wiki-Workspace

4 P erformance B ased O bjectives In GATE we use PBO’s. PBO stands for P erformance B ased O bjectives. These are important because they tell us specifically what we will be needing to do. It tells you what you should accomplish.

5 L anguage B ased O bjectives In GATE we use LBO’s. LBO stands for L anguage B ased O bjectives. These are very important because if we did not have them, we would not be able to do are work or communicate with anyone. Without the ability to read, write, or talk, we could really do nothing at all.

6 Red Light Thinking Red Light Thinking is when you gather facts. In GATE, when we use red light thinking, we get a page that has a few paragraphs about something that we are learning about. Then, as we read through the passage, we highlight facts about the subject. Here is an example. Red Light Thinking Neptune is the eighth planet from the sun and the one that’s the farthest away. (Pluto is even farther, but it doesn’t count since most astronomers no longer consider it a planet.) Neptune is a cold, dark place that’s the smallest of the gas giants. It was named after the Roman god of water and the sea. Neptune is a ball of gas and ice, with a rocky core. Thick bright blue clouds cover its surface. They’re made up mainly of frozen methane gas. Like the other “gas giant” planets, winds that blow Neptune’s clouds around are very strong. Scientists say winds reach speeds of up to 700 miles an hour (about 1,120 kilometers per hour). Neptune isn’t quite as cold as Uranus, but its largest moon, Triton, is even colder. Triton has a surface temperature of minus 390 degrees Fahrenheit (minus 234 Celsius), which is the coldest known temperature in the solar system.

7 Yellow Light Thinking Yellow Light Thinking is when you take all of the facts that you got from the Red Light Thinking, then you draw a conclusion. When you draw a conclusion, you are putting the facts together to find what they mean and how they make sense. About What you can learn from them. Here is an example. Jupiter is the ______ planet from the sun. a. Fourth b. Third c. Fifth

8 Green Light Thinking Green Light Thinking is when you take your facts and ideas and just GO. Green Light thinking is when you just start writing. You start writing and just GO. When we do Green Light Thinking we gather al of our facts from Red and Yellow Light Thinking and start writing about that subject. Sometimes it’s like a What if. Here is an example. Saturn-Green Light Thinking Directions-Complete the following tasks using the facts and evidence and conclusions found during your Red Light and Yellow Light thinking. What if….. One Saturn year equals 29.5 Earth years. If you were three years old on Saturn, How old would you be on Earth? Use your math skills! What if…. You could visit Saturn as an astronaut. What would you find at the center of the planet? Write a journal entry that is a paragraph long that describes your visit to the planet’s surface and the center.

9 Our GATE Student Checklist Our GATE student checklist is very important. It is important because if we didn’t have one we would have to work as a group. If we didn’t have a checklist we would have to always be waiting for the other classmates. I love having a student checklist. Here is a picture of our checklist.

10 G.A.T.E. Student Portfolio Critical Thinking Shapes I made the new shape by looking at the shape and using ”shapes”, to make the line a little bigger on my part of the page. The shape that I created kind of looks like a very pointy swan, or a slang looking “S”. It also looks like something that you could use as a boomerang. If I was board, and I had this kind of shape, I would take it outside to play. I think that this is a very cool shape

11 My Journal GATE Student Journal Date: 2/20/12 Entry Two I am doing very well on my personal goals. The academic goals that I set are a little hard. This week I will work harder on them. I will not let other people come along and distract me, but I will help someone if they need help. This week I will try harder to stay on task and do all of my work. With my personal goals I am doing a great job. I have not been being mean to my sisters and I have worked fights. Last week I was not in any fights at home or at school. Also I have been writing in my journal at home every Sunday.

12 The Eight Planets Solar Systems 1.Mercury 2.Venus 3.Earth 4.Mars5.Jupiter 6. Saturn 7.Uranus 8.Neptune The circled one is my favorite

13 Solar System Facts Solar Systems Here are 10 facts about the Solar System 1.VV Cephi is the largest star in our galaxy. 2.The Sun is the heart of our solar system. 3.Saturn is the 6 th planet in our solar system. 4. Venus is the hottest planet. 5.Venus is 177 degrees Fahrenheit. 6.Neptune is the 8 th planet. 7.Mercury is the closest planet to the sun. 8. Jupiter has rings and Neptune also has rings. 9.Saturn also has rings. 10.Uranus spins on it’s side

14 G.A.T.E. Student Portfolio Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets Date High Temp ° Low Temp ° 3/26/20127649 3/27/20128250 3/28/20128552 3/29/20128351 3/30/20128453 3/31/20128755 4/1/20128248 4/2/20127648 4/3/20128148 4/4/20128150

15 G.A.T.E. Student Portfolio Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets Date High Temp ° Low Temp ° Difference 4/23/2012725319 4/24/2012645212 4/25/2012624913 4/26/2012554510 4/27/2012564610 4/28/2012594811 4/29/2012594811 4/30/2012584414 5/1/2012584711 5/2/2012584612

16 My Weather Report Weather Report Good Morning this is Carolina Wright on channel 9 and here is your weather report for Green bay, MI. For your 10 day weather forecast there will be a high of 31-42 and a low of 22-31. Today it is windy and has a temperature of 35F. There will be snow on Tues, Wed, Fri, Sat, and Sun, and there will be rain on Wed, and Fri,so bundle up!!! After that there will be a small change. It will be mostly sunny and partly cloudy

17 Fronts What is a cold front? A cold front is cooler mass of air that moves downward. What is a warm front? A warm front is a mass of warm air that moves upward. What is a stationary front? A stationary front is a mass of air that stays put.

18 Hurricane Facts 1. A hurricane’s winds can reach up to 300 mph. 2.A hurricane forms over water, then it moves. 3.A hurricane mostly always moves clockwise.

19 Tornado Facts 1.A tornado can form over water or land. 2.When a tornado forms over water, it’s called a waterspout. 3.A tornado spins clockwise on one side of the equator, but on the other side, it spins counter clockwise.

20 Introducing my GATE Teacher My GATE teacher’s name is Mr. Lewis. He is the Best GATE teacher that I have ever had. Because of him, I have learned VERY many things. From The Solar System to the amazingness of technology. Also, another thing that I like about him is that he makes GATE sooooooooo fun.

21 GATE Is Important To Me GATE is important to me because it has taught me many things. It teaches me of the solar system, weather, and much more. It has never been fun without GATE on Monday. I think GATE is one of the most wonderful thing of all. It’s always fun. GATE, is the gate to learning.

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